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1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972New Appointments / Major General Lloyd has become Vice-President. Mr. W. G. D. Cox has joined the Council of Management. Doug Bryant is Warden.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Progress of the Appeal / By end of December Museum had raised
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Volunteers urgently needed / Appeal for volunteers to help to run the Museum. Last year the Museum made a profit of
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Toll Cottage / Mr Warren recommended the reinstatement of the original form of this building. After discussion, it was AGREED that this should be done ultimately; but for the time being it was indispensible in its present state for use as a shop.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Barn at Quarry Dean Farm, Merstham / A single-aisled, three-bay barn of the 18thC, which could well form part of the Bayleaf farm complex. AGREED that Mr Champion should examine it and report to the next meeting.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Hambrook Barn / Mr Lowe reported that the Hambrook Barn is most suitable for a Museum display unit. He outlined prospects for raising the sum necessary to reconstruct it (
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Titchfield Market Hall / Mr Greiner will commence repair of the timbers at the beginning of February. Whether or not to include the gaol construction on the ground floor was debated, and it was decided to await a report from Mr Greiner after his examination of the timbers. The final location of the building must depend on the decision regarding the Village Group. This and the decision on the type of floor to be installed were deferred until the next meeting.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Workshop / All AGREED on the urgent necessity for a suitable workshop for Mr Champion. The only answer is for a modern sectional building to be put up by volunteers on the flat ground behind the clump of trees to the west of Gonville Cottage. Such a building would cost
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Site for Village Group / Mr Armstrong demonstrated four sites possible for the Village Group in the area to the west of the Toll Cottage within the boundary shown on the County Council map as negotiable. Mr Warren presented a map showing feasible sites to the north and south of this area. After all these possibilities were discussed in great detail Mr Lowe undertook to report the views to the Council of Management.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Status and scope of the Buildings and Site Planning Committee / Mr Warren proposed that the Committee should discuss his letter of 13th January with its enclosed analysis, and his further letter of 16th January. The conclusion reached as a result of a meeting of the Chairman of the Council and a delegation of the Buildings and Site Planning Committee was that the structure of the Council should be examined as well as that of all its Committees. A lengthy discussion (see hard copy or PDF of Minutes) resulted in a revision of Mr Warren's 16th January letter.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Ruth Cottage / Mr Armstrong reported that the County Council were negotiating with Mr Lewis concerning the reconstruction. The Museum would not be further involved unless the arrangements collapse.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Master Plan / Mr Lowe reported that the County Council would welcome a draft Master Plan for consideration in connection with the Village Group decision. A Master Plan will be the subject of a special meeting of this Committee.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972Pottery working area / Congestion on the north and west sides of Bayleaf is obvious. Pottery working there was a temporary expedient, but removal to the northern site will necessitate provision of a building. AGREED pottery working continue where it is during 1973 but with a definite and visible limitation of the area the potters use. Plans should be made during 1973 for the allocation of space and a building in the permanent site near the forge.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972Re-erection of Crawley building / Arrangements are in hand in Crawley to launch a local appeal to finance this. The contribution from the New Towns Commission has been received.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972A Schools' Work Area / Mr Zeuner requested the Committee to consider allocating an area in the north-west corner of the Museum's land for the temporary use of schools. The suggestion was that a pilot scheme might investigate whether it is feasible for a practical project to be carried out by school parties. The site would be required for this experimental use from May to July 1973. The Committee saw no objection to this experiment providing it was not unsightly.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972Development of hazel-coppicing / A plan was proposed to develop an area of hazel in association with the woodland craft exhibit. The hazel would be managed on a seven-year coppicing rotation, in a position east of the charcoal burners' camp. The Committee approved the proposal, assuming it would not interfere with the hornbeam stands, and would welcome details of the layout and area to be used.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972Grading of slope around Hambrook barn / AGREED the front and sides be graded and grassed for the Museum's opening in 1973, and the area between the carpark road and the ramp be graded up.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972Metalling of the road / The Council have approved. AGREED the road should be of single lane width (i.e. nine feet) with little ditches at each side, it should have about six inches of hogging, and should be finished level with the ground on either side.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972A Saxon Hall / AGREED an exhibit demonstrating the size and finish of the type of hall being excavated at Chalton Down would be an informative complement to the weaving hut. The Archaeological Committee might be requested to furnish a detailed plan. It would obviously be of benefit to associate the two exhibits - a site even closer to the weaving hut (i.e. on the same side of the track) might be preferable.
1972/10SBC Minutes / 22 October 1972Further consideration of the Master Plan / The site plan as shown on the drawing produced by Mr Warren was accepted by the Committee with the proviso that the area west of site 9 should be considered merely provisional until such time as plans to position particular buildings there were being discussed. The Committee felt the plan should be circulated to the Council of Management, who would no doubt decide whether it should be informally released to the County Council.
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