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1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978New Grants / The Job Creation Scheme approved by the Manpower Services Commission is worth over
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978The Seminar Room in Crawley Hall / A drawing of the interior of the seminar room in Crawley Hall
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Museum Collections / Heather Champion reports on the large collection of small items donated
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Dismantling Camp Volunteers Needed / From 1st to 15th July we'll dismantle Fountains Farm Barn near Petworth, there will be a camp close to the building. On 2 weekends in May we'll dismantle the carpenter's shop at Windlesham. Helpers wanted.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 19781978 Tour / This year's tour will be a 3 day visit to Barton Farm at Bradford-on-Avon and Cogges Manor at Witney.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978J.C.P & H.M.S Daedelus Volunteers / The Manpower Services Committeee has approved a second Job Creation Scheme for 4 young men to work for 25 weeks, supervised by Eddie Bell. They will cobble the main square.
A team of Volunteers from H. M. S. Daedelus spent 5 days helping to lay the stone floor in Crawley hall.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978The Museum's Landscape / Ivan Hicks made a report on the future landscape. A lot of trees have been lost, some due to the very dry summer; most of the surviving trees are reaching maturity. Some trees have been planted. It would not be desirable to attempt to create a 15th rural landscape. The aim is for the trees to act as a frame to the picture. [A detailed summary of his proposals for each area is not appropriate here. Reference to the original must be made]
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Master Plan 1978
Building Sites / It is not possible to be specific on the siting of future buildings. Two farm complexes (Bayleaf and Pendean) have been established. The village will absorb many buildings from urban sources. Some buildings have been allocated sites: Horsham Shop, Bexley Hall House (now North Cray), Court Barn, Wiston Waggon Shed, Windlesham Carpenter's Shop, Ashurst Granary (now installed elsewhere), Fountain Farm Barn
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Retirements / Roy Armstrong describes the work done by John Lowe, Norman West and Sir Geoffrey Thistleton-Smith, who have retired.
John Lowe resigned his post as Director of the Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery to become Director of the Museum, and he resigned when he became Principal of West Dean College. He was replaced by Chris Zeuner, who had been a volunteer from the start.
Norman West retired from his post as Company Secretary of the Council of Management owing to ill health. He and his wife, Pam, have worked at the Museum from the start. Roy hopes that his health will improve and they will return.
Sir Geoffrey Thistleton-Smith has represented the County Council on the Museum's Council of Management from the start. Lady Thistleton-Smith died about a year ago. They will be missed particularly by the stewards.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978A New Job / Bernard Johnson has taken over the Secretaryship of the Friends from John Lowe. He reports on the importance of the Friends as fund raisers. He reports that Penny Kirkpatrick has been co-opted on the Committee.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Arts Council Exhibition / An exhibition on the construction and use of the main types of traditional buildings in England will be held in Crawley Hall from 22nd Julty to 13th August, with a private view for Volunteers on 21st July. Richard Harris has written and compiled it for the Arts Council.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Friends' Members on Council of Management / In future 3 members of the Friends will be on the Council of Management, one being replaced each year. Sir James Waddell will fill the third vacancy.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Appointment / Heather Champion has been appointed Senior Assistant. She can deputise for the Director when he is not on site.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Attendances 1977 / The final figures were: Adults 78 900, OAPs and Children 77 298 Total 156 198
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Master Plan 1978
Visitor Facilities and circulation / The car parks have been adequate except at peak times, but some alteration to the exit route is proposed, though this leaves little possibility of increasing visitor numbers. Although we have tried to avoid establishing a route round the Museum, some visitors prefer guidance. The introductory exhibition in Hambrook Barn leads naturally to the wheelhouse. , and the guide book tends to establish a route starting in that direction. The steps above Winkhurst are too steep. A path through the hazel coppice is proposed. The main site road should be altered to run through the village centre.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Calendar 1978 / The main events will be: Stewards Briefing; Opening on March 24; 5 Seminars; Dismantling Windlesham; Dismantling Fountains Farm; Summer party; Private view of Barns and Farmhouses Exhibition; Summer School; Guild of Sussex Craftsmen.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Summer School / Last year's Summer school was a success, and there will be another this year with sessions on 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd August. Children of all ages welcome. Topics: painting, model-making, blacksmithing, traditional methods of cooking etc. Contact Heather Champion.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Seminars / A series of talks have been arranged for the Friends:
"Looking for the Craftsmen" by John Norwood
"The Open Air Museum, Chiltern" by Paul Simons
"The Sussex Trust" by Chris Zeuner
"Historic Buildings and County Planning" by D. Briggs
"Buildings of the Wiston Estate" by Roy Armstrong
"Archaeology in Summer" by Fred Aldsworth.
1978/4Members' Magazine No. 11 / Spring 1978Reminder. Friends' Subscriptions. / Last year Mrs Kessler had to remind over 100 people. Please pay promptly
1978/2SBC Minutes / 26 February 1978Master Plan - acceptance and concern / The Committee accepted the suggestions for the Master Plan and it was AGREED to present a more detailed plan at a future meeting, which would then be discussed by the Council of Management. Mrs M Hallam expressed her concern about the number of species of trees that were planned for the site in the Landscape Report. She was concerned that the report was more botanically rather than historically based and felt a number of species suggested were not natural to the area. AGREED that Mrs Hallam, with Mr Zeuner and Mr I Hicks, should consider the modification of some of the suggested planting.
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