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1988/6SBC Minutes / 15 June 1988Chichester to Midhurst railway / Mr Heymann reported that no decision had been taken by the Edward James Foundation on the future of the Chichester to Midhurst railway where it directly related to the Estate.
1988/6SBC Minutes / 15 June 1988Possible new buildings - Newdigate Bakehouse / Chris Zeuner described the Newdigate Bakehouse which was currently being dismantled under the leadership of Heather Champion. During dismantling each brick would be numbered. The site was very well researched by the owners of the shop adjoining. The building was 19thC, brick and timber framed. It was hoped to set the bakery up as a working exhibit. Discussion on the reconstruction of the oven ensued. The Friends of the Museum (had) given sufficient funds to cover the cost of the removal of the building.
1988/6SBC Minutes / 15 June 1988Petersfield Drying Shed / The Director reported on the funding of this building. Redlands Brick Company would be financing the exhibition, and the re-erection costs would be covered by sponsorship from another company with whom negotiations were in progress. As this building is therefore completely funded planning permission could be sought and work continue as soon as possible. The siting of the building - agreed at a previous meeting - was discussed, and it was AGREED it would be angled round to the west a little.
1988/6SBC Minutes / 15 June 1988Progress on Bayleaf Complex / In the absence of Richard Harris, Chris Zeuner reported. Building work was going well on Cowfold and Redvins, the latter being nearly complete. The majority of material for the exhibition had been handed over to the designer. Two reports had been received to assist in the interpretation - one with regard to stocking of the farmstead from Mr Stephen Hall of Cambridge University. His recommendation was that surviving breeds should be used rather than trying to replicate breeds. The second report had been compiled by Victor Chinnery, an expert in oak furniture. The report included a "shopping list" of furnishing items for the principal rooms in Bayleaf. While Richard Harris found the report largely acceptable, he would want to see it supported by further research into relevant inventories. Chris Zeuner would like to see one upstairs room used as a "justification room". Each contribution to the complex would have an area where a formal exhibition could be mounted to expla \\
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988"SITE CALL" RASIES OVER
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988FUND RAISING / 32 representatives of local firms and institutions and the NFU attended a fund raising reception in Crawley Hall on May 10th. After a welcome by the Chairman and an address by Chris Zeuner each of the guests was "buttonholed" by staff and directors present who discussed with guests how they could assist the Museum in a number of ways. The occasion was a great success with a number of offers of assistance in kind as well as financial.

A donation of
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988ARTIST IN RESIDENCY / Elizabeth Newbery has recently been involved with an Artist in Residency based at Goodwood House. An exhibition of the children's work was held at Worthing Professional Centre and opened by Mrs d'Arcy Burdett, Chairman of the Education Committee.

A further Artist in Residency is planned for the autumn at the Museum in conjunction with the WSCC and Southern Arts.
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988SADLERS WALK, CHICHESTER / The Museum has been offered a lock-up shop in Sadlers Walk Arcade for a period of three months as a gift to promote the Museum in Chichester This will be done with displays and by sales of items similar to those sold in the Museum Shop.
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988MUSEUM CARAVAN / The caravan attended the Guildford Show at the May Bank Holiday, and achieved 3rd place for the best presented stand.
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988BAYLEAF COMPLEX / Bookers are commencing the stonework underpinning of Cowfold Barn, and Roger Champion is in the process of constructing the barn doors.

The tiling of Redvins is nearing completion.
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988NEWDIGATE BAKERY / The Museum has been offered a small bakery from Newdigate which has not been used since the 1930s. It will provide a valuable example of brickwork. Work on its "rescue" will commence on Monday 13th June under the supervision of Heather Champion.
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988DAWN CHORUS WALK / On a lovely spring morning over 30 people took part in a walk from the Museum to listen to the dawn chorus. We are not sure what they enjoyed best - the birds or the breakfast they consumed after their return!
1988/6Bulletin / June 1988FORTHCOMING EVENTS / June 7 Goodwood Race Meeting
June 11 Junior Friends Meeting
June 12 Heavy Horses at Singleton
June 15 Sites & Buildings Committee Meeting
" " Museum AGM at 6.30 p.m.
June 17 Longleys 125th Birthday Celebration
June 20 Executive Board Meeting
1988/6SBC Minutes / 15 June 1988Order of Priorities / During the year the Bayleaf Project would be completed, and the next priority should be the completion of the Reigate building and Winkhurst extension, which might take until 1990 or 1991. In the meantime, a list of priorities should be drawn up from what is in store. There were several unsolved problems facing the Museum, in the form of the entrance facilities, the temporary nature of the office building, and the refusal of planning consent for the temporary solution to the catering facility. In the case of the latter, the planners objected to the nature of the covering material. An enforcement order would not be served as the marquee would be taken down at the end of the year. The Director had written to register his surprise and disappointment at the planners' attitude, and he hoped it might be possible to get an extension for a further year. The Planners' attitude to the marquee could influence their views on the temporary consent for the office building. The Director felt \\
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Tyndalls Cottage, Ticehurst, East Sussex / A mid 17thC timber-framed cottage with a brick chimney, one room on each floor plus attic and outshot. Approx. 23ft x 15ft. To be re-erected between the Lavant building and the Redford Pugmill. Dismantled by Robertsbridge & District Archaeological Society, 1974, recorded by David Martin. The Committee AGREED that this building, although of poor quality, should be given a high priority.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Reigate / The Committee AGREED that on completion of the Bayleaf Complex, priority must be given to the completion of the Reigate project which had been frozen at the end of 1987. It was expected that current projects would therefore not be completed until the end of 1990.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Storage of buildings and related artifacts / Detailed consideration of the need for extra storage and a long term solution for the provision of covered space for buildings was postponed until the next meeting.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Pigsty from Warren Cottages, West Dean / Flint and brick pigsty with chicken loft from behind the Warren Cottages: three sites and yard. Date 19thC, dismantled RC etc. recorded RH 1978.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Stable from Causeway Brickworks, Petersfield / A late 19thC stable for three horses, 21ft x 15ft, timber-framed walls with brick infill using waste from the kiln. Dismantled by volunteers, recorded by RH 1978.
1988/8SBC Minutes / 1 August 1988Future Building Priorities - Drying Shed from Petersfield / A timber-framed open-sided shed for stacking green bricks to dry. Approx. 72ft x 16ft. To be sited alongside the track north of the Redford Pugmill, and intended to contain exhibition material on brickmaking. Dismantled by volunteers, recorded by RH 1978. Scheduled for re-erection in 1989.
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