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1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Weekend trip to Tamar Valley. / Next April there will be a trip to the Morwellham Quay and Cotehele in the Tamar Valley. All correspondence to Walter Greenway.
1983/3SBC Minutes / 23 March 1983Witley Workshop / The Director reported that the piers of Witley Workshop were in place and the back yard was currently being graded to suit. Allowances were being made for the Reigate House and Horsham Shop development scheme.
1983/3SBC Minutes / 23 March 1983Alterations to Crawley Hall / Mr Nugent reported specifications for the necessary work had been produced. The nature of the work included the construction of and drains and redesigning of water gulleys, the provision of an opening window to the store room, limewashing the building and provision of gutters. He reported that the structural engineers were unable to explain the exact cause of the wall crack - whether it was a fault in materials, workmanship or design of the building. However, further investigations would take place when the ceiling space was opened. It was proposed by Mr McDowall that all work undertaken by professional consultants should be on a fee paying basis. This was seconded by Mr Russell and the motion accepted by the Committee.
1983/3SBC Minutes / 23 March 1983Pendean Farm Complex - NFU Proposals / The Director reported that a committee had been set up by the Regional NFU Branch who have been keen to set up an exhibition concerned with the history of agriculture. The Pendean Farm area had been suggested as a suitable complex where the theme could be expanded. He asked for the committee's opinion on using a modern structure in close proximity to Pendean which could be used for exhibition purposes. Mr Heymann commented on the scope of the material available for building a modern structure. This could be used to demonstrate vernacular architecture of recent years. Mr Armstrong stressed the fact that a modern building in such a position would not be in keeping with the original concept of the Museum. R Harris commented that the opportunity for using modern materials in a Museum such as the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum was very limited. R Champion felt that the mixing of modern and old buildings was not visually acceptable in this Museum. Mrs Hallam sugge \\
1983/3SBC Minutes / 23 March 1983Little Winkhurst / R Harris reported that the timbers had been inspected by some members of the committee. Only 25% of the original timbers could be re-used. Proposed by the Director that the timbers could not satisfactorily be re-erected as a complete building. One end was missing and many of the timber surfaces had deteriorated. The timbers would be stored and parts used for exhibitional purposes. This should be tactfully explained to Museum associates. This was accepted by the committee.
1983/3SBC Minutes / 23 March 1983Toll Cottage Gates / R Harris reported that research on the design and structure of such gates had proved fruitful and in the near future he would have the design for the Beeding Toll Cottage gates.
1983/3SBC Minutes / 23 March 1983Building Repairs Progress / It was reported that the tile hanging of Titchfield had been completed and was proving successful. The daubing and lime washing had been completed at Bayleaf and a start had been made on Boarhunt.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983A Look at the Year Ahead / Next year we'll rebuild the West Wittering School and furnish it. The Friends contirbuted
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Visitor Questionnaire Survey. / Isobel Richardson of Reading University started a questionnaire survey of the museum, which the carried on through the year. [The conclusions are too elaborate to summarise here, without showing personal prejudice. ]
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Letter from the Chairman of the Friends / The membership of the Friends is now 1700. The AGM approved the increase in subscriptions, and thanked Mrs Kessler, the Treasurer. Chris Zeuner and Richard Harris gave a talk after the meeting. The Committee have promised financial support for North Cray and West Wittering. At the Country Fair Miss Brooks, Miss Buvyer and Mrs Hum will be running a stall for produce by the Friends.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Subscriptions / The subscription rates for Friends have been increased to
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983New Publications / Ruth Tittensor has written and Bruce Willams has designed a booklet expanding the theme of the Woodland Exhibition in Coldwaltham Cattle Shed.
The Friends are sponsoring a Board Game called "Time Trek", designed by Richard Pailthorpe: Snakes and ladders in the Museum!
A new Woodland Poster and a new children's guide to the lead working exhibition and several new postcards.
Offprints of Fred Aldsworth's and Richard Harris's report on Walderton House.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Catherine Barson, OBE / An obituary of Catherine Barson
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Overflow Car Parking / A track has been built behind the lake to give access to the overflow car park; helped by a grant from the English Tourist Board.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983New Acquistions for the Collections / Heather Champion has received and stored in Charlton a number of historic artefacts. : wooden lattice window from Walderton; the binder used at this year's harvest; a horse-worked hay lift; a public house settle; an oak dresser; a lead tank; several wood working tools; several livestock items; three benches (one used solely for coffins) from Witley; chimney cranes, pothangers etc.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Photographic Competition. / This year the Friends are organising a photographic competition for all amateur photographers. The subject is "something seen at the Museum" and there are two classes: under 18 and Open.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Oxen Try on Their Yoke / The oxen, Hearty and Heedless, have settled down well in their tuition from Alan Waters and Martin Bossom
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983West Wittering School / West Wittering School should be complete and furnished by mid-summer. J. Booker and Son are building it with stone from the coast of the Manhood Peninsula, and pointing with grey beach sand located by Hall and Co. The Television South Charitable Trust has given a grant of
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983Publicity Caravan / The Museum's publicity caravan is booked for the Surrey County Show, Cranleigh and South Eastern Agricultural Society Show, the South of England Show at Ardingly and Salvington Mill Open Day.
1983/3Members' Magazine No. 19 / March 1983The Pound
Witley Joiner's Shop / The Museum has been given by Walton Heath Golf Club an article of village furniture: a pound surviving in good condition on the Common at Walton Heath. Heather Champion and Ted Heath dismantled it.
The pillars forming the undercroft of the Witley Joiner's Shop. are now in place. The timber work will be erected during the year.
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