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1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977Summer School and Winter Use / A new venture was a Summer School for children between 6 and 15. It was well attended despite some bad weather. Lessons included smithying, drawing, painting and traditional cooking.
This winter the Museum will offer a limited opening for schools. The Goodwood Granary is a special educational room.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977The Royal Commission on Historical Documents / Robin McDowall has been associated with the Museum from the start. He describes the composition of the Royal Commission on Historic Documents and lists some of its output: "Monuments Threatened or Destroyed" (1963), "English Vernacular Houses" (1976), "A Matter of Time" (1960) and Rescue Archaeology: "The Next Time".
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977Safety / A note on the need for care with the use of tools by Heather Champion.
1977/10SBC Minutes / 2 October 1977The Platt / Mr West reported that permission had not been granted for the removal of the building and that he intended to contact Mr Elliot's daughter. In the meantime, the more recent part of the building had fallen down and further deterioration of the smoke-bay had taken place. Mr Zeuner suggested that permission be obtained for wrapping the deteriorating smoke-bay section in polythene. Mr West kindly volunteered to pursue this matter.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977Free Entry for Guests / Life members of the Friends may bring in 1 free guest, but ordinary members may not. Family membership includes husband, wife and children. Volunteers may bring in immediate family and 1 free guest.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977A.I.M. / Chris Zeuner reports that an Association of Independent Museums was set up in June 1977 after addresses by Lord Donaldson and Neil Cossons.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977British Association / The Museum is now a member of the British Association of Friends of Museums.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977A tour for 1978. Home or Abroad? / A note asking the Friends if they want a tour in 1978, and if so when and where?
1977/10SBC Minutes / 2 October 1977Crawley Hall - roof / Mr Warren proposed that the lining of the new part be in softwood joists as previously agreed, with plasterboard internal finish. The original rafters to be boarded above, running horizontally, with a flameproof varnish finish. After discussion, AGREED to stain the boarding a 'silvery grey' colour to blend in with the rafters. Contractors had been contacted for work on the Horsham stone roof for sometime in November. Mr Champion expressed some doubt as to the building programme being far enough advanced at that stage to enable this particular job to be put into effect.
1977/10SBC Minutes / 2 October 1977Crawley Hall - details of interior / AGREED the use of carpeting on the stairway would be impracticable.
1977/10SBC Minutes / 2 October 1977Proposals for Future Programme / Mr Zeuner reported improvements at the Museum with regard to attendance figures. With reference to Maj. Gen. Hawes' request for timbers to be displayed to encourage public interest, it had been AGREED that this could possibly be incorporated into the Horsham Shop.
1977/10SBC Minutes / 2 October 1977Lavant House / Building regulations approval had been obtained. So far, work on the building was progressing satisfactorily. Mr Warren reported that tenders for heating requirements for Crawley Hall and Lavant House had been submitted to local contractors: it was hoped that three alternative quotations against the specifications would be obtained.
1977/10SBC Minutes / 2 October 1977Croydon Building / Drawings were being prepared and copies would be distributed when completed.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977New format / The newsletter is in its new format to reduce the work of duplication and stapling over 1300 newsletters.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977The Future / Chris Zeuner describes the longer term plan. Court Barn is next on the list, and will house an exhibition of of the work of plumbers and leadworkers. David Russell will be the architect. The Worshipful Company of Plumbers has made a contribution. After that Horsham Shop and North Cray.
The Monument Trust will support 3 craftsmen for 3 more years.
3 craftsmen have been employed for 6 months under the job Creation Scheme
Two cottages in the Warren in West Dean are being restored, one will provide accommodation for staff, and the other will be a hostel for volunteer workers.
1977/10Members' Magazine No.10 / Autumn 1977Museum Review / Chris Zeuner reports on progress. It is expected that construction work on Crawley Hall will be ready for 1978 seaon. Its modern ends won't be seen from any great distance.
The reconstruction of Lavant House is under way. Modern materials are used on the inner skin. The inner space will be the Museum shop.
The roof of Lurgashall Mill is complete, Peter Stenning is about to start on the interior installations.
Boarhunt has been delayed by finding suitable timbers, The frame is soon to be re-erected.
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Crawley Building - Treatment of Interior / The Director raised the issue of the choice between standard modern equipment and more rustic styles. Mr Warren recommended simple joinery staircases, and modern fittings with rustic encasing in oak, after the style used in the present Museum Office. He suggested that a good guiding principle for selection should be items of sympathetic materials and of non-committing styles. More information will be obtained on types and styles of chairs, etc.
Mr Warren would be grateful for information about the amount of filing space required with detail of the numbers of stacks for books and the length of shelving. Mr Newell commented on the use of the meeting room and suggested the need to move and stack furniture should be particularly remembered. Planning Permission for the building has been received and the architects' plans are ahead of the carpenter's work. A special meeting will be arranged between Messrs. Warren, Zeuner and Harris to arrange the detail of lighting \\
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Netherhale / The result of the official Enquiry is not yet known, but Corpus Christi have agreed to increase their commitment to
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Chairmanship of this Committee / Mr Warren stated that because, as Hon. Architect to the Museum, he was so often deeply involved in the subjects of the Committee's discussions, he experienced difficulty in doing justice to the matters which concerned him in that role and at the same time acting with the detachment of the chairman. Since Mr McDowall has been able to resume his membership of the Committee, members might consider it appropriate to request him to become once again its chairman. Mr Warren would welcome the opportunity to speak more freely on matters where his position in the Museum's administration made it desirable. Mr McDowall indicated his willingness to become Chairman and members were very pleased to elect him to that position. Members expressed their gratitude to Mr Warren for his patience and expertise in guiding them through what had often been widely-ranging discussions of complicated issues, and looked forward to the benefit of his informed opinion in future debates. The meeting c \\
1976/7SBC Minutes / 11 July 1976Crawley Building - Exterior / Mr Warren enquired whether the use of tiles over the stair vyse was acceptable. AGREED.
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