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1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Winter Statistics / Despite bad winter weather 5297 visited between November and March compared with 5184 the previous year. Bad weather at Easter produced the lowest number of visitors on record.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Museum takes Sheep to London for AIM's "Heritage At Work" Exhibition. / Richard Pailthorpe and Alan Waters took a small flock of David Humphreys's flock of Southdown ewes, rams and lambs with the Shepherds Hut to the Courtyard of the London Guildhall.
There was another display in the Guildhall crypt, where Roger Champion showed his skills and some of the furniture from Walderton. Other demonstraters from the Museum were Chris and Diana Zeuner and Elizabeth Newbery. Among the guests were David Biart and Bob Harding.
1985/4Members' Magazine No. 24 / April-May 1985Show for Rare Breeds Planned for Summer / Our first show for Rare Breeds will be held in July in conjunction with the Sussex Branch of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. It will include sheep, cattle, goats and pigs. Also traditional craft and animal husbandry demonstrations will be on view.
1985/4Bulletin / April 1985Auction / The catalogue is now ready and we hope for a good public response on the day - Friday, 12th April.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Nationwide Building Society / The local branch has generously agreed to sponsor the Country Fair on May 19th by covering the cost of bringing Sheepdog Trials to the Event. We are grateful to the Society for their interest.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Horsham Shop / The framework is now complete and as the weather has improved work has started again on the oversight and on the linking building.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Cavalcade of Costume / This was organised by the Friends and was enjoyed by all who attended. Financial results are awaited from the Regis Centre in Bognor. Hearty congratulations are due to those who ran the event. The Raffle, run at the same time, raised
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Education / Farnham College of Art & Design has offered to undertake a photographic project for the joint education services between the Museum and the West Sussex Countryside Studies Trust (WSCST). The purpose of the project will be to record traditional and modern farming processes in such a form as to provide new material for the loan service. It is also hoped that a travelling exhibition will result.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Historic Farm Buildings Group / The Museum will be organising and hosting the Autumn Conference of this Group from 11th - 13th October.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Dendrochronology / Some unexpected spare capacity at Aberystwyth has resulted in our being able to undertake some dendrochronology work on some of our buildings; slices will be taken from the unused timbers of the Horsham shop and parts of Little Winkhurst.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Curatorial Group / This new Group has been established for the following purposes:
a) to look at particular problems relating to the Museum's exhibitions and collections, including documentary material, photographs, artefacts and buildings themselves; b) to keep those involved in their care, development and presentation informed, and c) to develop policies for the future. The meetings take place fortnightly.
There will be a "core group" consisting of Richard Harris, Chris Zeuner, Heather and Roger Champion, R McDowall, Roy Armstrong, Marjorie Hallam, Caroline Hallam, Elizabeth Newbery, but it is intended that others with particular interest will be asked to attend from time to time.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985SPAB / The Technical Panel of this Society held their meeting at the Museum last month and we believe they felt it was worthwhile. Their main comment was to express reservations about the standard of our pointing and our choice of mortar mixes. This is indeed an area where we are conscious of our shortcomings, but it was interesting to have them high-lighted by SPAB.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Grant Aid / The Museums and Galleries Commission have offered an extra
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Horsham/Crawley Link / Some modifications to the front elevation are being suggested. Instead of a continuous run, a break is recommended and the removal of the false jetty.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Vehicles on Site / A note is included on this subject and it is hoped that all will co-operate.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985Talks / The Museum Director gave a talk to the Friends of East Anglian Rural Life last month which, judging from the questions generated, was very successful.
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985REMINDERS / 6.3.85 Stewards Session 10.30
6.3.85 Curatorial Group 2.00
11.3.85 GPC 10.00
20.3.85 Stewards Session 10.30
20.3.85 Curatorial Group 2.00
25.3.85 Friends Committee 10.30
28.3.85 GPC 10.99
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985STOP PRESS / The Cavalcade of Costume made a profit of approximately
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985To all recipients of the Bulletin - IMPORTANT Vehicles on the Museum Site / The use of vehicles on site has always caused problems and, recently, abuse has grown. It is essential that the site is presented well to the public and vehicles interfere with this aim. They also cause damage to paths and to grass. To reduce this current level of 'pollution' the following rules will be followed:
1. No private cars will be used on site between 10.15 am and 6.30pm, with these exceptions:
a) Wardens while locking and unlocking buildings
b) Emergency use
c) Disabled persons with permission.
2. No vehicle may be parked on the site.
3. The toll gates will be shut and locked. A key will be issued to all who need one.
4. Tractor, dumper, etc. must not be used for personal transport. When not in use it must be parked outside the Museum area.
5. Bulk collections from the Mill will be obtained via the by-pass track.
6. Access to the forge and Court Barn will be via the by-pass.
7. Evening \\
1985/3Bulletin / March 1985The Great Freeze / Very regrettably this caused damage to flint and brick walls, and the section behind Lavant will have to be re-built completely. The pond froze and several members of the Staff and their families enjoyed some skating. Tobogganing was also in full swing for a time.
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