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1983/11Bulletin / November 1983Photocopier / The office has a new photocopier (to be paid for next year). Staff may use this for private purposes at a cost of 5p per copy providing a member of the office staff is present. Alternatively staff may request the office staff to carry out the photocopying which will be done with pleasure.
1983/11Bulletin / November 1983Junior Friends / Elizabeth Newbery has agreed to introduce and organise a Junior branch of the Museum Friends.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Filming / During February 1984 Jonathan Lynch will be filming again for "Paradigms". This time it will only involve one or two members of staff.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Junior Friends / Children between 8 and 14 years are eligible. Subscription
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Visitor numbers 1 April - 31 Oct / 1981 - 144,815
1982 - 176,373
1983 - 152,930
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Training on Conservation Techniques / Under the direction of Richard Harris we shall be running a course for six weeks in the summer, aimed ay members of the building industry. [This course did not run]
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Ruth Tittensor / Ruth Tittensor is going to make proposals for returning some of our grassland to a more traditional mix of species.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Library / Because of changes in Manpower Services policy the scheme for assistance for the Library will not now proceed, but using funds offered by the Friends and a Charitable Trust we hope to go ahead with an alternative scheme. This will involve the temporary employment of two people.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Toll Cottage privy / A group of volunteers has constructed a seat for the earth closet and it is intended to hang a door on the building prior to opening
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Christmas / The Christmas concert scheduled for 17 Dec has regretfully been cancelled.
Rotas are being prepared for those involved with Christmas / New Year opening, and those invloved with care of stock.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Shop / This winter we are offering hot drinks and biscuits to visitors on Wednesdays and Sundays and this in proving to be very successful. Volunteers and staff are welcome to one free drink of whatever is available per day.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Sweatshirts / Four sweatshirts, large, are available from the office at
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Stewards de-briefing / This was a very good meeting attended by nearly 100 stewards. Several useful points were raised and discussed and will be given full consideration.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Warnham Estate / Heather Champion and Robert Demaus have dismantled an interesting corn mill. It was originally driven by a gas engine on the Warnham Estate and has been kindly donated by Charles Lucas
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Time Trek / The Museum Game has at last been delivered and is available in the shop on Wednesdays and Sundays or the office during the week at
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Education / Chichester High School children with West Sussex Institute of Higher Education (Bishop Otter College) students are being involved in a pilot project to develop new material for our education service under the direction of Elizabeth Newbery and John Fines, senior lecturer at WSIHE
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Photographic Competition / Judging will take place in Crawley Hall on Wed 7 Dec in the evening
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Petworth Estate / - has most generously donated a timber pig sty situated at Coultershaw and also a rick stand
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Chartered Institute of Building / CIOB have established a small working party to run their celebration event, which is to take place from 10-12 August. Principal organisers are Derek Hale of Snelling Ltd and Norman Duval.
1983/12Bulletin / December 1983Visitor surveys in 1984 / 70% of visitors were on their first visit
37.5% came from West Sussex
22% came from Surrey
20% came from Hampshire
12% came from East Sussex
45% came as a result of a friend/relative's recommendation
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