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1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Attendances 1977 / The final figures were: Adults 78 900, OAPs and Children 77 298 Total 156 198
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Museum Collections / Heather Champion reports on the large collection of small items donated
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978New Grants / The Job Creation Scheme approved by the Manpower Services Commission is worth over
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Seminars / A series of talks have been arranged for the Friends:
"Looking for the Craftsmen" by John Norwood
"The Open Air Museum, Chiltern" by Paul Simons
"The Sussex Trust" by Chris Zeuner
"Historic Buildings and County Planning" by D. Briggs
"Buildings of the Wiston Estate" by Roy Armstrong
"Archaeology in Summer" by Fred Aldsworth.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Reminder. Friends' Subscriptions. / Last year Mrs Kessler had to remind over 100 people. Please pay promptly
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978A New Job / Bernard Johnson has taken over the Secretaryship of the Friends from John Lowe. He reports on the importance of the Friends as fund raisers. He reports that Penny Kirkpatrick has been co-opted on the Committee.
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Master Plan - Village Square / Mr Warren's drawing showed the site road running through the village square and joining the car park just below Hambrook Barn, so ensuring a barrier to potential free entry into the Museum. The incline of the road uphill to the Barn was reasonable. Mr Armstrong disliked the route the road took and suggested it should be curved closer to the newly planted screen at the side of the exit road. He felt the drawn proposal would destroy the traditional plan of the market square. Mrs Hallam said Hambledon was a village which had a similar market square arrangement to that shown by Mr Warren's drawing. After a detailed discussion about the alignment of the roads, it was AGREED the two main possibilities should be staked out before the next meeting.
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Langrish Dovecote / Mr C Zeuner reported two local councils in Hampshire were prepared to pay for the basic restoration of the dovecote such as re-roofing, repointing corners and the foundation. The farmer was thought to be agreeable but not willing to make a contribution. It was suggested the Museum could take it on as an outstation. The dovecote had come at a difficult time for the Museum but the work involved need not be done by Museum craftsmen but by a competent outside builder. The local councils envisaged public access two or three times a year, probably along a path running by the hedgerow to the main road where a layby would be constructed. Mr Armstrong suggested the Department of the Environment should first be asked if they would take responsibility. AGREED by the Committee. Mr Armstrong said the Museum should explore alternative methods of preserving the building while the Museum was in its present financial position. Mr Warren felt it was important for the Museum to be outgoing and to \\
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Windlesham Carpenter's Shop / Mr C Zeuner reported the dismantling of the Windlesham Carpenter's Shop had been postponed, owing to a planning inquiry regarding the site. This did not directly involve the building.
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Court Barn / Planning permission and building regulations had been granted and approved. The foundations work would shortly be put out to tender and it was hoped this could begin in the summer.
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Out-buildings West Dean / The Museum had dismantled a range of outbuildings behind a row of 19thC cottages being restored by West Dean Estate. The range included three woodsheds, two privies at each end and an associated pigsty. The range was timberframed and clad, the pigsty of flint. It was felt worthy of rescue as, although such buildings were still fairly common, they had a significance for social history and for future generations who would not have seen them in-situ. The buildings had been moved by John Friary and a team of Sandhurst cadets, with Richard Harris carrying out recording work. The Committee approved the dismantling and expressed a hope that a suitable building, cottages or perhaps almshouses would eventually be rescued with which the out-buildings could be associated.
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Master Plan - Car Park / Mr Warren produced a drawing showing safer pedestrian and traffic flow routes in the car park area. Traffic would be diverted out of the Museum around the back of the present Goodwood Granary, allowing people to circulate between the office area and the Barn safely and freely. This would increase pressure for car parking at the Museum and a solution may be sought with West Dean Estate. New lavatory blocks were envisaged next to the present block. The Committee AGREED it was a desirable objective to divert traffic away from pedestrians at the Museum exhibition entrance point.
