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1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / Nothing new. Has been some local publicity and pressure for preservation in situ. Definite interpretation of the building and assessment of its value to the Museum difficult until more evidence revealed. Mr Wood will ascertain the position concerning local preservation.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Site positions for Winkhurst Farm and Yapton granary / Discussion hampered by lack of information concerning conditions of the overall planning consent. Plans to use the granary building as a temporary information centre necessitates its being sited in an accessible position. Similarly, the possibility of Winkhurst providing an early illustration of reconstruction for seriously interested visitors suggests a site with easy access. AGREED that planning approval be sought to re-erect the granary in the neighbourhood of Gonville cottage, where, in the interim period, it might be reached by the existing estate road, and where, in the future, it will be possible to incorporate it in a farmstead complex; and Winkhurst Farm in the south-east corner of the Museum site, where its proximity to the eventual entrance will have relevance to some chronological sequence in the overall plan. Committee endorsed the action taken in organising voluntary labour to effect the recording, dismantling and collection of the gr \\
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Current position on buildings provisionally accepted: d) Sole Street aisled hall / Situation unchanged. Decided that the rarity of this style of building should give its preservation a high priority.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Current position on buildings provisionally accepted: f) Mockbeggar Old Hall, Cranbrook / The G.P.O. are prepared to take it down carefully, but the start is not imminent.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Terwick Mill / Owners are advertising premises for sale. Preservation order on the machinery remains in force.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Current position on buildings provisionally accepted: c) Netherhale / Mr Armstrong reported that an estimate from a Canterbury firm for dismantling and transport amounted to
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Phase 1 of Museum development / Committee decided unanimously to endorse the costings quoted in the memorandum dated 15.10.68 as a general statement and guide to the F. and G.P. Committee. More precise and definite estimating will necessitate detailed site surveys and definite decisions on the location of car-park and buildings, and on whether labour will be available at preferential or normal commercial rates.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Structures available for acquisition: a) Wicker Barn, Thorney Island : / An attractive aisled barn of the late 17th or early 18thC. Would require an entirely new roof, probably thatch, to replace the existing corrugated iron. Mr Rigold undertook to examine the building, and ascertain what help could be expected from the Ministry of Works or the R.A.F.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Structures available for acquisition: b) Reconstruction of Celtic Iron Age farmstead / Reservations expressed on this proposal since it would involve a great deal of hypothetical reconstruction. In the present financial position it was thought that expenditure should be limited to the purpose of preserving threatened buildings. The question might be reconsidered should it be possible to contact a well-informed and well-equipped group of archaeologists prepared to take on the project.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Structures available for aqcuisition: c) Bell frame from East Dean Church / Committee approved action taken to acquire the bell-frame timbers, and expressed gratitude to Mr Ludlow who carried out the arduous task of recording them in awkward and unpleasant conditions. Such bell-frames are rarely available and are very relevant to timber construction. Committee recommends eventual reconstruction as a bell-frame.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Structures available for acquisition: d) Round house, Marsh Farm, Binstead / This horse-engine shed has been offered by the owner, who would like it removed as soon as possible. Committee AGREED it is very desirable item for the Museum, and hoped it will prove possible to secure its removal to West Dean by voluntary labour.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Current position on buildings provisionally accepted: a) Bayleaf / Timbers now in store at West Dean. Was necessary to hire transport. Messrs.Tidy carried out the work at cost. Last two loads of timbers were stacked straight on to the ground instead of on bearers. As it is impossible to move them without the use of a crane, Mr Warren suggested the improvision of a covering to act as a water-shed, but avoiding interference to ventilation. Committee approved necessary expenditure of
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Saracen's Head, Canterbury / Likely to be demolished shortly.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Current position on buildings provisionally accepted: b) Pendean / Most of the materials are now at West Dean. Transport has been carried out by helpers from the Estate in their own time, and it was RECOMMENDED that a suitable gratuity should be made to them.
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969Current position on buildings provisionally accepted: e) Cheam Road, Ewell / The timbers, to be used as replacement material, are being collected in the next few days
1969/1SBC Minutes / 8 January 1969North Mill, Midhurst / Building being converted into flats. Mr Gregory reports that the machinery, of the late 19thC, is not significant for the Museum.
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968Titchfield Market Hall / The interest expressed by the Museum has resulted in considerable local pressure for its retention in Titchfield, and the Council are now planning to preserve it in situ.
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968Pendean / West Sussex County Council has granted
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968Sole Street / Situation unchanged since last meeting. Tenant has no plans to vacate. We are assured that due notice will be given before any move to demolish. AGREED that a recommendation be made to the Finance & General Purposes Committee to authorise spending up to
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968Mockbeggar, Cranbrook / Decision not urgent and may be postponed until summer 1969.
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