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1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Research - Tyndalls, Poplars and Horsham Shop / Mr Zeuner stressed the need to find suitable people to research into documentary evidence of Tyndalls, Poplars Cottage and the Horsham Shop. John Warren suggested contacting REACH.
1984/1SBC Minutes / 27 January 1984Cutting / Mr Zeuner reported - the building of the storage sheds by the MSC group in the Cutting was progressing smoothly.
1984/1Bulletin / January 1984North Cray / The foundations are in and these visible signs of progress should encourage early visitors to make a return visit later in the year. The footings should be completed by April.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Sompting Church Spire / Mr Aldsworth informed the committee that the spire of Sompting Church was due to be re-shingled sometime during the coming year. It would be an opportunity to view the structure.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983NFU Proposals / The local committee of the NFU had met to discuss the project further. They had formulated a new idea involving the completion of the Bayleaf complex which would include a suitable building in which to house a relevant exhibition. R Champion expressed concern that the building's maintenance work should not be forgotten. R Harris proposed that the project should be developed further provided that maintenance problems were adequately dealt with. This was accepted by the committee. It was proposed that R Harris, T Heymann and J Oliver should represent the Museum on the NFU committee during the development of the project.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Walderton Cottage / Mr Aldsworth reported that the publication on Walderton Cottage in the Sussex Archaeological Collection was available to the public. He was negotiating for pots (based on archaeological evidence found during the dig at Walderton) to be thrown and fired for use at the summer school.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983The Cutting / R Harris proposed to compile a plan and inventory of material and buildings in the cutting.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Toll Cottage / R Harris submitted a suitable design for the gates based on a photograph of the Bramber gates.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Lurgashall Mill Granary / C Zeuner reported that the operation of the Mill would benefit by the addition of a granary in the vicinity of the Mill in which grain could be stored in bulk. The re-siting of Littlehampton Granary was considered a possibility. However, it was AGREED that another type of granary pattern would benefit the Museum if it could be acquired. It was suggested that the Lurgashall Granary may be available for the Museum. It was decided to approach the Ansteys concerning acquiring the granary. Enquiries would also be made concerning a Horsham granary due to be demolished.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Crawley Building / Mr Zeuner reported on the work being carried out on the Crawley Building. New French drains had been laid and n o cracks had been found in the foundation. A gutter was to be put on the rear of the building. A report had been received from APP concerning the cause of the crack. However, before removing panelling and flooring to investigate pressure on the end wall, it was decided to make sure that herring bone strutting had indeed been fitted as this is considered to be the alleged cause of the fault. AGREED epoxy filler be used to fill cracks after all other work had been carried out.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Hole House / R Harris outlined the form and structure of this house. The committee were of the opinion that an interest should be expressed in the building and the Museum should now endeavour to acquire it.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Little Winkhurst / R Harris reported that certain timbers had been selected for dendrochronology.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983West Wittering School / C Zeuner reported that good progress had been made on the West Wittering School and the stable was now being rebuilt. It was scheduled for completion and opening on Friday August 26th in the afternoon.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983Technical Forum / C Zeuner explained he hoped to establish a "technical forum" at the Museum. This would be an opportunity for a number of people with specialist technical expertise to contribute to the Museum.
1983/6SBC Minutes / 8 June 1983New Car Park / C Zeuner reported that the new overflow car park had been used successfully on 3 occasions. However, it required more passing spaces to ease the management problems.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Ploughing and Threshing / Despite poor weather the Treshing demonstration, using a threshing box provided by Bert Dibben of Dorset and a Foden Steam engine provided by Arthur Martin, was a success. Ted Nash ensured that the work was completed.
The ploughing attracted 3000 visitors. A pair of dexter cows from Butser Ancient Farm demonstrated cattle ploughing, and Vic Mitchell used a pair of Fowler BBI ploughing engines to draw a plough lent by Captain Baldock of the Hollycombe Steam Museum. Bob Dash with Jimmer and Ben, and Bob Lomax with Harvey and Queenie showed horse ploughing. Four vintage tractors owned by D. Rowe and Son showed a faster method.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Grants 1982-1983 / Grants received are from:
Idlewild and Peter Minet Trusts
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Staff Changes
New Appointments / Doug Bryant will reduce his service as Chief Warden to 1 day a week, Marjorie Bryant will continue her work in the shop. Alf Bryden will cease his work as warden, but will operate the carpenter's shop once a week. Geoff Kent will retire this year. Dorothy Kent will continue to look after the Friends' membership lists.
Keith Bickmore has taken over the work of Chief Warden. He holds First Aid and Nursing Certificates.
Jim Hampshire will take over the new post of Caretaker. He and his wife will live in Gonville Cottage.
Chris and Diana Zeuner are moving into Park Cottage.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Record Season / We had 176,374 visitors between April and October: a record! The BBC Chronicle programme may have brought 10,000 visitors. Publicity expenditure was increased; 12% of visitors came as a result of the leaflet compared with 4%. There was a 25% increase in adult visitors.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Country Fair / A country fair similar to the one held three years ago will be held in May. A major feature will be a Produce Stall run by the Friends. See Sir James Waddell's letter on page 3. Joan Brooks, Ethel Buvyer and Mary Hum will run the stall.
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