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1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Future Museum Events / Chris Zeuner reports that the exhibition in Hambrook Barn is near completion.
The aim is to get as many professionals as possible for craft demonstrations in 1974.
A shed from Coldwaltham will be re-erected for the potters overseen by Richard Pratley.
Clive Buckle and Lyn Benson are restoring a cider press given by Captain Tupper to Brighton Museum, which couldn't house it, in two bays of Kirdford.
Lyn Sharf [later Lyn Armstrong] helped by Bishop Otter students is restoring the charcoal day hut.
The Friends Committee has offered to supply a long wheel-base Landrover.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Saxon Hall reconstruction layout / AGREED a noticeboard explaining this exhibit should be erected on the site.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Croker Hill barn / Decided to take no action.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Barn at Horsham / Decided efforts should be made to try and obtain some of the materials at the Horsham site.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Car Park / Mr Armstrong reported on the cost of the scheme, and the position with regard to the Countryside Commission. The estimate for the work is
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Cover Illustration / Detail from Fittleworth Wall Paintings reproduced from a tracing taken by Marjorie Hallam. After conservation at the SE Area Museum Service laboratories four of these panels have been returned to the Museum and will form part of the Hambrook Barn exhibition.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Tree Planting / Mr Zeuner outlined the plans prepared between the Museum and the Estate forester. Mr Heymann explained the problems of clump and avenue regeneration. The proposals for 1973/4 were AGREED.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Local History through Documents / A 3-page article by Kim Leslie on private inventories as a source of local history. This is the first part of a longer paper. It includes some examples.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973The Potters Back / A 2-page article by Dennis May on the potters' work. The new kiln was based on a version excavated by Con Ainsworth. The first firing in it did not succeed, but in May Chris Doonan and Ric Launder refired it with success. Gerry McKee and Tim Rudwick made some chimney pieces, and a group under Richard Pratley made tiles. John Bell spent five weeks making pots. Fred Seyd's wheels are very fine. A site for a new building has been chosen.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Mr Longley / The Chairman informed the committee of Mr Longley's wish to tender his resignation. He find himself too heavily committed to continue his involvement.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Notes from the Warden / Doug Bryant makes a general report on a good year (1973) with upwards of 50,000 children and students from London, Sussex, Devon, Bedfordshire and South Wales. Even more adults came. Next year Hambrook Barn and Titchfield Market Hall will be open. He needs more stewards.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973August Charcoal Burn / A 3-page article by Diana Sharp (later Diana Zeuner) describing a 24 hour charcoal burn in the Charcoal Burners' Camp at the Museum. 13 volunteers including Mr & Mrs Langridge built the kiln in five Sundays. It was lit at 9.00 am on Saturday. The Langridges, Don Glue, Peter Parish and Diana Sharp stayed awake all night. At 9.15 on Sunday putting out started, and at 11.00 it was raked apart and cooled. Jon Finch & Nigel Palmer also mentioned.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Little Winkhurst / Mr Armstrong had written a memorandum listing points needing consideration (see hard copy or pdf) and showed some slides illustrating some of the problems.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Opening Arrangements for 1974 / Open from Good Friday, 12th April to Sunday 29th September except on Mondays.
Adults 30p, Schoolchildren, students & OAPs 15p
Sundays and Bank Holidays Adults 40p, Schoolchildren, students & OAPs 20p
Party rates booked in advance, Adults 25p Schoolchildren 15p. But on Sundays and Bank Holidays
Adults 35p, Schoolchildren, students & OAPs 20p
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Booklist on Vernacular Buildings / Marjorie Hallam's list of books on vernacular buildings includes 37 books with brief comments on some, and 7 Journals
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Volunteer Stewards / Appeal for volunteers to act as stewards. Contact Julia Hett
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Foreign Tours / In February John Lowe will be taking a party to Peru and Guatemala, and in November 19734 he will take a party to Japan. Anyone wanting to join him should write to him.
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973Annual General Meeting of the Friends / The AGM of the Friends will be held at West Dean College on 2nd September 1973. A film made by Gateways Films on the Museum site will be shown after the meeting
1973/5Newsletter Number Six / May-Aug 1973The Crafts Advisory Council / John Lowe has been invited to join the Crafts Advisory Council Committee for four years by Lord Eccles
1973/5SBC Minutes / 6 May 1973Goodwood Granary / Mr Zeuner is to be congratulated and thanked for the efficient way in which he organised the removal of this building to the site. It will provide a site-office and storeroom. AGREED the exterior finish be of vertical 'pearlboard' boarding, painted the original maroon-brown colour, and that the roof be felted and tiled.
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