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1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Gordon Stevens / Has driven Mr Humphries' digger for many years and is leaving the firm. We shall be sorry not to see him working on the site as many who know him will realise that all the car parks, tracks and foundations have been skilfully dug and laid by Gordon. We wish him luck in his new job.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Jim Hampshire / Has been away from work for several weeks following an operation and a short spell in hospital. We understand he is making good progress and we look forward to-seeing him back at work before long.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Junior Friends / The first season has come to an end and there are over 70 children as members - Elizabeth Newbery is hopeful that they will not all turn up at once.
If there are any volunteers or Friends with special skills (which would interest children) and who would be willing to demonstrate them on one Saturday morning next year, please contact Elizabeth Newbery on Chichester 785326.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Biskupin / This exhibition is now in Cambridge - next stop Northampton.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Building pieces / We have taken delivery of a crown post roof truss from Bishops Waltham Palace, which will form part of our Building Collection. This item was donated by the Historic Buildings & Monuments Commission for England.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984REMINDERS / 10.11.84 - Friends A.G.M. - 2.30 County Hall, Followed by a report on progress this year by Messrs Zeuner & Harris.
13.11.84 - Plumbers A.G.M. - 2.00 Crawley Hall.
19.11.84 - Stewards Supper. - 7.30 West Dean.
3.12.84 - G.P.C. - 10.30 Goodwood Granary.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Library Opening Hours / Winter opening will be Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. All other days by appointment.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Library / The eastern ground floor bay of Crawley Hall has been included in the Library as a temporary measure (three years or so). When the work on the Horsham Shop is complete the lobby of Crawley Hall will be returned to its earlier form.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Stewards Sessions / These special sessions will all be on different topics. However, in order not to have too many people attending each time they have been divided into sessions for old hands, new hands and week-enders. Within these groups each session will be different.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Lavatories near Bayleaf / The troubled sewage system in this area has finally been rectified. John Friar uncovered the old pipework to find that this had not been laid correctly by the contractors ten years or more ago; the levels of the inlets were also incorrect. All those years of problems have been entirely due to the initial faulty work.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984North Cray / Scaffolding has been erected round North Cray and tiling of the roof will commence next week. A Booker & Son will undertake this work.
In order to try to prevent vehicles driving all over the grass while the scaffolding occupies most of the road, hurdles have been erected. The Museum site should be presented as well in the Winter as it is in the Summer, so please co-operate to prevent any part of it becoming a quagmire.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Autumn Activities Weekend / Ploughing and threshing took place last weekend in sunshine on Saturday and under grey skies and drizzle on Sunday. Unfortunately Richard Pailthorpe ordered too small a marquee to cover the whole site and tractors and horses had to perform in the open. Thanks are due to the ploughmen and other demonstrators who kept going in the bad weather. However, 1,200 people came on the Sunday despite the gloom and over 2,000 came on the Saturday. Threshing will continue during the week and given dry days will take until this weekend.
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Raffle / The total now stands at
1984/11Bulletin / November 1984Museum Caravan / The caravan, accompanied by William and his timber carriage, attended the Southern Counties ploughing match near Billingshurst, giving good publicity to the Museum.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Friends A.G.M. / This was held on November 10th in Chichester and was well attended. The following were elected as officers for the forthcoming year:
Sir James Waddell - Chairman. Bernard Rush - Treasurer. Carol Hawkins - Secretary.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Binderton chapel and Anglo-Saxon house at Cowdrays Down, Basingstoke / F Aldsworth thanked the Museum for the help given in consolidating the brick and flint shell of the Binderton 17thC chapel south of West Dean. He also drew the committee's attention to the archaeological paper on the Anglo-Saxon house at Cowdrays Down, Basingstoke. The archaeological evidence has survived well in the chalk and clay subsoil.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Winkhurst / C Zeuner asked the committee to consider whether the building should be relocated when repaired. He suggested a site to the south of the remaining clump. It was considered it could be moved without completely dismantling the frame. It was decided that Winkhurst should be moved, conditional on funds being available and another exhibit being available to take its place. Richard Harris suggested completely dismantling the framework and re-erecting on its new site. The disadvantage of this suggestion was expense. C Zeuner asked the committee whether the roof should be thatched with long straw or reed. Richard Harris stressed that it was justifiable to thatch in either combed wheat reed or long straw.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Alterations to Bayleaf Complex: screening of lavatories / C Zeuner proposed extending the ditch from Pendean across the front of the lavatories with a gateway or bridge for access. He suggested screening by hedge. This would free the Bayleaf curtilage for a medieval garden. This proposal was accepted. The pipework for the lavatories near Bayleaf were uncovered and it was found that this had not been laid correctly by the contractors ten years or more ago. The levels of the inlets were also incorrect. All the problems incurred over the years have been entirely due to this initial faulty work.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Horsham/Reigate / C Zeuner reported that the foundations had been laid and the Horsham Shop timbers were well underway. The Shop would be erected during the week 14 January next year and completed in 10 days. Tenders for the link structure had been received. The Finance & General Purposes Committee had agreed that a tender of
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Building Projects / Tenders for the links between the Horsham Shop, Reigate Town House and Crawley Hall have been received. The decision on which contractors will be undertaking the work will be announced shortly.
Peter McCurdy is well under way with the Horsham Shop frame repair and will be erecting it in early January.
The roof of North Cray Hall House is proceeding. It was decided to use a lime mortar pug to bed the tiles rather than lay them on straw or use moss torching, which were the alternatives considered.
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