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1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Good Food Guide / Notice to visitors: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE PIGS - (Old Spot Cross, a special breed). We read it and obeyed. But in their greed the piglets didn't pause; with one accord
grunting, dribble-jawed,
panting for lunch,
snap, crackle, crunch,
they both began to munch
the notice board.
A true pig-tale by Ian Serraillier.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985Museum Caravan / This will be going to Chichester Gala on July 6th, Queen Elizabeth Country Park on July 13th and Goodwood Races between July 30th and August 3rd.
1985/7Bulletin / July 1985M S C Library Scheme / The Museum is recruiting for this new scheme and there are several part-time vacancies. There are complicated qualifications required by the MSC and further information may be obtained either from Louise Jaggard or Caroline Hallam in the Library.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Visit by Richard Mabey - August 14th / At 5pm on that Wednesday Richard Mabey, the Naturalist, who is well know for his books and broadcasting on "free food" from the countryside, will be conducting a walk through the Museum wood, pointing out edible plants an fungi and other interesting facts about the countryside. The walk is limited to about 25 people at a cost of
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Summer School / This year's Summer School, led by Elizabeth Newbery and assisted by a group of volunteers, will be starting on August 12th for the week. The base for the children's activities will be the grass platform just above the car park for disabled visitors.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Charcoal Burn - August 3rd / Alan Waters will be conducting a charcoal burn using traditional methods.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985National Farmers Union / The regional Committee has been talking to the Museum about the possibility of a joint exhibition on the theme "Farming and its Influence on Buildings and the Landscape". They have committed themselves to the project and to the task of raising sufficient funds for this venture to take place. Details will now be worked upon by a small group.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Filming / During August a company will be coming to the Museum to film the harvesting of the crops which form part of an advertisement for Hovis. Les Whitecall will undertake the hand-cutting for the film.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Pigs / Our two Gloucester Old Spot/Berkshire cross piglets have now left us having grown too big for the sty. We shall be getting two more piglets on August 16th and they will be with us until the end of the season. These piglets will be coming from the Old Rectory in Singleton and are Saddlebacks. We shall, hopefully, be acquiring two more Gloucester Old Spot/Berkshire cross piglets for the beginning of next Season, as we are keen to continue having this traditional cross bred pig.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Show for Rare Breeds / This was a great success and over 4,300 visitors came to the Museum that day. The Regional Group of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust seemed well satisfied with the arrangements for the day and the Museum is very grateful to Jean Mary Crozier and Ruth White for all their work in setting up the event. Publicity received seem particularly good, both before and afterwards.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Caroline Hallam / Is leaving her post as Library Assistant and Supervisor under the MSC Scheme during next week. She has found herself a job and we wish her well for the future.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Plumber's Workshop from Newick / This has now arrived at the Museum. Roger Champion supported the building on a framework of timber, which was then lifted by a crane, once again supplied by Horley Road Services. Heather Champion, Andrew Hodby and Christopher Zeuner assisted with the project on the Sunday for the lift and the journey via Lewes, Brighton sea front, Worthing, Arundel and finally home. The Science Museum has offered a grant for the work, and the building now awaits a replacement roof and, in due course, a decision as to its final site.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Merchants Players / Despite torrential rain on Sunday, 28th July, the Merchants Players gave an excellent show of medieval entertainment. These Players are a small group of people from Fareham who have formed an acting company re-creating the skills and entertainments of the medieval travelling players. Anyone who enjoyed watching the Medieval Players last year will almost certainly enjoy the Merchants Players. Because of the inclement weather it is hoped that they will return to give another performance sometime in September. Details of this will be given in the next Bulletin and circularised to all visitors.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Reminders / 3.8.85 Charcoal Burn
7.8.85 Directors' Meeting
16.8.85 Open Evening
21.8.85 Directors' Meeting
31.8.85 "Cast in Iron" - Exhibition - opens
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985TYPEWRITER / The rotten appearance of this Bulletin is, regretfully, unavoidable due to the age and condition of our second typewriter. Whenever possible the Bulletin is typed on our No.1 machine, but as it is almost constantly in use those opportunities are few. If anyone knows of an electric typewriter in good working order which is going begging, please tell Val or Doreen in the Office.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Open Evening for Local Residents / Invitations have been sent to all local residents to come to the Museum between 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm on August 16th. We are hoping for a good response and still need volunteers to act as hosts for the evening. Please let the Office know if you can help.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Louise Jaggard / Who has been on the MSC Library Scheme for a year, will be taking over as Scheme Supervisor immediately. There still remain part-time vacancies on the Scheme; should you know of anybody who qualifies and who may be interested, please speak to Louise Jaggard about them.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Photographic Competition / We have been running a photographic Competition throughout the season, which is open to visitors of all ages, with separate classes for adults and children, concentrating on two main themes: "Architectural Details" and "Animals or Craftsmen at Work". We have been offered some very generous prizes by the Sussex Camera Centre of Bognor Regis and Kodak Ltd. If you either know or see someone on site taking pictures please encourage them to enter. The Competition Rules are available from the Office or Hambrook Barn.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Daub Analysis / John Ashurst, of English Heritage, has been advising on the constituents in the daub samples supplied for analysis by the Museum.
Heather Champion, assisted by volunteer Roland Harris, is now undertaking a series of panels on North Cray Hall House. We hope to evolve a more satisfactory mix and then continue with the daubing of the rest of the building.
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Museum Newsletter / This is due for publication shortly and anyone wishing to have anything inserted in the next issue should please let Diana Zeuner know.
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