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1989/1Bulletin / January 1989FORTHCOMING EVENTS / Wednesday 11th January Friends Committee Meeting
Sunday 15th January Walter's Quiz
Friday 27th January Executive Board Meeting
Tuesday 14th February Trustees' Meeting
Thursday 16th March Executive Board Meeting
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988LORD WATKINSON, / after a number of years as President, retired at the Museum's AGM in June. His service to the Museum has been much appreciated and we hope that he will remain in touch with our affairs.
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988(none) / Members will remember the first of the Museum magazines, enlarged from the previous format, was sent out in the Spring of this year. Members will receive one such magazine each year, just prior to the start of our new season, and in the Autumn a duplicated letter in order to tell them of activities and events for the Winter.
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988GEOFFREY GODBER, / past Chairman and Member of the Executive Board of the Museum has been elected to succeed Lord Watkinson as the Museum's President. We are sure that members of the Friends and Volunteers will welcome this appointment as Geoffrey Godber has served the Museum since the very early days.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988WALK AROUND BIGNOR / On Sunday October 9th Fred Aldsworth, County Archaeologist, will lead a walk around Bignor to view archaeological sites and recent excavations at the Roman villa. Meet at 10.30 a.m. at the Roman Villa Car Park. Charge
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988NEWS FROM THE MILL / Flour sales have been exceptionally good this year, both on site and off, and the new caterers have continued to use the flour for many of their products.

Robert Demaus has replaced the outside bearing on the watershaft of the mill (main shaft through the waterwheel) after the temporary wooden one be installed over 2 years ago finally showed signs of cracking.

Does anyone have any plastic 2 or 4 litre margarine/icecream boxes to spare? Neill urgently requires these for cookie storage.
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988(Visitor Numbers) / At the end of August we are well satisfied with the results of the season. Visitor numbers are well ahead of last year and given an average September and October we should end the year with approximately 9,000 visitors more than last year. The end of August figures are 140,500 compared with 131,500 in 1987.
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988NEWDIGATE BAKERY / - over the last few weeks we have been dismantling a 19th century bakery from Newdigate in Surrey. It stood next to the village shop and was to be demolished to make way for a new development. The owners of the shop, Mr and Mrs Callcut, very kindly donated the buildings to the Museum and indeed supported the team dismantling the buildings throughout. Heather Champion led the dismantling team and the recording work was done by Richard Harris. This project has also been assisted by our own volunteers and also a number of people from Newdigate Village.
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988BAYLEAF COMPLEX / - by the time you receive this letter the majority of the work will have been completed on the Cowfold Barn. The thatching of the roof will be done in March, and the rest of the project is on schedule for the opening on MAY 26th 1989.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988FORTHCOMING EVENTS / Executive Board Meeting 12 September, 9.30 a.m.
Friends Committee Meeting 14 September, 6.00 p.m.
Autumn Plant Sale 1 & 2 October
Sites & Buildings Committee Meeting 3 October, 2.15 p.m.
Junior Friends Meetings 8 October
Bignor Walk led by Fred Aldsworth 9 October
Autumn Activity Weekend 22 & 23 October
Executive Board Meeting 31 October

General Accident will be holding a social evening at the Museum on Saturday 10th September, and Chichester Ladies Circle will be holding a charity evening at the Museum on Friday 16th.

The Museum is attending thr \\
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988SITE-CALL RIDE / - Alan Waters' sponsored cycle ride round the 38 original sites of Museum exhibits raised
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988EVENTS - OCTOBER TO MARCH / GRAND AUTUMN PLANT SALE - Don't forget SATURDAY 1st & SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER! All gifts of plants, newly dug up and put in plastic bags, or previously potted - all labelled, please; dried flowers, herbs, and accessories, to be delivered if possible on Friday 30th September, or get in touch with Virginia Lyon (Slindon 382) to arrange collection. Cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, and late deliveries of plants will be gratefully received on Saturday and Sunday. Remember to tell all your friends to come and buy.

AUTUMN ACTIVITIES WEEKEND - 22nd & 23rd OCTOBER, Ploughing and Threshing. At this event the Friends will be running a Produce Stall. Offers of produce, cakes, jams, and the like will be gratefully received by Miss Joan Brooks. Any plants remaining from the Plant Sale will also be available.

CHANGES IN SHEEP HUSBANDRY ON WESSEX DOWNLAND IN THE 19th CENTURY - Dr Gavin Bowie. John Veltom, Trustee of the Museum, has drawn our attention to this talk being organised by t \\
1988/9duplicated letter / September 1988(visit by HRH Princess Alexandra) / On 18th July the Museum was honoured by a visit by HRH PRINCESS ALEXANDRA. The event was a low-key visit, but a number of volunteers were able to be present. The Princess spent a long time at the Museum meeting members of staff and volunteers. We understand that she very much enjoyed her visit which was blessed by lovely weather.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988SHOP IN SADLERS WALK / This will close on 16 September. During the few months that it has been open sales of museum items have been reasonably good and it has provided a useful centre in Chichester during the main tourist season.

We are most grateful to Ann Kirby for manning the shop and to Mr and Mrs Sadler for their generosity in allowing us to use the premises.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988HARVEST / This year's harvest was completed exceptionally quickly due to a good spell of weather. Two large stacks and one small one now await threshing, and as usual Bert Dibben is returning to the Museum with his tackle to do the work. Albert Peacock thatched in the ricks which provided extra interest for the public.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988EXHIBITION OF BUILDING CONSERVATION / The Exhibition took place over three sunny days at the beginning of August and was enthusiastically received by exhibitors and members of the public.

The seminar which took place on the Friday was extremely well attended by surveyors, architects, and members of the building industry. It included a visit to Pitsham Brickworks and English Woodlands Sawmill at Cocking during the afternoon.

We are most grateful to Virginia Lyon whose assistance was invaluable throughout the Exhibition.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988VISITOR NUMBERS / Despite indifferent weather during August, visitor numbers continued to rise and the running attendance at the end of the month was nearly 141,000, compared with 132,000 last year. The total for August was 33,000 compared with 31,000 last year.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988SHEEP / Recently this year's lambs were taken to the Findon Sheep fair for sale. Also entered was one or our rams. Unfortunately it did not do very well, and therefore shortly will be eaten
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988NEWDIGATE BAKERY / Heather Champion and her assistants have now almost completed the dismantling of the Newdigate Bakery. Dismantling of the oven proved to be a long process, and recording of the building has been exceptionally detailed. However, this ensures that the brick structure will be re-erected with great accuracy. It now only remains to clear the site and take down the little cobblers shop.
1988/9Bulletin / September 1988STAFF / Congratulations to our Director, Chris Zeuner, who, at the recent bi-annual conference of the European Association of Open Air Museums, was elected PRESIDENT of the Association, in success to Professor Claus Ahrens from West Germany.

On Friday 2nd September we said farewell to Doreen Andrews, and thanks to contributions from staff and many volunteers, were able to give her a very nice onyx and gold set of earrings and pendant, with which she was delighted.

We are pleased to welcome as the new Museum Secretary, Lynn Shaw. Lynn lives in Bognor and has been a teacher in the area. We hope she will enjoy working at the Museum.
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