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1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Walderton Cottage - A Challenge for the Museum. / Richard Harris led the dismantling of a derelict cottage in Walderton. The cottage appeared to have started life in 14th century as an extension to an earlier building. It was altered in the mid 17th century: the outside walls were rebuilt in flint and brick; a central chimney was installed in the cross passage; new upper floors were established throughout. Later alterations were superficial. The problem is now how to preent it. Fred Aldsworth's help in the archaeology has been important and John Friar led most of the practical work.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Friends' Campaign toraise
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Swings and Roundabouts / Geoffrey Godber reports on the season. The decision not to increase entrance fees was unfortunate owing to high inflation, but the BBC singled us out as the best bargain for a family outing in the South. Richard Harris has persuaded the BBC to make a programme in the Chronicle series on Walderton. Our aim must be to bring the exhibits to life.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Museum's Success with "Special Days". / A "Sheep Day" saw the opening of the shepherd's hut restored by John Powick, under the sponsorship of the Sussex Downsmen. John Norwood gave a lecture on the shepherd's life and tools, Sheep shearing was demonstrated by Horace Oliver, the shepherd of Mr Humphrey's flock at East Dean.
A "Wood Day" included a lecture by Philip Walker on ancient wood-working tools and demonstrations of cleaving battens, hurdle making, spar making and adzing.
The Museum held an exhibition called "Country Life in Victorian and Edwardian Sussex" based on " All change at Singleton" by Ian Serralier, sponsored by Phillimore of Chichester and organised by Dick Pailthorpe. Photographic reproduction was by Mike Coviello. Mr C. Jenkins demonstrated a pair of oxen (Bill and Ben) pulling an ox cart imported from France.
Other events were Morris dancing, a performance by Musica Antiqua and a charcoal burn.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Progress in the Museum's Buildings Programme
Toll Cottage on the Move / Chris Zeuner reports that the Toll Cottage will be moved again. After the move the original missing end will be reconstructed and the chimney rebuilt. The bulk of the work is being done by Philip Burchett, John Watt and the Ayling family. Other volunteers are invited to join.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1980Freddie / Freddie is the Museum's shire horse, coming from Whitbread's Brewery to replace Rhyme, who had to be destroyed. He pulls a 1929 farm wagon restored by the West Sussex Rural Engineering Company. He pulled a wagon lent by Tony White of Yapton carrying the Chichester Gala Queen.
Accompanied by a photo of Freddie and Les Whitecall
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Progress in the Museum's Buildings Programmes
Charlton Farm / Chris Zeuner reports that the development at Charlton is in operation. The barn is providing storage. The workshop is a great improvement on the railway cutting. Two buildings have been let to the West Sussex Rural Engineering Company, which is currently working on the restoration of High Salvington Mill. The yard is allocated for a materials bank, run by the Museum's new company, Singleton Museum Services Ltd. The District Council has been very helpful.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Obituaries
Stuart Rigold
R.T.Mason / John Warren regrets the early death of Stuart Rigold who had been Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments for England and Wales. He gave much advice to the founders of the Museum
Roy Armstrong reports the death of R. T. Mason, the author of Framed Buildings of the Weald, and a founder-member of the Vernacular Architecture Group and the Wealden Buildings Study Group, which was very involved in the founding of the Museum.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Exhibition / Richard Harris has compiled an exhibtion entitled "Timber-framed Buildings" which will be shown at the Building Centre in London. We hope it will be shown here in 1982.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Experiments with Daub / Alan Godfrey reports on his experiments with different ingredients in daub. The first trials in 1978 failed because of weather problems. But in 1980 a new set will be under way. Daubs differed everywhere, and the aim is to obtain a mixture which will last in our conditions, but not to re-invent anything.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Growing our own Thatch! / South Western Thatchers are growing long straw in the field next to the Museum with the co-operation of the Edward James Foundation. The grain will go to the Foundation and the straw to the South Western Thatchers.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Richard Pailthorpe / Richard Pailthorpe has joined the staff as Senior Assistant. He has worked for Humberts as Assistant Land Agent at the Goodwood Estate.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Membership Cards Delay / Elsie Kessler reports that the delay in issuing membership cards is inevitable, and that next year's cards will add an extra month to the expiry date.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Country Fair / The Museum's Country Fair held in May raised more than
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Budget Changes make covenants easier. / The Friends Committee appeals to Friends to covenant their subscriptions.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Future events / The main events in the future include: demonstrations of Joint Cutting by Roger Champion, and of Wooden Scaffolding by Geoff Kent; a lecture by Richard Harris on the Dismantling of Walderton; Friends AGM; Ploughman's Lunch for Stewards; Carol Service and Open Day at Charlton Farm
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980The Museum's Collection / The Museum's collection of artefacts continues to grow. The aim is not to trespass on other Museums' policies. We are interested in tools and equipments used in blacksmithing etc, items relating to agriculture or livestock. Please keep the Museum in mind and contact Heather Champion or Chris Zeuner.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980New Children's Guide / Heather Champion has written a new children's guide, which is published by Dinosaur Publications. The last guide was written by Kim Leslie and illustrated by Mrs Hett IBM has made a contribution to the cost.
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980Progress in the Museum's Buildings Programme
A Barn for Baylef.
Boarhunt Cruck Cottage / Chris Zeuner reports that a barn near Cowfold has been given by Miss Goodman, which will be dismantled and rebuilt for Bayleaf.
Roger Champion is getting on with the repairs of Boarhunt
1980/8Members' Magazine No. 15 / 1980WEA Classes at the Museum / In October and November Richard Harris will be taking two series of WEA classes: each of 10 meetings. The first is intended to be introductory and the second a continuation class.
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