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1988/1Bulletin / January 1988(none) / In order to keep you in touch with what is going on at the Museum, we are re-introducing the Monthly Bulletin.

Claire Nicoll will be producing the Bulletin in the first week of each month, when she would welcome your contributions.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Fund Raising: / A new fund raising initiative for 1988 is underway, and it is hoped that during the next few months efforts will be rewarded.

1987 ended with contributions from the following companies:
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Project Progress: / Roger Champion reports that the repair of Cowfold Barn is well underway, and therefore the re-erection will be able to take place at Easter.

Bob Holman, a local gardener, has started work on the Bayleaf Garden under the direction of Dr Sylvia Landsberg and Richard Pailthorpe.

Alan Waters and Andrew Hodby have completed the planting of the shaw to the north of Bayleaf.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Museum Finances / The income for 1985 was
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Winkhurst / The timber repairs of Winkhurst are complete, and re-wattl;ing and daubing is nearly complete. Some panels on the South side are being left open. A small extension will be erected to the South side.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Split Lathes
Building Conservation Exhibition / The Museum has been supp;lying large quantities of chestnut and oak split lathes. Recipients include Hampton Court and Calke Abbey
The successful exhibition on Building Conservation of 1986 will be repeated in 1988
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Robin McDowell / Robin McDowell, a Trustee and ex-Chairman of the Museum's Sites and Buildings Committee died
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Bayleaf Project Under Way / The Foundations for the Cowfold Barn and Redvins cattle sheds have been laid. Paul Russell is repairing the cattle sheds from Redvins. Jackie Demaus is working on research for the Farming Exhibition. Alan Waters has been constructing the fences and Sylvia Landsberg's proposals for the garden are complete. The re-erection of Cowfold Barn has been delayed.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Entrance Facilities / Doubts have been raised about moving the shop into Hambrook Barn. The entrance will remain unaltered next year
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Great Bookham forge / The Director reported that the Museum had been offered an old forge in Great Bookham which had associations with wheelwrighting. He felt it an ideal building in which to display part of the Plewis Collection. Additionally, the present forge on the Museum site was extremely difficult to use for demonstration purposes. This second building could be sited to compliment the existing forge. The Director recommended acceptance of this building.
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Whittakers Cottages, Ashtead / Richard Harris referred to the latest news letter which included a report on Whittakers Cottages. The building had been dismantled successfully during a two week period. However, there was some dispute as to whether they had been built before or after the construction of the railway in the mid 1840s.
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Entrance Arrangements / The Director reported that proposals for reorganising the entrance facilities had fallen into disarray following the reactions of the volunteers at two meetings held recently to present suggestions. In particular the volunteers had reacted against proposals to remove the shop to Hambrook Barn, and pedestrianisation of admission. It was considered important to take seriously the reaction of volunteers. Readjustment of the car parking arrangements would go ahead, and plans for relocation of the shop and ticket kiosks would be reconsidered. The Director recommended consideration of a modern farm building to accommodate the shop and entrance facilities. The Chairman suggested that the volunteers should be advised that the matter was still under consideration.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Toll Cottage & Carpenter's Shop / Two rooms settings have beeen completed by Margaret Williams-Ball in the Toll Cottage and Windlesham Carpenter's Shop.
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Scadbury Manor / Mr Harris reported that the timbers of Scadbury Manor would be collected in November.
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Tree Planting & Other Landscaping 1987/88 / The Director explained that there was an immediate need for tree planting. The landscaping of the park, not necessarily within the Museum site, was currently being reviewed, and because of the close association the Museum had with West Dean Estate, the Museum was taking an active part in its planning. The Director pointed out particular areas requiring attention, in particular the line of trees opposite Gonville Cottage. He suggested that this avenue be replanted further eastwards. The horse chestnuts surrounding Gonville Cottage were not healthy and replanting should be considered in that area also. Other horse chestnuts dotted around the site should be considered as having a limited life, and therefore replanting should be considered well before felling was necessary. The Director then explained that the fence surrounding Greenways was nearing the end of its life, and hedging was suggested as an alternative. He suggested that a mixed species hedge was la \\
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Reigate/Horsham / Richard Harris reported: The frame had been successfully re-erected by McCurdy & Co, and the link connection carried out by Bookers. However, a large number of tasks remained to be done including the stonework of the basement and the chimney. As previously agreed Chilmark stone had been chosen in place of Reigate stone, and all exterior walls and surfaces of chimney walls would be made of Chilmark. In the basement it was intended to construct one wall of Upper Greenstone and other three of blockwork, plastered and painted. A staircase to the attic was planned, involving the use of painted timbers, the repainting of the upper room as conjecture. The projecting window was also to be constructed. A completion date would probably be at the beginning of the 1989 season. At the next meeting Richard Harris would present plans fore the window and chimney. It was felt that Bookers would not be suitable for the reconstruction of the chimney. Mr Kemp, stone mason, was recommended for this t \\
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Nineteenth Century Semi-Detached Cottage Rescued by Museum / Richatrd Harris describes a mid-nineteenth pair of semi-detached weather-boarded cottages dismantled in Ashtead. , and brought to the Museum in May, thanks to Hyde Development Ltd, the owners.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Sally Stradling / Sally Stradling has taken up a new post: Keeper of Collections.
1987/9SBC Minutes / 10 September 1987Bayleaf Complex / Mr Zeuner reported: Dr Sylvia Landsberg's proposals were almost complete and a detailed planting plan would be received shortly. A species plan had been sent to John Harvey for confirmation which had been received back and the species ordered. Some would be propagated at West Dean Gardens, in particular the annuals. Plans for the Exhibition were well under way. However, delay would occur over the re-erection of Cowfold Barn due to Roger Champion's hospitalisation. This had been postponed until Easter. The grant conditions had been successfully renegotiated with the ETB.
1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987ICI Gives
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