1978/5SBC Minutes / 14 May 1978Materials Bank / Mr Zeuner reported an opportunity had arisen to establish a materials bank in the Chichester area. This had been discussed in the early days of the Museum but rejected at that stage. Chichester District Council Planning Committee had asked its officers to consider the question of establishing a materials bank but, after research, the officers felt the Council could not do so effectively independently. They approached the Museum with a view to a joint project.
If the Museum decided to go ahead it may be necessary to form a separate limited company as the materials bank proposals may infringe the Museum's charitable status. Mr I West felt there was a great need for materials banks as undesirable materials were frequently used in restoration where the correct ones could not be found. Mr Warren pointed out the existence of Architectural Salvage - a national body formed along similar lines. Mr Zeuner felt it would not be necessary to collect all types of materials but items such as knapped \\
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Baldwins Farmhouse / The Southern Water Authority had been refused a demolition order on this building - which is listed Grade II - and is in the process of a Planning Appeal. AGREED further investigations were desirable. In the event of demolition being granted, the Museum would acquire for its use any relevant material from the building.
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Materials Bank/Charlton Barns / Submission of Planning Application for "Change of Use" had been made to the Chichester District Council. A 'Public Meeting' had been held for the Parishioners of Charlton Village, at which general approval was given for the proposed scheme. Mr Zeuner reported on negotiations at present being discussed with the Area Museums Service for South-East England regarding the formation of a joint folklife conservation workshops. Investigations into the 'setting up' of a separate limited company were also being carried out.
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Granary, Nr Woking / A site inspection had been made of a small, weather-boarded granary, situated near Woking, Surrey. It appeared to be of sound condition and was of a type not yet illustrated at the Museum. After discussion, AGREED that if in-situ restoration could not be implemented, the Museum would acquire the Granary for possible use as storage space for waste-paper etc., providing suitable planning permission was granted.
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Chiddingstone Oasts / Mr B Johnson had carried out a preliminary investigation on this group of oasts, which are situated at Chiddingstone on the Hever Estate. Mr Armstrong commented that it had always been envisaged that an oast would some time be erected in the "Bayleaf area". AGREED in principle further investigations be carried out.
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Tree-Planting / Mr Zeuner reported that after discussion with Mr Ivan Hicks, the variety of trees to be used in the scheme had now been reduced. A planting of approximately 350 trees would be carried out as follows: Top of Gonville Drive: oak, ash buckthorn, and birch nurses; Bayleaf clump: fell dying trees and replant, within the clump, with beech and hornbeam; remaining trees to be felled at a later date so as to phase out any appearance of devastation. Mr M Heymann expressed concern that if the trees could not be felled by way of a 'felling line', that natural elements could bring down the trees quite indiscriminately; Hangleton Down: retention of the view: planting of yew, whitethorn, etc.; Hazelbeam Coppice: an approved "Project Based Experience Scheme" run by the Government was to be effected in association with the Edward James Foundation. A Supervisor would be appointed and financed by the Manpower Services Commission. It was hoped also to build a deer fence using traditional hazel fencing meth \\
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Garlands Barn, Northchapel / This barn was brought to the Museum's attention by the Chichester District Council. The barns form a complete farm complex and are constructed in timber with clapboard cladding, with steeply pitched clay tile roofs. AGREED in the event of demolition, the Museum would show interest in acquiring the whole complex.
1978/8SBC Minutes / 10 August 1978Court Barn / Work on the timbers was soon to commence and it was hoped erection of the frame could be made by Easter, after which time the stone foundation could be laid. When re-erected, the building will serve as an exhibition area to display prime examples of plumbing craft - particularly lead. It will also include a display of 19thC tools relating to plumbing. This project is being entirely financed and organised by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers; the exhibition design work being undertaken by the Marley Company, who are also sponsoring the costs of the design/artwork involved. AGREED the finalised design should be submitted to the Committee for their approval.
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