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2004/4Magazine / Spring 2004Firing a brick kiln / Martin Hammond describes his work when he built and fired a brick kiln for the Fire Event at the Museum.
2004/4Magazine / Spring 2004Education update. / The Foyle Foundation provided funds towards the production of a new teachers' pack, much work for which has been given by Keith Oakley.
2004/4Magazine / Spring 2004Events Diary 2004 / Main events include: Mothering Sunday, Celebrate the Taste, Sustainable Building Event, Half-term Activities (twice), Heavy Horses, Father's Day, Early Music Afternoon, Rare Breeds, Children's Activities, Rural History Re-enactment (twice), Autumn Countryside Activities, Tree Dressing, Taste of a Tudor Christmas.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Courses Programme 2005 - 06 Rural Trades and Crafts / Homes and Gardens cont and The Tudor Kitchen. Course titles, dates and cost.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Memorial sculpture to Churchill spends summer in the Gridshell / A chance remark to John Ruffell, brought the "Song" sculpture to the Gridshell for the Summer. It was commissioned following the BBC 2 "Great Britons", the result of the public poll awarding the title to Winston Churchill. Paul de Monchaux was tasked with the design and chose a series of interlocking oak blocks, none of which could stand without the other, to symbolise his flowing and eloqent speeches. The sculpture was made by the Green Oak Carpentry Company, who also made the oak gridmat for the Downland Gridshell, so it was very fitting that this building should be it's tempoary home.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Get drawing! / Winners of the May half term drawing competition.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 20052005 - The year in pictures /
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Museums are not just for history / Covers the widening uses that schools are making of the museum , including visits for maths, science and technology, and art and drama. 16000 school children already visit the Msuem and a new website is being designed to help teachers plan their visits to the museum with greater ease. The SEN project continues, and enhanced Winter openng hours means that more children can visit to study other subjects outside those covered by the Winter Workshop programme.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005News in Brief / The Wood Show, Gordon Rushmer's exhibition, Father's Day activities.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Twelfth Night and the Lord of Misrule / The ceremonies connected with Twelfth Night
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Twelfth Night and the Lord of misrule / The ceremonies connected with Twelfth Night. Christmas morning marked the end of a month of fasting and ushered in 12 days of feasting, games and relaxtion with culminated in Twelfth Night. During the Tudor and Stuart period great importance was attached to the rituals, including the use of candles, incense, special food and drink with the aim of placating unfriendly spirits and protecting the household for the coming year. Examples include the wassail cup,and the Twelfth cake. The first three pieces cut were assigned to Christ, the Virgin Mary and the three Magi. The remainder was divided up and the first person to find a bean or coin was crowned as the King or Lord of Misrule, a pea would designate the Queen and a clove, the Knave or Fool.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 20052005 - The year in pictures /
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Courses Programme 2005 - 06 Rural Trades and Crafts / Textiles, Early technology workshops and Homes and Gardens. Course titles, dates and prices.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Courses Programme 2005 - 06 Rural Trades and Crafts / Heavy Horse Experience days, Countryside Skills, Walks and Textile courses. Course titles, dates and costs
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Courses Programme 2005 - 06 Building conservation and the use of traditional materials and processes / Full list of course names, dates and prices
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Courses Programme 2005 - 06 / Full list of courses, dates and prices
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005How a Knowledge Transfer Partnership will benefit the Museum / KTP is a Governemnt scheme designed to help businesses gain access to expertise in Universities, colleges and research organisations by working in partnership with academics and researchers. The Museum has established a link with Reading University and will run two KTP projects, one in history and the other in computing, with a view to gathering information for the Access project and Orientation Gallery. The history associate will research the social and economic background to our main exhibit buildings. Each project will run for two and a half years.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Old vegetable varieities go on sale in the shop / Museum grown vegetables went on sale in the shop during June 2005. The market garden is run by Chris Baldwin alongside the strip system in the arable field to the north of Pendean farmhouse. This year's crops included beetroots Bulls Blood and Burpees Gold, white carrots and Pink Fir Apple potatoes. Next year varieties already grown in our gardens such as Good King Henrys, Alexanders and Skirrets will be included.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005A real frame to climb on / Delegates of the third annual gathering of the Carpenters' Fellowship in 2002, kindly donated a children's climbing frame, which was erected within the Museum site following ROSPA guidemines during the Summer of 2005.
2005/11Magazine / Autumn 2005Experience our 15th century farmhouse at an evening supper / A resume of the Bayleaf tudor Supper during August 2005 from the view of the serving team.
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