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1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Proposed Office Development / Chris Zeuner reported on the inadequacies of the present office accommodation. One office being temporary. Two offices made communication difficult. There were no washing facilities and the toilet provision was inadequate. He suggested that the Museum convert a range of cattle/wagon sheds and at a later date for a second phase add a barn which could be used for an assembly/meeting hall. The suggested site was below the catering building close to the lake. The advantages of such a building were: (a) better control of the Museum when closed; (b) deliveries would not have to negotiate the ticket kiosk when open; (c) it would release further car parking space. Other factors to be considered were the presence of a sewer there and the increasing use of the Museum after dark. Resulting from discussion the Committee approved of the new office and likes the idea of its site. AGREED informal discussions with the authorities would be beneficial before the next Site and Building \\
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Building work 1982 / Chris Zeuner said a good proportion of the programme would consist of maintenance. North Cray House repairs would commence. He also reported that there was a need for a small economical project for Mr Friar and recommended that the Milton Street Dove Cote commence. The siting of it could be decided at the next meeting.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Report from Richard Harris - April Cottage / This building was dismantled in May. In the course of dismantling, painted plaster came to sight. John Price of the Department of the Environment extracted the plasters from the building and they are now in the Museum store. There were no immediate plans for the building.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Report from Richard Harris - Poplars Cottage / Due to pressure of work the dismantling had been postponed until spring.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Report from Richard Harris - West Wittering / Fred Aldsworth reported that excavation had shown that the end wall was added at a later date. Richard Harris added that the building was probably open ended and possibly hipped.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Report from Richard Harris - Knepp Outhouse / Richard Harris suggested that this is discussed in the next meeting.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981The Role of the Museum in Adult Education / This item was postponed.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Loss of Kirdford Shed by Fire / Mr Zeuner reported on the loss of this building and that one girl had been prosecuted. He raised the question of communication and our equipment and the problem of the supply of water at the further end of the site. Generally AGREED that a 250 gallon water trailer should be acquired and kept in the Gonville vicinity.
1981/11SBC Minutes / 29 November 1981Expansion of Museum site - Greenway's field / With reference to Greenway's field Mr Zeuner explained that the Museum had benefited from it for 3 or 4 years. By having land on a permanent basis it would: (1) enable the Museum to hold special events; (2) give the Museum the opportunity to plan out the buildings more effectively; (3) solve the present inadequate visitor circuit in the Mill area. Mr Zeuner would in the near future be talking formally with Mr Heymann and the Foundation concerning renting it on a long term basis. Mr Zeuner explained the options for solving the car parking problems if the Museum were able to acquire further land: (a) A road from the Museum entrance could be taken behind the lake and Court Barn and a second car park formed in part of Greenway's field; (b) The existing car parks could be expanded within the existing boundaries. However, by having more land on the Western side the bays could be elongated. The ground behind the lake could also be utilised. From the ensuing disc \\
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981West Wittering School / The Director reported that a most interesting building in West Wittering had been offered to the Museum. It was the pre-parochial school, a building 10' x 24' with a small yard and stable. It appears on the Tithe Map (1848) as a school and as such is an early example of its kind. It appeared that there would be considerable support for the project in the West Wittering area and it is thought likely that the building could be brought to store with minimal expenditure. The Committee AGREED to its acquisition.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Library - Report on progress / The Director reported on progress with the library, and reminded members that the Museum was now able to accept suitable material.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Lurgashall Mill / The Director reported on the progress towards operating the mill. Mr Demaus was making good progress and hopes are high that the scheme is practicable.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Toll Cottage / The Director reported on the relocation and rebuilding of the Toll Cottage. Richard Harris illustrated the new arrangement with a plan, a copy of which is attached to the minutes. The work was being undertaken by volunteers.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Catering Facilities / The Director reported that the Council of Management had agreed to proceed with a catering facility. It would provide basic refreshment, planned to create little litter, and to maintain a sympathetic image. The Director sought the approval of a site for a suitable old building, wagon shed or cattle shed on the site of the Toll Cottage. AGREED as a good site for this development. Mr Heymann commented that the Trustees of the Edward James Foundation would need to be consulted, as this project might conflict with their own intended developments.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Walderton / Richard Harris reported that the site was now prepared for the building and the foundations laid. He explained that the reconstruction would follow the 17thC rebuilding. It is likely that a "good end" of the building could be finished in 17thC style especially as a contemporary inventory for the cottage was available. The other end would be used for interpretation. John Warren asked if a damp course would be inserted in the wall especially as lime mortar was to be used. After much discussion it was AGREED to leave this decision to Richard Harris and the Director. Tim Heymann requested information on the nature of the internal plaster. Richard Harris explained that the base was very "loamy" and that this was covered with a very thin lime plaster skim. The Director explained that due to the filming schedule essential work on the exterior had to be complete by the late Autumn.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Boarhunt / The Director reported that Boarhunt was progressing well. The timber frame was now complete and a temporary plastic roof was now protecting the structure. Over the weekend a volunteer team, supported by members of staff, were coppicing hazel in Hampshire to provide wattle for the building. The Director wished to compliment Roger Champion on the successful re-erection of the frame. The Director also informed the Committee of the date for the official opening of the building, arranged for May 15 when the Duke of Gloucester would visit the Museum and open the building. John Warren asked if there were any further thoughts on dating Boarhunt. He suggested that certain structural features should be explained in the Guide Book.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Minutes of previous meeting (held on 10 August 1980?) / The minutes of the last meeting were not available and it was AGREED that a note summary of the last meeting would be inserted in the minute book, and it was not possible to discuss any 'matters arising'.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Building Maintenance / Roger Champion explained the growing problem of the maintenance of exhibit buildings. A copy of his report is attached to these minutes. There was considerable discussion about the problem. The Committee AGREED the need to demonstrate to members of Council, especially those not involved with buildings and perhaps less likely to appreciate the scale of the problem faced by the Museum, the exact nature of the difficulty and its financial implications. To this end the Committee appointed a sub-committee, which would prepare a report. Members of the sub-committee would be David Russell, John Warren, Richard Harris, Alan Robson, Roger Champion, Chris Zeuner.
1981/1SBC Minutes / 11 January 1981Knatts Lane Horse Whim / The Director reported on the emergency acquisition of this most interesting example of wooden machinery. The building had collapsed and was partly burned, but sufficient for an accurate reconstruction remained. The machinery was in good condition. Mrs Hallam suggested that early efforts should be made to undertake research into the age and date of the structure. This was agreed to be important.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Progress in the Museum's Buildings Programme.
Wagon Shed. Saw pit, Dovecote, Court Barn
Wagon Shed, Saw Pit, Milton Street Dovecote, Court Barn / Chris Zeuner reports on the progress in erection. McCurdy Bros finished the Wiston Wagon shed, and the Sheffield Park Saw-pit on time. Early in the year in appalling weather we dismantled a dovecote at Milton Street, Cuckmere. It was made with flint and chalk.
Work on the exhibition of plumbing by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers is going on well.
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