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1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Reigate Townhouse Project Receives
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Visitor Numbers Up Despite Recession / Visitor numbers in 1991 up to the end of August were 135,000; cf 127,500 in 1990. 5,000 came to the Rare Breeds - a record! The Natural World Craft Fair organised by Virginia Lyon attracted 7,500 people in 3 days, and raised
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Vital Sponsorship / The Carringdale Garage of Bognor Regis and P & O Travel have given valuable sponsorship
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Spreading the flour nessage. / Volunteers are needed to spread demand for the flour further afield. Ruth Stock and Peter Stock have helped.
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991WELCOME WINNINGS / On a good note we are happy to report that the Museum has gained
1991/10Bulletin / October 1991(none) / We are very saddened by the death of Jimmy Woollings who died suddenly on 16 October. He has contributed a great deal to the Museum over the years in his capacity as Treasurer, Secretary and latterly as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. He will be remembered fondly and missed greatly by his many friends and colleagues here at the Museum.

Many of you will also have heard of the death of James Farmer, a Founder Member and Trustee of the Museum who died on 12 October. Mr Farmer was a past Chairman of the Museum and of The Friends.
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Christmas Lunches at the Museum / The Museum is offering Christmas lunches in Sole Street.
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Museum Hosts the Penny Royal Theatre / John Pollock and Marjorie Pollock moved their Penny Royal Open Air Theatre to the Museum, staging Alan Ayckbourn's "Confusions" and Sir John Vanbrugh's "The Provok'd Wife" directed by Ken Parrott. Fringe Theatre also staged "The Education of Litte Tree" directed by Amanda Waring. The gala evening raised
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991New Vice Presidents and new staff / Marjorie Hallam and Geoffrey Godber have been elected Vice-Presidents. Gill Clifton has joined the staff as Bookkeeper
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Carols in North Cray House / The Carols will be held in Nortn Cray
1991/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 7 / October 1991Brick Exhibition Opened in June / The Brick Exhibition in the Petersfield Drying Shed opened in June. The displatys, written by Richard Harris, deal with the use of bricks in bulding and include mock-ups of different techniques. Generous sponsorship came from the Redland Brick Company. Richard Harris had a long session with Cecil Waters an ex-foreman of the Causeway Brick Works, Petersfield,
1990/9News Update Vol. 3 No. 5 / September 1990Winter Activities Programmes / This winter there will be lectures by Chruis Zeuner, R. W. Brunskill, Bob Powell and Richard Harris; also the Volunteers Party, Christmas Carols and Nursery Sheepdog Trials.
1990/9News Update Vol. 3 No. 5 / September 1990Creating New Friends / An appeal for new Friends
1990/9News Update Vol. 3 No. 5 / September 1990Welcome to New Staff / Bob Powell is our new Assistant Curator and Frank Knights our new Assistant Warden. In the gap after John Williams left, Dickie Finucane, Ray Finucane and Stan Snow acted as Assitant Warden
1990/9Bulletin (NB - not dated - assumed September) / (none)(none) / Roger Champion continues to make progress on the repairs of the Sole Street frame. In the first week of November the catering tent will be removed and John Booker will start work on the groundworks.

Planning permission has been granted for the project and a tight schedule will have to be maintained so as to complete this building before the beginning of next season.

We will be cutting hazel in the coppices for the wattle walls as soon as the leaves begin to drop.


Robert Demaus has now completed repair work on Pevensey Windpump following damage in this year's gales. It is now mounted on its post ready to face the forthcoming winter
1990/9Bulletin (NB - not dated - assumed September) / (none)A CONTRIBUTION FROM ASSISTANT CURATOR, BOB POWELL: / The Open Air Museum has recently accepted from Mr and Mrs I Ovstedal of Bognor Regis, what is said to be the last beach bathing machine in existence. Built in 1905 by F W Jenkins, Mrs Ovstedel's (sic) grandfather, the "machine" was hired for use, along with dozens of others, on the beach at Bognor Regis. The machine survived through its subsequent use as a garden shed, until it was restored twelve years ago.

Essentially it comprises a blue and white painted shed with doors front and rear, mounted on four six feet diameter wheels.

Although outside the normal collecting policy of the Open Air Museum, this was the only place available locally with the facilities to give this unique reminder of Edwardian life a sheltered home.

The machine, which has never been on public display since its restoration, has stood in the owner's garden, and is already showing signs of deterioration. Its potential to gain the Museum publicity and public interest, both \\
1990/9Bulletin (NB - not dated - assumed September) / (none)(none) / At the beginning of September Chris Zeuner spent a week in Czechoslovakia on the Conference of the Association of European Open Air Museums. The conference themes were the presentation of folk traditions in open air museums and co-operation between open air museums in different countries of Europe. During the conference a number of Czechoslovakian open air museums were visited by delegates from 19 different European lands attending.


Bookings of Crawley Hall for social and educational purposes have been good over the last few months, and good use of the building continues into the winter. Southampton University is currently holding a series of WEA lectures in Crawley Hall on "The Victorian Age".

West Sussex County Council once again held their garden party at the Museum at the beginning of September.

******************************************************************************************* \\
1990/9Bulletin (NB - not dated - assumed September) / (none)DATES FOR THE DIARY: / 27th/28th October Autumn Activities Weekend
30th October Lecture on Ploughing and Threshing in different parts of Britain and Canada by Bob
Powell at 7.30 p.m. in Crawley Hall
1st November Friends' Luncheon in Slindon
12th November Volunteers' party at 7.30 p.m.
19th November Board Meeting at 9.30 a.m.
3rd December Trustees' Meeting at 6.30 p.m.
5th December Lecture on Sole Street and Scadbury Manor by Richard Harris at 7.30 p.m. in Crawley Hall
20th December Christmas Carols in North Cray - 7.00 p.m
1990/9News Update Vol. 3 No. 5 / September 19902 Pictures / Pictures of the brick drying shed and John Chattaway harrowing with William behind a model of Bayleaf
1990/9News Update Vol. 3 No. 5 / September 1990The Wilson Collection / The Museum was offered to select items from the possessions of the late Dick Wilson of East Dean. Richard Harris recorded the house, which was one of the last houses in the village to remain unaltered. An unusual item was a game larder.
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