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1987/9Magazine Vol. 2 No. 29 / September 1987Museum Special Events, 1987 / Special events for 1987 included: Novice Sheep Dog Trials, Tools of the Trade Day, Show for Rare Breeds, and Heavy Horse Day
Mr S. Fruin won the Karova Farms Cup at the Sheep Dog Trials; the Museum was helped by John Mills and Roger Linley. Jane Rees helped the Tools of the Trade. Bad weather spoilt the Rare Breeds Show; Tim Finney presented the prizes; John Crozier worked hard.
Commentary at the Heavy Horse Day was given by John Lovatt, and an interesting exhibit was a horse drawn turf cutter supplied by Nigel Westacott.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988Landscaping / Mr Heymann explained that due to the October storm, the landscaping he had outlined at the last meeting would now be postponed.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Dates of Meetings taking place this month: / Saturday 9th January WEA Class
Sunday 10th January Walter Greenway's Quiz
Monday 11th January Executive Board Meeting
Thursday 14th January Sites & Buildings Meeting
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Dates for 1988 / Saturday 12 March Seminar for Trustees
Friday 1 April Erection of Cowfold Barn
Sunday 17 April Walk through Charlton Forest lead by Richard Pailthorpe
Sunday 1 May Sheep Dog Trials
Sunday 12 June Heavy Horse Day
Friday 17 June Longleys' 125th Anniversary Celebration, to be attended by about 600 people
Sunday 24 July Rare Breeds Show
6th, 7th and 8th August Building Conservation Exhibition
1st and 2nd October Plant Sale
22nd and 23rd October Threshing Weekend
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Museum Livestock / The Southdown Sheep are now the property of the Museum. Hopefully they are all in lamb, due around Easter.

Two Sussex calves are in residence in the Lurgashall Shed.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Experimental Evening Opening / This year we will be experimenting with three evening openings during the summer. These will be: 22 June, 20 July, 24 August.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Catering Concession / The arrangements with Mr and Mrs Fry to run the Museum's catering have not been renewed and therefore new arrangements will be made for 1988.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Fund Raising: / A new fund raising initiative for 1988 is underway, and it is hoped that during the next few months efforts will be rewarded.

1987 ended with contributions from the following companies:
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Project Progress: / Roger Champion reports that the repair of Cowfold Barn is well underway, and therefore the re-erection will be able to take place at Easter.

Bob Holman, a local gardener, has started work on the Bayleaf Garden under the direction of Dr Sylvia Landsberg and Richard Pailthorpe.

Alan Waters and Andrew Hodby have completed the planting of the shaw to the north of Bayleaf.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988VAT / It was brought to the committee's attention that VAT on new construction would probably be introduced after 1 April 1989. It was possible that the Museum might be exempt from this in view of the unusual purposes of construction undertaken. It was not yet apparent what rate would be applied. The Director felt it likely that it might not apply to exhibits.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988Off Licence for Museum Shop / We have applied for, and been granted, an off licence for the shop to sell locally produced wines.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988Scadbury / Scadbury manor building had been removed since the last meeting of this committee.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988Priorities for completion of building projects / The deadline for the completion of the Bayleaf Complex was May 1989. Horsham shop: floors have gone in and staircase and doors on the first floor would be finished shortly. Shutters on the front have yet to be completed. Within a month or two two rooms would be useable. Reigate - no funds remained for further work on this building. The stone chimney could not be completed until the stone problem was solved. Railway Cutting - the covering would have to be repaired and improved. Winkhurst - Roger Champion was anxious that explanation panels should be produced for this building. AGREED. Richard Harris felt it would be necessary to put most projects on ice during the completion of the Bayleaf Project.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988Catering - Temporary Covered Space / As a temporary alternative to additional built accommodation, it had been agreed to provide a marquee type covered area for the facility. The existing building would provide an enlarged kitchen space, with the present table space reduced by half. A marquee would be erected on the north side of the catering area, and suitable landscaping would take place to make it as attractive as possible. To design a purpose built pavilion type tent could not be achieved in time, and the immediate proposal was to erect an ordinary marquee which would come down each winter. Its only purpose was to seat people in a covered area whilst they were eating. It would contain wooden tables and chairs and floor. It would not be possible to improve the catering area further for the next three years. These proposals were approved, and it was AGREED that temporary nature of the marquee would be reviewed each year.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988Forge - Great Bookham / This building was currently being dismantled. The building was largely oak framed. It would go into store within a fortnight, and all relevant artifacts required have been removed. A nephew of the owner would be undertaking the work of recording the family and business. The building would complement the Southwater forge rather than replace it. Mr Champion suggested that an additional Iron Store building should also be rescued, and a decision would be made on inspection.
1988/1SBC Minutes / 14 January 1988Bayleaf Buildings and Exhibition / Building work on Redvins was well underway, although it had been slightly slowed down by bad weather conditions. The building would not be roofed at present but would be covered in. It was evident that the building was of more historic interest than originally anticipated, and was considered an extremely good example of its kind. Work on the garden had commenced, and the layout set out on the ground. The hedge in front of Bayleaf had been removed; planting of the final shaw had been done. This had been moved slightly to the East in order to leave a sufficient area for felling around Gonville Cottage. The nurseries of Southampton City had been working with John Harvey and Sylvia Landsberg, although the bulk of the material would come from West Dean Gardens. Some plants, however, would be difficult to locate, including the vine. Arrangements for looking after the garden had been made with Mr Bop Holman. Research and collection of material was continuing. Richard H \\
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988(none) / In order to keep you in touch with what is going on at the Museum, we are re-introducing the Monthly Bulletin.

Claire Nicoll will be producing the Bulletin in the first week of each month, when she would welcome your contributions.
1988/1Bulletin / January 1988The Mill / Robert and Jackie Demaus are leaving the area for Herefordshire, and we wish them well. Arrangements have been made with Neill Wilkins to take over running the Mill.
1988/10Bulletin / October 1988FUND RAISING / The Friends of the Museum have kindly donated a further
1988/10Bulletin / October 1988FORTHCOMING EVENTS & MEETINGS / 17 October Second half of Artist in Residence starts
22/23 October Ploughing & Threshing Weekend. It is possible that Bert Dibben will start threshing a few days
in advance instead of staying on afterwards.
31 October Executive Board Meeting
12 November Friends AGM in County Hall at 2.30 p.m.
18 November Volunteers' Party, 7.30 p.m. in the Bishop's Kitchen, Chichester.
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