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1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Auction / Friday, 12.4.85
Time is getting short and there is still a long way to go before we can feel 100% confident that this event will be the success we desperately need it to be. So PLEASE do make great efforts to find Sotheby's something to auction for us.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985WEA/NFU / Evening classes for farmers on the subject of Conservation are taking place at the Museum on Wednesday nights.
Southampton University's extra-mural Course on Geology in the Local Landscape has been extended for another term and takes place at the Museum on Thursdays.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985N.B. / As from today, any member of Staff or Stewards or MSC etc will be required to sign a receipt for goods/books given to them from the Shop and not paid for at the time.
The receipts will be handed in to the Office for payment by the person concerned.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Carols in Bayleaf (December 1984) / This year
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Horsham Shop / Peter McCurdy and his crew are staying at the hostel and by Friday 8th February the frame-work will be completed.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Lime Seminar / This was held for Museum staff and one or two specialists and covered the use of lime in conservation work. John Ashurst, one of the country's most experienced architects in this field, was tutor for the day. Many problems were sorted out and we shall be slaking our lime in a new pit, currently being constructed by John Friar.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Titchfield Market Hall / The Exhibition on the first floor has become rather tired and is being replaced for the coming Season. The Exhibition content will remain the same but it will be displayed in a different way. Sue England is doing the design work.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Education Service / Information Sheets for teachers, accompanied by other material, are now available as a re-introduced Teaching kit at a cost of
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Biskupin / This Exhibition has finally returned to Poland after an extended tour of this country.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Cavalcade of Costume - Saturday 23.2.85 / Several of our London-based friends inform us that this show is well worth going to see. Tickets
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Brian Boseley / Has left the Museum to take up a post with the District Council, working as part of their maintenance crews. We wish him well.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Jim Hampshire / Will be leaving the Museum at the end of April. He and Betty will be going to Canada for a while.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985REMINDERS / 11.2.85 Council. 10.00
13.2.85 Stewards Session 10.30 - 12.30
16.2.85 Stewards Session 10.30 - 12.30
23.2.85 Cavalcade of Costume. Bognor Regis. 5 p.m.
1985/2Bulletin / February 1985Reigate / A sample timber has been treated by specialist Ann Ballantyne and is available in the Office should anyone wish to see the type of painting and the problems which will be faced during the full conservation. Grant aid is being sought for this project and it is hoped that the work will proceed during the current year.
1985/11SBC Minutes / 22 November 1985Ways in which this committee could improve its effectiveness / In order to clarify the situation, the Chairman read out a resolution to be put before the Trustees at their first meeting next week: "The Executive Board, recognising the objects, duties and purposes of the Association as set out in the Company's Memorandum, shall establish an advisory committee to be known as the Design Committee (or as the Sites & Buildings Committee) (SBC) to advise the Director in matters relating to the suitability and acceptability of exhibits, layout, arrangement and presentation, ecological, geological and archaeological, aspects of the site, and other matters relating to the development strategy of the Museum. At the Annual General Meeting of the Association five Trustees shall be appointed to the Committee. On the recommendation of these five together with the Director, the Executive Board may appoint additional members to the Committee, the total number of which should not exceed 20. The Chairman may also co-opt \\
1985/11SBC Minutes / 22 November 1985Proposals for Bayleaf / Garden: as yet a meeting with Sylvia Landsberg had not taken place. Furnishing: it had been agreed that more furnishing of the building should be considered in order to assist the visitor to see how the building worked. Farming exhibition: this would be established near the Kirdford lavatories, and it was not intended to make it a working example. Farmstead: amongst other buildings, the barn from Cowfold would be located close to Bayleaf to form a farming complex. The Director regarded this project as the follow up to the Horsham/Reigate Project, and anticipated that it would commence towards the end of 1987. It was agreed to discuss the Bayleaf project further following a meeting with Sylvia Landsberg. Richard Harris was working on ideas for the exhibition, and Mrs Hallam was giving thought to the furnishing of the building.
1985/11SBC Minutes / 22 November 1985West Ashling Granary / A slide showing the state of this building was shown to those present. The Director had for some time been trying to locate a suitable granary for use in connection with Lurgashall Mill, and it was AGREED this building would be suitable. Its size was approx. 10' x 10' and its age late 18thC, which was compatible with the age of the machinery inside the Mill. AGREED the building should be accepted and a site was AGREED, 3' to the east of the site pegged out.
1985/11SBC Minutes / 22 November 1985Ockley Hay Barn (and ice house) / The building was dismantled and safely transported to the Museum. The owner of the haybarn had also offered an ice house on his estate which the Director had refused. He felt that it would be possible to re-roof the building and to maintain it in situ with the assistance of a voluntary group. It was agreed that the Surrey Archaeological Group might be encouraged to do this, and Mr McDowall and Mr Oliver would approach the leader.
1985/11SBC Minutes / 22 November 1985Site for Newick workshop / The Director explained that the various suggestions for siting had been taken into account in the preparation of the drawing now shown to those present. It was suggested by John Warren that Tindalls Cottage could be re-positioned closer to the retaining wall beside Lavant. Fred Aldsworth explained that he had taken into account the possible plot sizes of the buildings in the area when positioning Newick. John Warren was anxious that a situation should not arise whereby criticism could be made in 50 years time of the siting of buildings today. The windows of the building would face south, although Mrs Hallam did not think it critical that the windows should face into the yard. By the time of the next meeting the area would be cleared, and it was AGREED the building should be positioned as illustrated on the plan.
1985/10Bulletin / October 1985Work for the Winter / A number of volunteers enjoy helping on a variety of tasks during the Winter. We are compiling a list and anyone wishing to become involved with either indoor or outdoor work should contact Richard Pailthorpe.
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