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1996/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 16 / March 1996The job that can't be done. / Sue Shave describes her work as Interpretation Officer: Service to schools, teachers pack, special activities for schools, forging links with other organisations, special events, assistance for West Dean, Goodwood Estate
1996/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 16 / March 1996Trustees and Vice Presidents in profile / Short descriptions of the Trustees and Vice Presidents: Lord Nathan, President; Duke of Richmond, Sir James Waddell, Professor Brunskill, Joan Harding, Vice Presidents: Neil MacGregor-Wood, Virginia Lyon, David Hopkinson, David Streeter, Trustees
1996/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 16 / March 1996When in doubt do as our wardens tell you! / A picture of Frank Knights directing a visitor to the overflow park.
1996/3Magazine Vol. 6 No. 16 / March 1996Lively demonstration programme planned / Bob Powell is planning to have at least one demonstration of countryside or building skills every day through the summer holiday
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Getting Shipshape / 3 pictures of work: Chris Tompkins thatching Walderton; Bob Holman making a wattle fence round a Bayleaf paddock; Albert Peacock thatching a hay rick
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996New visitor trends this summer / 1996 improved as the year went on, August and September being better than last year. Michael Burton has organised a visitor survey,
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Supporting the Weald and Downland Museum. / Supporters of the Museum in 1996: of Poplars, The Havencroft Trust, Basil Shippam Trust, Peacock Trust, Three T's Charity; of Ovingdean Chapel, Museum and Galleries, Commission/PRISM Fund, Ovingdean Hall School; of Education, Radcliffe Trust, West Sussex County Council, Prebendal School PTA; for the lottery application and Walderton thatch, Friends of the Museum; for Livestock, Solway Veterinary Ltd; Gardens, Lilliput Lane; for Plumbing Exhibitions, Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Lead Sheet Association; Event Sponsors, Natwest Building Society, Whitbread Charitable Trust, West Sussex Gazette, Bartholomews of Chichester, Franchise Manor Farm, Zeneca; Grant for Coppice Management, Forest Enterprise.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Chameleon Staff! / Jean Piggot swops her part-time work in the office and secretarial work for the Friends for traditional cooking with children
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996News in brief / The Museum hosted the Traditional Cornmillers Guild's annual meeting. Mike Tighe and Chris Zeuner welcomed 16 delegates. Pete Castle of Popeluc, the English Romanian folk music group, described their performance here as their most satisfying performance. Bert Dibben the threshing contractor from Dorset has died. We grew 23 acres of wheat, some through genrosity of Lady Elizabeth Benson, Peter Lovejoy harvested one crop. Richard Murdoch completed 60 demonstrations of lead working here. Sarah Stewart organised a teddy bears' picnic for 200 children. Geoff Hamilton chose the Museum as his favourite summer retreat.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Active place! / Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) highlights: the History Re-enactment group; Junior Friends being shown honey production by Melanie Ridley; children making music led by David Asher; Macbeth in front of the mill pond; with photos
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Friends news / Virginia Lyon reports that Maurice Pollock is now Treasurer of the Friends, replacing Mike Doran, and the creation of a new post: Membership Secretary
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 19962 pictures / Pictures of Dick Tutton making a bee skep, watched by Brian Weekes, and Nigel Clutton presenting a trophy to Linda Beagly at the Rare Breeds Show.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996The Prince of Wales's Visit / The Prince of Wales visited the Museum in August. There are pictures of him with David Tomlinson, Chris Zeuner, Chris Tompkins, Roger Champion, Albert Peacock, Peter Albon, Alan Waters, Thelma Jack
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Training sessions for volunteers in the New Year. / There will be 5 training sessions for volunteers this winter: Chris Zeuner on Museum History and Structure, Bob Powell on Collection Management; Sue Shave on Education Services; Richard Harris on Historic Construction Methods; Bob Holman on Museum Gardens. If you want to become a volunteer ring Keith Bickmore
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Winter courses and lecture programme / 6 courses with leaders: Chris Zeuner, Henry Russell, Joe Coyle, David Woodbridge, Gerard Lynch, and Alan Waters. 6 lectures by: Dr Sylvia Landsberg, Tony Douglas, Timothy Easton & June Swann, David Olby & Andrew Cossar, Celia Clark, Marjorie Hallam.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Whittakers Cottages move into the space age! / Whittakers Cottages were wrapped in silver foil, with hot air and moisture blown inside the building as a method of eradicating pests from timber. The work was done by David Pinniger of Thermo Lignum UK Ltd.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Events diary / Winter events: half term opening, Friends' event (Harps through history by Frances Kelly), Christmas shopping and crafts weekend. Tree dressing, Carols, Christmas and New Year opening, Half term opening.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Walderton garden / Lilliput Lane, whose annual collection was held at the Museum this year is sponsoring the new garden for Walderton.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Second MSc course gets under way. / Richard Harris and Richard Murdoch will be repeating their work in the Bournemouth Uniiversity MSc course this year.
1996/11Magazine Vol. 7 No. 17 / November 1996Picture / A picture of Bob Bennett with James Clancy demonstrating the use of lime in a master class.
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