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2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Timber-frame specialist specialist moves into Gridshell workshop. / Joe Thompson has moved into Gridshell, where the Museum will be his principal client. He has worked on timber structures since 1980s He will teach courses at the Museum. His trade name is Sussex Oak and Iron.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Roger Champion retires / Roger Champion, the Museum's carpenter for 33 years, is retiring from daily work, but will continue to work on Tindall's Cottage and making replica furniture. His first work was with Grunolt Greiner on Winkhurst; since then he has repaired Catherington and many other buildings, and also made much replica furniture. He married Heather Jackson in 1977. Report by Diana Zeuner
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Seminar in late-medieval detached kitchens / The Museum organised a private seminar for Museum Staff and Peter Brears and David Martin, to discuss medieval kitchens and cooking.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Winkhurst Kitchen / Winkhurst resited near Bayleaf, and equipped as a medieval kitchen. Dawn Stevens has joined the staff as full-time interpreter involved in daily tasks of Tudor housewife. Important for schools hands-on days. Help given by David Martin on design of building and Peters Brears on Tudor meals and cooking.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Children benefit from Barclays Education Project. / Barclays Special Educational Project is a great success. Special events were "Preparation for a Tudor Christmas Day". "Victorian rural life", "Practical technology" and "Shakespeare for SATS". We're increasing breadth and depth of work with schools.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Diary 2002-03 / The main events will be Tree Dressing, Tastes of a Tudor Christmas, Half-term Activities, Mothering Sunday, Fine Food Fair, Half-Term Activities, Heavy Horses
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002New Home for Pigs at Pendean / Pigsty with a latrine built behind Pendean. The pigs, Amelia and 10 piglets, are cared for by Paul Pinnington and Chris Baldwin.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002News in brief / Appeal for volunteers. Dawn Stevens needs help in the Tudor Kitchen, Bob Holman needs help in the gardens and Diane Walker needs help in the tree dressing, Museum can sell Swedish Gransfors Bruks axes.
2002/10Magazine / Autumn 2002Downland Gridshell short listed for Stirling Prize. / [The contents of this short article are repeated in the Article on page by Richard Harris: "The Downland Gridshell in use"]
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Two major events for 2002 / Two major events are the Rare Breeds show on 21st July and "A Storm of Arrows" on 21/22 September
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Gridshell - the final steps / A 2 page article by Richard Harris describing the Gridshell. Completion due in March. Main area is large enough to lay out a complete building. The upper floor includes two enclosed spaces: carpenter's workshop and classroom. Working access is through East end, but normal visitors will enter through West end. The lower floor will house the artefacts to be moved by Mike Wall from Charlton. Supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Safeguarding the Museum's future / An article by Hugo Clifton Brown. A new registered charity was set up for underpinning long term financial position: Endowment Fund. It started with a substantial sum from the Minet legacy, and will be the fund for other legacies. The current total is over
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Keith Bickmore retires / Keith Bickmore retired, but not for the first time. He and Beryl Bickmore will continue their interest. He started work here in 1983, first as senior warden, later as shop manager. The new shop manager will be Paul Maxted
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002The Cotton Chair Collection / Dr Bernard (Bill) Cotton has an important collection of English chairs. He was going to give them to the Museum, but has found a more appropriate home at the Geffrye Museum in London.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Cleaning up / Jan Ward polishes a stool in Whittakers Cottages
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Volunteers needed for picture archives. / West Sussex County Council is starting a project "Picture the past West Sussex" in Jan 2003. Museum wants to send 1500 pictures. Team needed to sort the Museum's large collection of Roy Armstrong's photos.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Joan Harding donates her house models / Joan Harding, recently a Trustee, has pottery models of the houses she has surveyed, which she has no room for, and she has given them to the Museum. They will be housed in Crawley Hall. At a lunch for her Peter Smith gave the Museum a copy of his book "Houses of the Welsh Countryside"
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Light at the end of the barn. . . / At end of March the goods in Charlton will be moved to the Gridshell. Mike Wall started in November helped by Ray Ashdown, Jim Burnham, Mike Piggott, Guy Viney, Dorothy Warren, Judith Williams, Jon Roberts, Alison Bunning, George Monger, Lara Band, John Hurd, Cathy Worvell, John Murray, Gillian Higgingbottom, Jeremy van der Pette, David Viner, and a local NADFAS team led by Jane Roff, Philippa Edom. Samantha King has prepared a donor database. Surveys of special collection will continue after the move.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Winkhurst Memories / Tony Palmer worked at Winkhurst Farm for 13 years from 1948. He lived in Oak Lodge Farm. Farm was run by the Barrow family; it was mainly dairy with beef and poultry. They had horse and cart milk floats. There was an oast house, but not used in his time. There was a great flood in the 1950s clearly remembered by Tony Palmer.
2002/4Magazine / Spring 2002Outstanding Client Award / Sussex branch of R. I. B. A. gives special award for commissioning Gridshell.
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