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1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Barn at Kingston near Lewes / Although it was appreciated that this barn represented an early structure with rare features and a strong local character, it was AGREED that the problems of its incomplete and altered condition are beyond the Museum's resources at this juncture.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Alteration to the Museum's lease / Mr Heymann reported that the areas involved in the alteration to the Museum's lease have been surveyed and that a plan showing the revised boundaries is being incorporated in the deed of variation of the lease.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Dismantling of Crawley barn and Pendean / Mr Longley reported that the work had gone satisfactorily and the timbers would reach the Museum within the next few days. He reminded the meeting that, to secure the agreed grant, a claim must be made to the Commission for New Towns during this current financial year.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Re-erection of Crawley barn and Pendean / Work on reconstructing Crawley barn must be deferred because it is unlikely that Mr Greiner will be available.
Pendean: Estimates are being prepared in order to apply for a grant from the Victoria and Albert Museum. A new undertaking in this project will be the brickwork - a considerable amount is required for infilling and for the large central chimney. The Clay Products Committee have decided it is not practicable to manufacture the necessary number of bricks at the Museum. Other sources of supply of bricks to the original pattern are being investigated.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Hambrook Barn / Committee RECOMMENDS that large doors appropriate to the existing openings in the flank walls should be installed and that a pattern for these should be taken from barns in the neighbourhood of Hambrook. Within these large doors, two wickets should be formed to serve for entry and exit of visitors - thus avoiding the need for the large doors to be left open.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Little Winkhurst / The possibility of providing office accommodation in this building was discussed at length. AGREED that the solar end, which was missing when the building was dismantled, should be replaced with a structure of suitable contemporary style on the exterior and an interior of a modern finish to provide accommodation for offices. It was felt strongly that the use of such space for offices should be a temporary measure, and that it might eventually become a library or research rooms. RECOMMENDED a) the re-erection of Little Winkhurst should be brought forward in the Museum works programme; b) it should be sited at the west side of the village group, in semi-isolation; c) the primary aim of the reconstruction should be the demonstration of the evolution of the building up to 1600, that the solar end should be designed to represent its probable original appearance, and that any other practical purpose should be subordinate to this intention.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Master Plan for the Site / As a conclusion to the general discussion during previous meetings, the Committee decided upon specific positions for buildings already in store and potential sites for future acquisitions. The details were carried on to a plan which will be presented to the next meeting.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Tilthammer / There was general agreement that this exhibit justified improved treatment. Messrs. Warren, Armstrong and Newell will consult the Curator of Horsham Museum.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Roof of Winkhurst / Mr Champion reported that since the completion of Winkhurst he has examined many similar roofs and is now convinced that the holes in the rafter feet do not indicate side sprockets but rather are a device for fabricating the joints when rafters are used in pairs. Other evidence in the building suggests that thatch would be a more appropriate roof covering. Mr Armstrong was in agreement with this view. The Committee accepted this advice and RECOMMENDED that the sprockets should be removed and the tiles replaced by straw thatch as early as convenient.
1972/7SBC Minutes / 16 July 1972Titchfield Market Hall / The Committee AGREED that it could not avoid the responsibility to reach decisions on the features of a building for which the surviving evidence is inconclusive, and to implement those decisions. The Committee RECOMMENDS: a) the should be a bottom plate around the end of the building; b) on consideration of surviving examples of similar market halls, it seems likely that the explanation of the central mortices on the undersides of the middle-plates is pendants, and that pendants of simple design should be incorporated in this building; c) the posts of the building should be replaced in timber and should be seated on a small stone pad, and that Portland stone would be a suitable material for the latter; d) the infilling should be of newly-made bricks of an appropriate pattern, laid in herring-bone fashion but with care to avoid too meticulous or mechanical a finish; e) top sprockets should be used; f) an oriel window of simple design made from sawn timbers should be installed to c \\
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Wind Pump / The situation was unchanged but it was AGREED that the pump should be taken and stored when available but siting could not be agreed until more was known about the position of the mill ponds.
1972/5Newsletter Number Four / May-Aug 1972Honours / Roy Armstrong has been awarded an MBE
1972/5Newsletter Number Four / May-Aug 1972New Appointments / John Lowe is Principal of West Dean College. Doug Bryant is Warden. Chris Zeuner will join the staff in September.
1972/5Newsletter Number Four / May-Aug 1972The Hambrook Barn / The Hambrook Barn is being erected , and will contain a permanent exhibition.
1972/5Newsletter Number Four / May-Aug 1972Titchfield Old Market Hall / Gunolt Greiner has finished work on the frame ofTitchfield Market hall, which is now erected. He has left Sussex. The Horsham shop will go into the group round the Market Hall.
1972/5Newsletter Number Four / May-Aug 1972An Award for the Museum / The Museum received a certificate of special recommendation from the British Tourist Authority. On Sunday 20th August we had a record of more than 1200 visitors.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Bridge Cottage / Reported that the problem was still unresolved.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Bayleaf / Reported that the West Sussex Horticultural Society and the Bosham and Chidham Horticultural Society were creating a medieval garden and orchard around the house. 1,000 box cuttings were on order but the main planting could not be done until the autumn; plants and trees were to be a gift from the two societies. It was suggested that the pathway around Bayleaf should avoid the garderobe.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Titchfield Old Market Hall / Mr Armstrong explained that certain interesting features had come to light during the repair of the frame. He also said that Mr Greiner wished to go to rather radical extremes to show the repair work and any suppositions in the reconstruction. The Committee discussed these points at length and finally RECOMMENDED: a) there should be a timber bottom plate raised on three courses of brickwork running round the building except for the central bay; the height of the first storey should be 7' to 7'6" and that the posts should be of wood running down to the bottom plate, the bottom plate joining the posts at the corners; chamfering and mouldings be added to new posts. b) there should be a solid block wood stair anchored down to give maximum rigidity to the building. c) round pegs should be used not standing proud. d) the bricks for the infill be made by the Potters' Group. e) there should be knee braces behind the stairs. AGREED Mr John Warren should instruct Mr Greiner on these po \\
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Hambrook Barn / Mr Lowe explained that Carnegie had offered
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