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1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Sole Street Aisled Hall / Mr Armstrong will write to Mr Hobbs, the owner, and to Mr Parkin, who has agreed to survey the building, for information on the present position.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Mockbeggars Old Hall / The Post Office have tentatively agreed to careful dismantling. Mr Rigold will contact them on the question of financing transport to West Dean. David Martin has undertaken to record the building and number-tag its timbers.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / There was a debate as to the type of building and its value to the Museum. AGREED that any feasible plan for preservation in situ should be vigorously supported.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Catherington Donkey Wheel / As a rare survival of an important unit of rural economy, this should certainly have a place in the Museum. The wheel and its shed have been recorded. Mr Rigold suggested that Mr Gravett, who has made a study of donkey wheels, might be asked to look at it and if its value is confirmed the Council of Management be RECOMMENDED to finance its acquisition.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Winkhurst / Problems posed by surviving evidence were discussed at length. No firm conclusions were reached concerning the original position of the stair to the upper floor, and it was suggested that decision be deferred as late as possible in the hope that it will be possible to relate similar examples. AGREED that foundations be of concrete faced with random stone, and in the absence of material from Boughbeech the stone available from Pendean might be used.
Discussion of the interpretation of the building illustrated a range of opinion both on its function and date. This had some bearing on the most likely original roof-covering. Probably tiles were the most usual material in its original location, and the lines of holes at the base of rafters might suggest sprockets which would confirm use of tiles. However, the pitch was suited to thatch, and the spacing of battens and the finish of a tiebeam might indicate that thatch had been the original cover.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Museum Shop / Whilst it was RECOMMENDED that the shop be sited near the car park and housed in an old building, it was felt that the right building had not yet been found and that priority should be given to the lavatory.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Storage / Mr Champion reported on the desperate need for more storage, for objects acquired by the museum and his own tools and building equipment. AGREED the Director should advertise in the press and that the wagon shed be used for a workshop during the building of Bayleaf.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Fencing / The Director reported that the whole site would be fenced this winter with cleft oak post and rail. It was thought that a simpler type of fence could be used in the wood if it proved necessary to fence this boundary.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Southwater Forge / RECOMMENDED not to acquire this building but should if possible salvage the tiles and bricks.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Lavatories / RECOMMENDED that the first lavatory block be placed in the car park area and the Rusper wagon shed might be used for it. Eventually a second lavatory block would be needed in the Bayleaf complex.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Crawley Barn / Mr Armstrong reported that this barn was now almost certain to come to the museum. RECOMMENDED that the barn be sited to the west of the lake and used to display the wheelwright's equipment.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Wheelwright's Shop / Mr Arthur Plewis, a retiring wheelwright from near Rochester, had offered the entire contents of his workshops to the museum. Possibility he might move to Sussex to work for the museum. RECOMMENDED to accept and if he did move he should be employed.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Site Circulation / Mr Warren presented a site plan showing his basic ideas about the future circulation of the public around the museum. Following discussion three recommendations were made.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Memorandum concerning building priorities for consideration by the Buildings and Site Planning Committee / (Note for database: This five page philosophical Memorandum dated 23 September 1970 and circulated for the October meeting poses the question "whether the main purpose of the Museum is to give as comprehensive and balanced a general view as possible of stages in evolutionary change and variations of status and use or to illustrate the greatest range and most striking variations of form and treatment" and a consideration of crafts, industries, farm equipment and curtilages. Refer to hard copy or PDF for detail) Minute: There was a strong feeling among members of the Committee that the museum should illustrate social as well as architectural history and that everything should be done to make the museum 'alive' to the general public. It was realised that while Mr Armstrong's list included some eighty possible buildings, the present site could not house more than about forty. Mr Heymann thought it unlik \\
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Autumn Opening / The Director gave a brief account of the opening to the public in September and October. All arrangements had worked smoothly but it was clear that the car park must be considerably enlarged by next year.
1970/10SBC Minutes / 25 October 1970Bournes / Mr Warren reported there was now no chance of saving Bournes from demolition but Horsham U.D.C. would let the museum have the tiles and stone slabs if it would pay 25% of
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Netherhale / A Ministry enquiry is scheduled for 16th April; Museum will be represented by J. Lowe, J. Warren & S.E.Rigold.
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Littlehampton Granary / Frame is re-erected and brick infilling partly completed. Tender for thatching has been accepted and should commence in May or June. AGREED the two original grain-bins be installed, and original louvres.
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Cruck Cottage, Boarhunt / Has been given to the Museum. Dismantling is in progress & transport being provided by W.Dean Estate. Bricks from this building are being used on the granary.
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Zoning / The principle of dividing the site into zones with partial screening between each was favoured by the Committee as this would avoid the unnatural juxtaposition of buildings from chalk areas with those from the Weald. AGREED that for the present Zone D (see plan with hard copy of minutes) should be held in reserve.
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