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1989/12Bulletin / December 1989FINALE TO BRITISH FOOD & FARMING YEAR / On 14 November the Director attended a service at St Paul's to commemorate British Food & Farming Year. This was an impressive and fitting end to a worthwhile project, the address being given by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989MUSEUM SHOP / If you have not yet completed (or started!) your Christmas shopping, remember that the Museum Shop has a wide selection of interesting and unusual gifts, as well as the beautiful Bayleaf Collection of pewter and other items.
1989/12SBC Minutes / 14 December 1989Report from Research Director on analysis of timbers of Sole Street and Scadbury Buildings / As the Research Director had already reported to both the Executive Board and the Trustees on this subject, he made his comments brief. A plan of Sole Street building was circulated. The Research Director understood that the Scadbury building was now no longer under consideration for the purposes of catering accommodation. Mrs Hallam asked if the building was therefore totally written off. The Museum Director explained that although it was not suitable for catering purposes it remained a structure of interest to the museum. It was not on the priority list for re-erection, and the timbers would be properly stored and available for research and study purposes in the meantime. It was AGREED that in the future the Museum would receive fewer offers of buildings. The Sole Street building had been the subject of lengthy discussion by the Executive Board, and the Board had agreed, with confirmation by the Trustees, \\
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989JUNIOR FRIENDS' PARTY / This will take place on Saturday December 16th from 2 - 4 p.m.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989FORWARD DATES: / Walter's Quiz Sunday 14th January from 2.00 p.m
Executive Board Meeting Monday 15th January at 9.30 a.m
Trustees Meeting Monday 12th February at 6.30 p.m


1989/12Bulletin / December 1989HOLLOWAY HILL COTTAGES / Work is now complete, the timber framework in temporary storage at Boxgrove for further examination, and the brick and stone stored in wire cages in the top car park. It was completed on time with exception of the lower part of the chimney which was taken down while the archaeologists dug the foundations and garden. The whole project was therefore undertaken within the time limits set by the contractors. The findings of the archaeologists and the results of investigation by Richard Harris will be published in due course, hopefully in a joint publication.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989AN EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT! / By now you must all have heard of the splendid news of the Times Shell Community Museum of the Year Award, received b our Director from HRH the Duchess of York at a ceremony at the National Gallery on December 5th. We are now the proud owners of a bronze sculpture by Sarah Toombs and
1989/12SBC Minutes / 14 December 1989House at Holloway Hill / The timbers of this building had yet to be analysed. It comprised a timber framed building with a rear chimney stack of brick and bargate stone, and dating from the second half of the 16thC. However, the chimney had been rebuilt in the 17thC. Richard Harris described the building in detail, recommending that the building should be re-erected with the bargate stone facade, behind which the visitor would discover a 16thC interior. A proposition had been made to use this building as a solution to the present problem of inadequate office accommodation. The right hand end would provide adequate office accommodation on two floors, whilst the left hand area would provide an exhibit for the public. An outshott would be necessary to make the proposal work. Siting of this building was suggested between the Toll Cottage and Market Square on the upper side of the road. It would be within the museum village area but also close enough to the perimeter for servicing purposes. When the ne \\
1989/12SBC Minutes / 14 December 1989Allington Saw Shed / The Director confirmed to John Warren that Allington Saw Shed was in store.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989CAROL SERVICE / Carols this year will take place in North Cray on Monday 18th December at 7.00 p.m.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989THE SUNDAY ROAST! / We still have some Weald & Downland pork available if anyone would like some.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989SITE MAINTENANCE / Volunteers are in the process of re-distempering the interior of the Toll Cottage.

Bookers are in the process of torching the roof of Bayleaf and relaying some of the cobbles in the Market Square.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989VOLUNTEERS' PARTY / This took place on November 27th amidst the impressive surroundings of West Dean House, and was enjoyed by all.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989NEW TRUSTEE / We would like to welcome Mr Derek Bandey to the Trustees. He has recently retired from William M Mercer Fraser Ltd, and is involved in several local organisations, in particular PEP (Planning for Economic Prosperity) of which he has been Executive Vice-chairman.
1989/12Bulletin / December 1989A contribution from a young Museum volunteer: WALTON ON THAMES by Damian Snow aged 9 years / On Saturday September 16 my family and I got up early, dressed, and put our Museum jumpers on and set off to Walton on Thames. We were going to the Country Weekend. On the way we passed the Museum wagon. When we arrived we looked for Mr Robinson because his two horses were going to pull the wagon. We found him not far from where the wagon was parked. Mr Robinson was grooming and plaiting their manes.

The object of going there was to hand out leaflets to promote the Museum and our own Heavy Horse Day in October. When we were ready I got in the wagon with Mr Robinson to go down to the parade ring then out around the town of Walton on Thames to deliver handouts. We had two parades to take part in that day.
1989/12SBC Minutes / 14 December 1989The Committee / John Warren was concerned that this committee had not met for 15 months, during which time buildings had been offered and accepted or turned down. John Warren reported that the Director had indicated that a meeting would only be called when he saw fit. The Director and Research Director agreed that the Committee was not effective. Mr Warren said that a body of people was required who could work together agreeably and purposefully, meeting three times a year or more. Mr Heymann felt it should be considered an honour to belong to the committee. The Research Director agreed. The purpose of the committee was then discussed. Concern was expressed that a meeting had not been called earlier to discuss the use of Sole Street for catering purposes. Mrs Hallam felt that the Sites & Buildings Committee should have been more involved in the Bayleaf Project. The Chairman reminded the committee that both Directors had been overburdened with work leading up to the opening of this project, but rea \\
1989/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 2 / March 1989Glorious Goodwood / The Earl of March and Goodwood Estate Ltd. have arranged another race in the Museum's name.
1989/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 2 / March 1989European Association of Open Air Museums' Presidency / Chris Zeuner has been appointed President of the European Association of Open Air Museums, succeeding Professor Claus Ahrens of Hamburg
1989/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 2 / March 1989Sponsorship / Sponsors last year included: Eastbourne Building Society, Portman Building Society, Nationwide Anglia Building Society, Regency Building Society, Summersdale Garage Chichester, Pearson plc. , Cyanamid of Great Britain and National Westminster Bank. This year Portsmouth Publishing and Printing Limited, Sussex County Building Society, City Garage Sales Centre of Chichester. ICI Agrochemicals, Goodrows of Chichester and Deosan Animal Health will sponsor events this year.
1989/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 2 / March 1989First day Cover / A First Day Cover using the Food and Farming stamps to be isssued on March 7th will be available. Profits will go to the Development Fund.
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