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1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Special Summer Activities / The Country Fair saw nearly 2000 visitors, and raised more than
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Plumbers Activities / The Worshjpful Company of Plumbers entertained the Institute of Plumbing with a picnic at the Museum and a tour of the Plumbers' Museum in Court Barn.
The Plumbing Teachers Association held its annual meeting at the Museum. Phil Mead was elected President.
As a record of appreciation of the help and support the Open Air Museum has given to the establishment of the Plumbers' museum a plaque was presented during the annual meeting to the Director.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Witley Joiner's Shop / The Witley Joiner's shop is being erected behind the shop and next to the Carpenter's Shop. The pillars were moved and re-erected whole under John Friar's supervision; the chimney was rebuilt by Brian Boseley, and Jim Cartmel carried out the timber work.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Two Major Scheme for 1984-85 / The exhibition in Hambrook is being redesigned. The re-erection of Horsham Shop and Reigate Building will be re-erected onto the Western end of Crawley Hall. The first and second floors of the Horsham shop will not be open to the public. Planning permission is not yet complete and the start date is not yet decided
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983New Development at the Library / Marjorie Hallam and her team are bulding up from duplicates a small section of loan material strictly for Friends and Volunteers
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Attendance Figures / By the end of Auguist the figures were down on last year: 129,000 compared with 149,000. The early wet and later hot weather may be to blame.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Retirement of Doug and Marjorie Bryant / Doug and Marjorie Bryant retire this year from ttheir duties as Warden and Shop Supervisor.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Museum Caravan / The Museum's Publicity caravan visited many sites in the summer, but more sites would be welcome
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Winter at the Museum / There will be an Autumn Activities Weekend in October 1984 including ploughing with a team of Dexter cows from Butser Ancient Farm, harrowing by the Museum's pair of oxen, vintage tractor ploughing, steam threshing with Bert Dibben thresher and Arthur Martin's steam engine.
A Christmas concert will be held with Lavinia Snelling playing the lute and Ashley Stafford counter tenor. on December 17th and a Carol service will be held in Bayleaf on December 20th
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983North Cray Hall House / North Cray will be erected between August 6 and August 13th 1984. Roger Champion is getting on with the repair work of the elm timbers There is a photo by Geoffrey Claridge of a window under repair
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983West Wittering School / The West Wittering School will be offically opened at the beginning of the 1984 season. J. Booker and Son are working on the building.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Unusual New Projects Launched at the Museum / Albert Peacock is now employed full time on making spars for use in thatching.
He makes 5,000 a week. Martin Bossom is making charcoal using a metal retort, also on a full time basis. The Museum grew 22 acres of Red Standard Wheat for thatching straw, and two ricks have been built by Les Whitecall and Albert Peacock. The wheat will be ground and sold at the Mill. Ted Nash helped with the harvest.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983GLC Wagons Restored through Museum. / Through the Museum's trading company, Singleton Museum Services, the Museum received an order to restore two wagons, a tip cart and other agricultural; equipment. The work was done by Gus Pollard and Peter Darby of the West Sussex Rural Engineering Company.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Biskupin - Poland's Iron Age Time Capsule Museum to Host Major Exhibition / In May 1984 the Museum will host a major exhibition about Biskupin: an Iron age site in Poland. It will include three replicas of iron age houses built with help from Butser Ancient Farm. The personal knowledge of Peter Reynolds and Chris Zeuner will help in the design. The Museum was approached as host by George Lambor of Agora Antiques. After 3 months the exhibition will tour England, including Norton Priory Museum, Runcorn and Cambridge.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Happy Events / Richard Harris married Judy Rich in May. Richard and Jane Pai, lthorpe had an addition to the family, Victoria.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1984Design of Museum Gardens to be Tackled / A working party consisting of Chris Zeuner, Richard Pailthorpe, Dr. Sylvia Landsberg, Stella Palmer, Ruth Tittensor, Ted Nash, Anne Beaumont and Ethel Buvyer has been set up to improve the historic accuracy of the curtileges. The Toll Cottage garden is gradually taking shape.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 19831984 - An Eventful Year / Events due in 1984: The Biskupin Exhibition for 3 months; Richard Harris's Exhibition entitled "Traditional Building Crafts", prepared in association with Area Museums Service for South Eastern England; Heavy Horses, in conjunction with Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association; re-erection of North Cray; Autumn Activities Weekend
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Windpump / The windpump has been taken off its post for repairs by Robert Demaus. It will be reassembled in the winter
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Summer School / Elizabeth Newbery organised a summer school in August based on Walderton House and its 17th century owners, the Catchlove family. She was assisted by Elaine Vawdry, Eileen Simmance, Virginia Lyon and Christopher Challen. An average of 30 children attended each session.
1983/10Members' Magazine No. 20 / October 1983Step Back into Time / The BBC Science Unit filmed on site for a programme entitled "Paradigms", which will be presented by James Burke
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