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1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / There was a debate as to the type of building and its value to the Museum. AGREED that any feasible plan for preservation in situ should be vigorously supported.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Catherington Donkey Wheel / As a rare survival of an important unit of rural economy, this should certainly have a place in the Museum. The wheel and its shed have been recorded. Mr Rigold suggested that Mr Gravett, who has made a study of donkey wheels, might be asked to look at it and if its value is confirmed the Council of Management be RECOMMENDED to finance its acquisition.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Sole Street Aisled Hall / Mr Armstrong will write to Mr Hobbs, the owner, and to Mr Parkin, who has agreed to survey the building, for information on the present position.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Preservative Treatment of Timbers / Committee felt this is an urgent necessity and considered that suitable arrangements might be made with a reputable firm. Cuprinol and Rentokil have already been approached and the latter view the possibilities very sympathetically. Mr Rigold suggested Wykmol should be considered and undertook to contact them.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Old Rectory, Burwash / This building constitutes a valuable record because of its unusual plan and the survival of interesting details. There are plans by Battle R.D.C. to demolish it and incorporate the most attractive features in the new building on its site. The Landmark Trust have proposed buying the timbers to re-erect at a suitable site in a modernised version with a view to letting it for housing. It is unlikely the Museum could succeed in raising funds locally or generally to finance its acquisition. AGREED that the preservation of isolated timbers in a quite foreign setting was undesirable, and that the plan of the Landmark Trust be supported. Mr Armstrong was asked to contact Mr John Smith, M.P., of the Landmark Trust, and if necessary to press for careful treatment to ensure the survival of the building's particular quality.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Mockbeggars Old Hall / The Post Office have tentatively agreed to careful dismantling. Mr Rigold will contact them on the question of financing transport to West Dean. David Martin has undertaken to record the building and number-tag its timbers.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Winkhurst / Problems posed by surviving evidence were discussed at length. No firm conclusions were reached concerning the original position of the stair to the upper floor, and it was suggested that decision be deferred as late as possible in the hope that it will be possible to relate similar examples. AGREED that foundations be of concrete faced with random stone, and in the absence of material from Boughbeech the stone available from Pendean might be used.
Discussion of the interpretation of the building illustrated a range of opinion both on its function and date. This had some bearing on the most likely original roof-covering. Probably tiles were the most usual material in its original location, and the lines of holes at the base of rafters might suggest sprockets which would confirm use of tiles. However, the pitch was suited to thatch, and the spacing of battens and the finish of a tiebeam might indicate that thatch had been the original cover.
1969/5SBC Minutes / 30 May 1969Netherhale / Mr Warren has succeeded in obtaining a very competitive tender for dismantling -
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Winkhurst / Roof being fitted with sprockets and covered with tiles. Tributes were paid to the skill, patience and ingenuity of Roger Champion in completing this first reconstruction.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Cruck cottage, Boarhunt / A very dilapidated thatched cottage, one end being an open hall of cruck construction with purlin and windbrace roof. Although in poor condition, its rarity value makes this a most desirable building. RECOMMENDED that every effort be made to secure it if preservation in situ not possible.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Suggested reconstructions from excavation evidence / Replicas of a Saxon weaver's hut, based on an excavation at Erringham, and of a 13thC longhouse and two-roomed cottage, based on Hangleton evidence, might be constructed by volunteer labour at a cost of
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Wagon Shed, Horam / Five of the original six bays survive, but the roof is a rebuild. Already dismantled and has been offered by the owner as a gift. Suitable to complete the Bayleaf complex.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Mockbeggars / Post Office has agreed to cover the cost of dismantling, but may be unaware of the sum involved. It was suggested that the building be re-erected to its current appearance as an illustration of the process of modification to changes in use.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Netherhale / The Ministry of Housing are reconsidering the question of preservation in situ.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Littlehampton Granary / The staddle stones and sill breams are in position. It is hoped that the sponsored walk taking place today will produce
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Preservative treatment of timbers / Favourable arrangements have been negotiated with Rentokil, who will be mentioning the museum in their advertising. Treatment of the Winkhurst timbers has been carried out free of charge.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Tread Wheel, Catherington / Its condition and vulnerability call for speedy removal. There may be some conflict of interest with the new museum being created at Winchester, but Mr Armstrong will discuss this with a representative of Hampshire County Council.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Old Rectory, Burwash / Has been acquired by the Landmark Trust and will be re-erected under the supervision of R.T.Mason.
1969/11SBC Minutes / 16 November 1969Aisled Hall, Sole Street / AGREED to recommend to the Council of Management that a definite offer be made to the owner, of
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Market Hall, Titchfield / Preservation in situ proceeding.
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