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1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Ticket Kiosks / Alf Bryden has carried out the re-fitting of the interiors and it is hoped that the alterations will make things easier and more efficient when welcoming visitors. [NB Before the erection of Longport, visitors bought tickets from their car windows as they drove in, from two kiosks on either side of the entrance]
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Friends Fund Raising / Carol Hawkins (later Brinson) will be coordinating a fundraising programme on behalf of the Friends and will be working from the Museum office on Wednesdays.
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Easter Parade in Regents Park / William and the timber cart will be taking part and Mr Robinson will be horsing the wagon.
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Assistant warden / Cdr Redrobe is learning the ropes and will be on duty to help the stewards as from 1 April.
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Meetings / 4 Apr - Finance and General Purposes Cttee
7 Apr - W Wittering school opening
7 Apr - Traditional Building Materials Exhibition starts
17 Apr - Council of Management AGM
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Winter visitor numbers / There have been 7774 visitors compared with 5834 in 1982/3 - an increase of 33%. The additional openings to members of the public on Wednesdays, in addition to school parties, have produced an extra 750 paying visitors. Shop sales have increased by
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Mill pond / The banks have been re-grassed.
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Horsham / Reigate / Offers of assistance have been received as follows:
1984/4Bulletin / April 1984Catering / The concession has been given to Mr & Mrs David Fry of Wittering. They will be on site as from 1 April.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Diary Dates for 1984 / Main diary events include: Traditional Building Crafts Exhibition; Opening of West Wittering School; Biskupin; Country Fair; Heavy Horses; Medieval Players; Timber Festival; Exhibition of Gordon Beningfield's paintings; Festival of Building; Re-erection of North Cray; Ploughing Weekend.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Putting mambers on Record!
Photo of the year / Two pictures. One of the computer being used for Friends' addresses and one of Ted Nash resting at a straw stack
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Major development Phase Planned at the Museum / A major development plan has been agreed. The Horsham Shop, the Reigate Town House and fresh lavatory arrangements will be erected in the market square area and alterations will be made to the library at a cost of
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Catering / Jan Pack has left the Museum. Her place running the catering will be taken over by Mr. & Mrs. David Fry
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Music at the Museum / Several musical events for 1984 include: the Broadside Band, specialising in 17th century popular music; Ashley Stafford and Lavinia Snelling in an evening of early music; Southern Arts Association of Medieval Players; the Copper Family; Christopher Challen demonstrating Musical Instrument Making.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Lichen and Timber Analysis / A sample of lichen obtained by Ruth Tittensor from Poplars Cottage during dismantling, has been analysed by Dr. Francis Rose. It is rare in Sussex.
Dr John Fletcher of the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art has taken dendrochronolgy samples of timber from Tichfield and Little Winkhurst. The felling of the trees for Tichfield was dated between 1525 and 1535. As expected there were two dates for Little Winkhurst: 1501-1505 & 50 years later.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Visitor Statistics / The final total for the season to the end of October was 153,000, compared with 145,000 in 1982 and 176,000 in 1981
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Musical events / A new programme of musical events will take place this year:
1 May - Broadside band
26 May - Ashlet Stafford & Loavinia Snelling present a programme of early music accompanied by the lute.
7-8 July - Christopher Challen and his students from West Dean give practical demonstrations of musical instrument making.
11 August - "Peasants All" present a programme of busking and ballads
27-28 Oct - Humphrey Lewis and the Copper family in a programme of traditional folk song.
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984West Wittering School Opening / The School from West Wittering will be opened by Kenneth Ball on April 7th It has been rebuilt by John Brooker and Son.
1984/3Bulletin / March 1984Meetings / 5 Mar - General Purposes Committee
24 Mar - Stewards Briefing
24 Mar - First Junior Friends meeting
7 Apr - West Wittering School opening
1984/3Members' Magazine No. 21 / March 1984Progress at the Library / Marjorie Hallam would welcome gifts of books. Cataloguing continues and should soon been complete.
Roy and Lyn Armstrong are cataloguing Roy's large collection of slides. Caroline Hallam has joined the library team thanks to funds from the Peter Minet Trust, Chichester NADFAS, the Worshipful Company of Plumbers and the Friends.
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