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1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Junior Friends & Education / This year the Junior Friends have their own site to the South-East of the Treadwheel The Summer School will be open only to Junior Friends,
The links between the Museum and the West Sussex Countryside Studies Team grows. Five new guides will join the Goodwood team.
There will be a small exhibition in conjunction with "Lego"
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Novice Sheep Dog trials / Novice Sheep Dog Trials will be staged on Bank Holiday Monday. Karova Farms are presenting a challenge cup. Other sheep-associated crafts will be on show.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Photographic Competition / The 1985 photographic competition attarcted a large number of entries. Mr W. Quick from Sidcup won the Adult section and Paul Curtis from Eastbourne won the Junior section, Trevor Chase and the Sussex Camera Centre of Bognor Regis donated the first prizes. Kodak Ltd and the Protractor newspaper supported the competition.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Toll Cottage / The existing exhibition in the Toll Cottage will be moved into the front room and a grate inserted in the fireplace. The inner room will be furnished as a bedroom
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Fund Raising
Horseshoes / The Friends will have a food tasting fund-raising event in July, when you can have 5 dishes and 2 glases of wine for
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Publicity Caravan / The Publicity Caravan is being refurbished to a design by Susan England. It will appear at Coombes Farm Sheep Dog Trials, Surrey Show, Goodwood Dressage, South of England Show, Parham Park Steam Rally, Queen El;izabeth Country Park Country Fair, and Southsea Show.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Letter from the Chairman of the Friends / Sir James Waddell reports that despite some worry about information reaching the Friends it was not worth the expense to issue an extra notice to Friends.
Friends are invited to provide produce and plants for the stall at the "Tools of the Trade" Event. Other current Friends' activities include, a grant of
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Changes in Hambrook Barn / The touring exhibition of traditional buildings materials designed by Richard Harris has completed its tour, and parts of it are being installed in Hambrook Barn, and the Joiner's Shop from Witley
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Museum Boundary Extensions / The Edward James Foundation have agreed to extend the area of the Museum by 20 acres: the field known as Greenways, and the area West of Gonville Drive. This will allow the Museum to run on a regular basis.
The Museum is grateful to Karova Farms (Edward James Foundation) for renting the 40-acre site for a peppercorn rent from the outset. The Agent, Martin Heymann, has been involved from the outset
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Bayleaf Farm Project Planned / Detailed decisions about the form of the planned Bayleaf Farm Project are being made.
Based on Dr Sylvia Landsberg's report, the garden will be laid out in front of Bayleaf using 1500 as the dateline
The interior will be furnished using replicas of furniture , domestic equipment etc.
To the West the Cowfold Barn will be erected and a farmyard constructed.
An exhibition of the History of Farming is being prepared in association with the NFU; this will be housed in a cattle-shed type building situated at right angles to the Kirdford Shed.
Richard Harris is responsible for writing the exhibition which will be designed by Ivor Heal.
The whole project is being developed by a working party of Chris Zeuner, Roy Armstrong, Marjorie Hallam, Richard Harris, Roger Champion, Heather Champion, Elizabeth Newbery and Louise Jaggard.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Tools of the Trade / On May 18 the Museum is staging a day of demonstration of "Tools of the Trade". The demonstrations will include steam sawing by Jim Hampshire, pit sawing and side axe use by the Museum's Staff; and such crafts as walking stick making, hurdle making and displays of hand tools.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 19861986 Speciial Events and Exhibitions
Publicity leaflet / Novice Sheep Dog Trials; Tools of the Trade; Heavy Horses; Rare Breeds; Exhibition of Building Materials; Steam Threshing, Ploughing etc.
Bruce Williams's latest design of publicity leaflet features the door of Bayleaf cut down the middle to open out. The Museum distributes some 100,000 leaflets a year.
1986/3SBC Minutes / 17 March 1986Bayleaf Development - major areas / Richard Harris (explained) with the aid of diagrams the major areas of the plan (see hard copy or pdf): 1) The cross hatched area would be planted to mimic a Wealden shaw which would eventually be a stockproof barrier. There would be tree planting of dense brambley undergrowth; 2) The boundary south of the orchard would represent a stockproof managed laid hedge. Around the garden and yard would be a continuous woven fence; 3) The north and east side of the area marked yard would be a rough, stockproof pale fence. The defined area would be: i) Bayleaf and Garden; ii) Yard - a farmyard for folding stock and manufacture of manure; iii) Area outside backdoor would be a domestic area; iv) Close or paddock continuous with the orchard. Enlargement of the orchard was proposed by a third row of apple trees; v) Cowfold Barn and associated lean-to cattlesheds and cart shed. Mr Harris suggested that the exact location of gates and openings could be decided at a later date. Mr \\
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Exhibition of Building Conservation / The Museum is holding an exhibition on the theme of building conservation in August. Contact Margaret Challen
1986/3SBC Minutes / 17 March 1986Bayleaf Development - exhibition / Proposals for the formal exhibition on agricultural history: Richard Harris produced drawings of a plan showing an accurate relationship between the existing buildings and planting and the proposed development. A range of 19thC buildings (Trumley Farmstead) had been offered to the Museum. They were of good quality course flint work with an inner skin of brick. The internal width was 16' with King post roof trusses and freestanding posts to the yard. He recommended that the structure be used for the purpose of housing the exhibition, but as the whole complex was too large for the allotted area at the Museum it would be possible to re-use and adapt the roof structure. He proposed that the toilet block in the Kirdford cattle sheds should be retained but the brick front wall altered to become continuous and access would be at the rear of the sheds. The whole yard area would be made attractive with the intention of using it as a 'staging post' for the Museum visitors.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Joint Venture
Admission Prices / The Friends are in the early stages of raising venture capital with the Friends of
Chichester Cathedral and the Friends of Pallant House
Admission Prices for 1986 are: Adults -
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986The Builder's Yard / The area round the Witley Joiner's Shop will be devloped as a builder's yard. The Plumber's and Glazier's Workshop will be placed on its permanent site in this area.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986Changes in the Museum's Management Structure / David Biart and Jimmy Woollings have proposed basic changes to the management of the Museum, which have been submitted to the Charity Commissioners. In November Lord Watkinson presided at a meeting to make the changes.
The Museum now has a group of TRUSTEES, who elect an EXECUTIVE BOARD; the Board will act as Directors of the Company, but the day to day running will be the responsibility of the Museum Director. The Sites and Buildings Committee will continue to advise the Director and the Research Director. The Executive Board consists of David Biart, Chairman; Roy Armstrong, Founder; Jimmy Woollings, Treasurer and Company Secretary; Marjorie Hallam, Librarian; Robin McDowall, Chairman of Sites and Buildings Committee; Sir James Waddell. Chairman of the Friends; Geoffrey Godber, Past Chairman.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 1986West Ashling Granary / A small granary has been moved from West Ashling and resited near the mill, where it will be used for storage of the grain to be used in the mill.
1986/3Magazine Vol. 2 No. 26 / March 19861985 Season Better than Expected / In spite of a wet August the 1985 total number of visitors was better than expected:175 020, compared with 179 220 for 1984. A visitor survey was kept throughout the year. (For details see the original)
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