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2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Harvesting the Bayleaf Shaws / Bob Holman describes the shaws near Bayleaf, which were researched by Ruth & Andrew Tittensor and planted in 1986/7. The oaks failed, not unexpected, but the Hazel, Blackthorn, Ash, Hawthorn, Crab-apple, Field Maple, Gean & Goat Willow continue. Coppicing has produced pea and bean sticks, wattle fencing, firewood, faggots, heatherings & tinit.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002News in Brief / New demonstrators of rural crafts are welcome, venue for weddings and events by local organisations. Contact Diana Rowsell 01243 811464
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Heavy Horses & Milling Around / Pictures of the Heavy Horses in the show on 28/29 May, and the Lurgashall Watermill
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Keeping Children Busy / 1 page report by Diane Walker on eductaion matters. Earned Sandford Award for heritage education. New Medieval programme, started with Cowplain Secondary School. Jean Piggott helping new Victorian Winter Workshop with patchwork and dishcloth knitting. Barclays Special Education Needs Programme. Michelle Green taught volunteers medieval dyeing. Hester Adams' looms used
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Pendean. A farmhouse from Midhurst, Sussex. / 4 Pages by Elizabeth Duff of the social history of the Pendean house and its curtilege
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Waggons receive new lease of life / Article by George Monger on the Museum's waggons. One each of Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex waggons are conserved keeping original material, and displayed in Charlwood waggon shed. The Hampshire waggon's maker's plate was stolen. Hampshire waggon built for Corbett Family of Glebe Farm; Sussex waggon was owned by Stevens of Coleman's Hatch; the Surrey waggon was owned by Cyster of Northam
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Grand Summer Draw. / A grand Summer Draw with a first Prize of a doll's house contributed by Beryl Armstrong will be held this year. Other prizes are 2-day break in Amberley Castle, 5-day return ferry to le Havre or Cherbourg
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Matti Denton's Diary / Extracts from Matti Denton's diary in the years 1970 to 1972 when she was working as a volunteer. People mentioned are Susan, Alan, Roy Armstrong and Kim Leslie.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Museum Courses in Rural Trades and Crafts / Over 20 courses. [ Leaders are not given]
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Enriching your visit / Museum brought to life in many ways using traditional skills, with a picture of Chris Smith shaving wood
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Events Diary / Food Fair, Sustainable Buildings, Heavy Horses, Half-term Activities, Opening of Gridshell, Open Air Theatre, Early Music Afternoon, Rare Breeds, Children's Activity, Historical Re-enactment, Storm of Arrows, Autumn Countryside Celebration
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Evening Courses for Builders / 35 evening courses will be held. Leaders Chris Baldwin, Paul Pinnington, John Booker, Bob Holman, Verna Bailey, David Russell, Tricia Christian, Linda Burden, Guy Bagshaw, Steve Corbett, Neil Burridge, Anne Yarrow, Gordon Rushmer, Peter Brears, David Bland, Heather Champion, Simon Lloyd-Davies, Duncan O'Kelly.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Courses in Building Conservation and traditional materials and processes / 32 courses planned for this year. Leaders Gerard Lynch, Timothy Easton, Richard Harris, Nigel Johnson, Joe Thompson, Roger Champion, Wilm and Joy Huning, Ged Gardner, Charles Brooking, Douglas Johnston, Ian Constantinides, Jeff Orton, Geoff Wallis, Andrew Breese, Brian Dawson, Duncan Berry, John Letts, Chris Tomkins, Terry Hughes, Peter Minter, Michael Fildes, David Woodbridge, Richard Oxley, and Brian Ridout. Enquiries to Diana Rowsell
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Museum provides leading resource for building conservation & rural trades training / Museum offers continuing education. Courses include Traditional Roofing, Painting, Decorating, Timber-framing, Repair of Brickwork, Disguised Brickwork. Lime Mortars & Plasters, Flint Buildings & Local Stones. Some MSc students are likely to gain their MSc at Bournemouth University in April.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002The Museum's Livestock / 11 Southdown ewes from David Humphrey; Horace 'Shep' Oliver helped with stock until he died in 1989. Flock expanded with Romneys. Sussex Oxen 'Henry & Heedless' came from Peter Clery. and were trained under a yoke. 2 more came in 1985. Shire horse 'Rhyme' came from Whitbread's London stable in 1979, 'William' was owned by Chris Zeuner & Diana Zeuner. Now Chris Baldwin is training 2 new born Sussex calves; Paul Pennington manages the Tamworth pigs
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002New Curatorappointed as collections move into Downland Gridshell / Julian Bell is the new curator, in charge of the collections in their new home in Gridshell. He comes from the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. Pictures of Mike Wall, John Hurd and Mike Piggott with items in the new gridshell store.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Courses programme 2002-03 / 75 courses between November and May inclusive. Leaders: Richard Harris, Verna Bailey, Joe Thompson, Brian Ridout, Guy Bagshaw, Ged Gardiner, Charles Brooking, Deborah Albon, John Booker, Paul Pinnington, Chris Baldwin, Christina Stapley, Linda Burden, David Woodbridge, Bob Holman, James Strike, Effie Galletly, Gerard Lynch, David Bland, Dawn Stevens, Nigel Johnston, David Russell, Chris Smith, Neil Burridge, Jackson Stops & Staff, Joy Huning, Wilm Huning. Jan Britz
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Downland Gridshell short listed for Stirling Prize. / [The contents of this short article are repeated in the Article on page by Richard Harris: "The Downland Gridshell in use"]
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Winkhurst Kitchen / Winkhurst resited near Bayleaf, and equipped as a medieval kitchen. Dawn Stevens has joined the staff as full-time interpreter involved in daily tasks of Tudor housewife. Important for schools hands-on days. Help given by David Martin on design of building and Peters Brears on Tudor meals and cooking.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Seminar in late-medieval detached kitchens / The Museum organised a private seminar for Museum Staff and Peter Brears and David Martin, to discuss medieval kitchens and cooking.
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