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1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973The Wey and Arun Canal Society / The Wey and Arun Canal Society was formed in 1970 attempting the restoration of the navigational link between London and South Coast.
For information apply to J. P. Markwick
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Wanted. . . .A charcoal burning group / E. Sharf [later Lyn Armstrong] appeals for a charcoal burning group. Mr and Mrs Langridge have been very generous, but we need a team to replace them, perhaps learning with small kilns. The aim is to have one 24 hour kiln every year. Applicants to contact Chris Zeuner.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Volunteer Projects at the Museum / John Lowe reports on a meeting held on 25th March, at which some things were agreed. Pam West will vet all future applicants to volunteer.
Director & Roy Armstrong will appoint a leader for each project, who would consult Pam West to make his team.
Orders for materials will be made to Mr Bryant
Roger Champion will advise on technical problems.
No new project may start until approved by Director & Roy Armstrong.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Volunteer problems / New ordering system in operation.
'Wants' book in the workshop.
We have money to spend on some tools.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Thatching from Scratch / Jon Finch, Matti Denton, Don Glue, Heather Jackson (later Heather Champion) and Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) working at a thatching school in the woodland area behind Winkhurst
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Council of Management / Pam West is representative of volunteers on Council.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973Horse Gin and pump from Patching /
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973The Museum's Finances / John Lowe reports on the financial situation.
Despite 80,000 visitors last year money still tight. Four years ago administration cost a few hundred pounds; this year it will be
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973The Master Plan / A copy of the master plan (1972) attached by permission of John Warren, Hon. Museum Architect.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973The Potters are back / The Pottery Group has built a new kiln and Richard Pratley is organising a tile project.
1973/7Volunteers' News No. 2 / Summer 1973The Tamar valley Trip / Bernard Johnson describes a weekend tour in the Tamar Valley. 22 volunteers and members of staff met at Hawkesmoor Farm House near Gunnislake. Robert Pimm talked on Dartmoor Houses.
Calstock Quay, Cothele House and Quay, Morden Mill. Mrs Hallam organised a visit to a longhouse at Lettaford, then to North Bovey and Widdicombe-in-the-Moor. Tea organised by Mrs Gawne, then the party walked to Hound Tor and a first floor hall, with cattle on ground floor and humans above, perhaps unique in South West.
Morwellham Quay where Frank Booker talked.
Farewell to Mr & Mrs Smiley, our hosts, and then to Sticklepath, near Okehampton to visit Finches Foundry.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Barn exhibition - treatment of large items / There is little point in collecting specimen large timbers, trusses or components unless they may be displayed outside, since their size is out of scale with the interior of the barn, and they would also cause congestion. AGREED that as an experiment a limited number of large exhibits should be positioned on the south side of the barn. Mr Armstrong and Mr Zeuner undertook to consult Mr Rigold and decide how the items should be mounted, and how the timber should be treated to preserve it for permanent outside display.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Workshop area / AGREED that for convenience of access to road and to services, Mr Champion's workshop should be resited at the top end of the car park extension, and that the volunteers' workshop should be moved to the same area.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Winkhurst / AGREED that the thatcher be booked to replace the tiles with thatch.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Permanent site for Potters - Siting / There was agreement on the advantage of moving the Potters working area into a clearing in the woodland north of the woodcraft exhibits. Mr Heymann drew attention to the need to provide an adequate firebreak and to investigate possible affects on insurance.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Permanent site for Potters - Buildings / Mr Armstrong reported that the plans for a purpose-designed workshop complex had been discussed at some length in the meeting of the Archaeological Committee this morning. The general opinion was that the proposed building bore little resemblance either in form or layout to traditional workshops and that a more haphazard arrangement of separate units would be preferable. The Committee felt that a suitably adapted old building might be used for the purpose. Some farm buildings which the Museum had decided it could not accept should be reconsidered, and the more likely could be discussed in detail with the Potters committee before their meeting in October.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Little Winkhurst / There was yet again debate on the issue of adapting the reconstruction of this building to serve a practical purpose for the Museum. Some members felt strongly that the intention in acquiring Little Winkhurst had been to provide an exhibit illustrating the sequence of change in a dwelling occupied through several centuries, that the building was particularly suited to this purpose, and that the public should not be excluded from visiting any part of the structure that was significant in this respect. AGREED that the end bay which had been rebuilt in the 19thC should be reconstructed to serve as museum offices and, as a temporary measure, the upper floor of the former 'open hall' might be used for safe storage. But it was strongly RECOMMENDED that the building should be treated primarily as an illustration of the process of change and that the exterior finish of the 'office' end should be in keeping with the historic appearance. Site: of the suggested alternatives, it was AGREED that, f \\
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Lurgashall Mill / A decision about the positioning of the mill becomes necessary because of its effect of the level of water to be provided in the lake. A scheme is being submitted to the Countryside Commission for a grant towards the cost of extending the car park and it is hoped to incorporate with this a plan for completing the pond. The comments and suggestions set out by Mr Gregory were considered in detail, but it was not possible at this juncture to reach a decision upon the orientation of the mill or the type of wheel action it should have. However it is advisable to remove the mill machinery to the Museum as soon as possible. It is RECOMMENDED that this should be arranged for the coming winter months.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Extension of the car park / Plans for the extension of the car park to the south of the present area were discussed; AGREED approval of the planning authority be sought as soon as possible so that work may commence from November, when the museum is closed to the public. No difficulties in securing the authority's agreement are anticipated providing the plan includes adequate landscaping in relation to tree screening. Decision on the detail of planting was delegated to a sub-committee comprising Messrs Warren, Armstrong, Lowe, Zeuner and Newell.
1973/8SBC Minutes / 12 August 1973Pendean / Mr Warren reported that planning approval had been granted, with no conditions.
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