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1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Sponsored Cycle Ride (Land's End to John o'Groats) / Alan Waters was sponsored for a total of
1985/8Bulletin / August 1985Carol Hawkins / The Friends of the Museum have renewed their arrangements with Carol for another twelve months whereby she comes to the Museum on one day a week in order to undertake fund raising for the Museum. Her work is much appreciated and we hope that by co-operating with her efforts the Friends' fund raising programme will be successful.
1985/9SBC Minutes / 11 September 1985Siting of Plumber's Shop from Newick / A plan of the area had been circulated to those present indicating a possible location for this building. After considerable discussion the meeting transferred to the site. Richard Harris felt strongly that the building should not be sited too close to the Horsham and Reigate buildings. The possible boundaries that might have existed between the buildings was discussed, and it was agreed that North Cray, being the oldest, could well have ended up with very little land, the more recent buildings encroaching on its curtilage. The Director pointed out that the other side of the Market Square provided a second site in the future to accommodate similar exhibits to those in the builders yard should further examples be offered to the Museum. (but see minutes of 20 January 1986 meeting "Market Square") Fred Aldsworth produced a rough drawing showing an alternative site for the Plumber's Shop. AGREED the second plan would be circulated and a decision made following that. \\
1985/9SBC Minutes / 11 September 1985Hay Barn from Ockley / Richard Harris reported on his visit to this building. It was an unusual construction of timber frame with 8 posts, 3 on each side (sic) with a more or less pyramid roof, about 20' square. The timber framing, posts and wall plates were late 18thC, the two ends were half boarded with original cleft upright boards. The other two sides appeared to have been originally open. Roger Champion reported that the electricity supply had been moved, and following the harvest the building could be dismantled and removed.
1985/9SBC Minutes / 11 September 1985Stonework on Reigate / Richard Harris produced various samples of stone for the purpose of rebuilding the stonework on this building. Chilmark stone was favoured by John Warren, although he offered to produce a sample of an alternative which might be available from the Chalk Pits Museum. Fred Aldsworth also agreed to investigate local chalk being used at Bignor. Mrs Hallam reported that Cowdray Estate had a quantity of upper green sand stone. A letter from Mr Armstrong was read supporting the use of Reigate stone. It was agreed that a local product was preferable. It was suggested that Chilmark be used for the exterior and Reigate stone for the interior. A decision was postponed on this subject.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985North Cray Hall House / Heather Champion is daubing, using a range of recipes. We are working closely with John Ashurst of English Heritage, whose analysis and advice is proving both interesting and helpful.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985VIVAT Trust / The Trustees will be holding one of their regular meetings in Crawley Hall on September 16th.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Reminders / 3.9.85 GPC. 0900.
9.9.85 Children's Work Exhibition to 29th September.
11.9.85 Sites and Buildings Committee.
16.9.95 VIVAT Trust at Museum.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Horsham Shop / The roof of Horsham slab has been completed by Chandlers. John Booker's crew will be back next week to complete the other roofs and to take the project to the end of the current phase. It is unlikely that further work on it will be done until next year, with the exception of the conservation of the painted timbers which is separately grant-aided and under way.
1985/9SBC Minutes / 11 September 1985Wooden gutters on North Cray / Richard Harris had not as yet been able to investigate this subject in depth. John Warren was not keen to see iron guttering used. Richard Harris felt that as evidence suggested that North Cray would never have had a gutter, he would prefer to use a cast iron gutter. It had been thought necessary only to gutter the rear of the building, but in order to protect an outstanding cill on the front, gutters would be necessary above that area also. The question of disposal of rainwater from the gutters was also discussed. R Champion suggested plastic downpipes encased in wood if wooden guttering were used. It was also suggested that the gutters should project a foot or so from the edge of the building and the water simply discharge straight to the ground. This solution was not considered satisfactory as passers by would be drenched. Wooden down-pipes to butts were suggested as a further alternative. Further discussion ensued followed by a vote: Wooden guttering proposed by \\
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985The American Museum Experience / This seminar in Edinburgh offers an opportunity to hear about some of the most imaginative and innovative things going on in American Museums and will be attended by Christopher Zeuner.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Cast in Iron - 31st August to 29th September / The Exhibition opens with an explanation of the nature of iron, how it is obtained and the differences between wrought iron, cast iron, and steel. It contains many examples of cast iron objects, original material relating to the manufacture, marketing of domestic items, street furniture and the use of cast iron in transport systems.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Charcoal Burn / Alan Waters carried out a traditional burn, but unfortunately the weekend was exceptionally wet and an uncomfortable night was had by all. In spite of this the burn was successful, although it was a pity that so few people were able to be present.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Open Evening / This occasion appeared to be welcomed by the residents of three parishes close to the Museum, and over 200 people attended.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Richard Pailthorpe / Completed the RMP march on Sunday, August 11th, and together with his two Godsons has raised
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Visitor Numbers / Running total to the end of August is 134,000, compared with 144,000 in 1984 and 128,000 in 1983. This total would have been considerably better if our friend, the weather, had been kinder to us. We had a dismal start to the season and August has been particularly disappointing after we had done so well nearly to catch up with the 1984 total at the end of July. Our total for August was 33,000 compared with 41,000 in 1984 and 36,000 in 1983.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Greetings Card / The production of a greetings card is being promoted by the Friends as a fund raising exercise. The picture will be a view of Bayleaf and the words will be "Greetings and Best Wishes
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Sweatshirts / The time has come round again to be thinking about sweatshirts for volunteers and staff. Sizes are Large, Medium, Small. Colours are navy, green, grey, maroon, pale blue. If there is a demand, we shall get a price and let you know it when asking for orders.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Friday, 13th December 1985 / This is the day that the main electricity cable in Crawley is being moved and the office and the library will be closed all day.
1985/9Bulletin / September 1985Summer School / This was a success and appreciative letters are coming in from parents. The children made charcoal, they dug and created three kinds of ovens, cooked whatever they managed to find that was edible. On the final day parents partook of rabbit stew plus various mysterious additives - none of which can be found on the latest EEC list. Elizabeth Newbery and her helpers are to be congratulated and thanked for their efforts.
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