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1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Sole Street / AGREED a reasonable sum be offered for original timber framing and that the Secretary should keep in close touch with Mr Hobbs, the developer, and with the owner of the separately owned solar wing. AGREED it was a sufficiently rare and important building for every effort to be made to secure the frame, however much might need replacement or reconstruction.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968West Dean Estate / Farm buildings on the Estate which might be replaced by more modern buildings during the next 2 years - suitable for removal to the Museum?: Home Farm: 2 ranges of implement sheds and a forge; Colworth Farm: large barn with unobstructed interior c50' x 27' dating possibly from late 17thC, implement shed of 4 bays c35' x 16', barn of 6 bays with single aisle, hovel with flint walls and brick quoins; Steeple Ash Farm: double-aisled barn c60' x 40', small weatherboarded loose box; Crows Hill Farm: barn of probably 17thC, granary c16' sq. on 9 staddle stones; Manor Farm: granary and implement shed.
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning: 1) Pendean Farm House / Pendean Farm House near Midhurst. Has been given by Messrs Hall & Co to the Museum on condition that it is dismantled and removed before the end of the summer. If the work is placed with a contractor the work is not likely to cost less than
1968/SBC Membership / Committee members and dates of service / Sites & Buildings Committee: First meeting 12 May 1968; last meeting (assumed) 1 Mar 1990) : Aldsworth, F.Nov81-Mar90; Armstrong, J. R. May68- Mar90; Champion,H.Feb79-May82; Champion, R. Nov69-Mar90; Farmer, Alderman J.A. May68-Aug73; Gravett, K.W.E. May68-Jan73; Gray, P.Mar81-Mar83; Hallam, Mrs M.J. May68-Mar90; Harding, Miss J. Aug68-Jun75; Harris, R.Jan76-Mar90; Hawes, Maj.Gen.L.A. Aug68-Oct82; Heymann, M. Nov69-Mar90; Jefferis, Col. G.M.Nov69-Jun83; Jermy, E. H. May68(only); Leslie, K. Aug68-Jul71; Longley, P. Oct70-Nov73; Lowe, J. Aug68-Oct74; McDowall, R.W. May68-Dec86; Martin, D.May71-Jan73; Mason, J. T. May68-May71; Mercer, E.Sep75-Jul76; Newell, G. Sep71-May86; Oliver,J.May82-Mar90; Pailthorpe, R.Dec89-Mar90; Parkin,J.Aug68-Sep71; Rigold, S.E. May68-May80; Robson,A.Jun79-Feb84; Russell, D. Jun75-Mar90; Sheppard, A.V. Aug68(only);Warren, J. May68- Mar90; West, I.Sep75-Mar90; West, N.L. Aug68-Jan72; Wood, R.H. Aug68-Feb72; Zeuner, C.H.Jan73-Mar90
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