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1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997New winter programme / Bayleaf workshops can be booked by schools in the winter: two hours for one school per day. Many Bayleaf stewards gave their time: Lyn Whittaker, Jean Constable, Godfrey Shirt, Leo van Ewick, Carla Burley, Dan Gaffney, Mike Giles, John Goodfellow, Heather Clover, Mary Burne, John Eyre, Chris Humphrey and Alwyn Johnson. A building materials workshop was also run for schools Peter Hawes, Jon Roberts, Richard Murdoch, Alison Bunning, Mike Piggott, Reg Knight and Chris Humphrey were involved.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997New services for schools in great demand / The two subjects most wanted by schools are "Tudors" and "Building materials". Sue Shave and Jon Roberts have devloped boxes containing suitable material, which are available for loan to schools, Artefact handling workshops are also available. Peter Hawes and Mary Burnie are involved.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Greenwood structure to mushroom in Paris! / An interesting spin-off from the museum's greenwood timber building is that Edward Cullinan Architects and Buro Happold Engineers have been invited to design and build a temporary grid shell porch for the Pompidou Centre. Working with Andrew Holloway of the Green Oak Carpentry Company the museum will be involved in this structure.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997News in brief / Last year was a good one for media coverage. Alison Bunning made drawings for model makers. A sound recording of songs and tales of Sussex by the Copper Family and Martin Muncaster was made in Crawley Hall; a cassette introduced by Patrick Garland will soon be on sale. The horseshoe sales have raised
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Sowing the seeds / Bob Holman describes the work in the museum gardens. The standard group is Bob Holman, Thelma Jack and Jill Dickens. Lyn Whittaker, Heather Clover and Leo van Ewick play an important part in interpretation.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Alick Deadman and John Verrier / Alick Deaman and Jon Verrier, a familiar horse plough team, have both died.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Museum makes two bids for lottery funding. / The Museum has two projects before the Heritage Lottery Fund: A
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Museum receives Sandford Award for educational excellence. / The Heritage Education Trust granted the Museum a full Sandford Award. Sue Shave explained that the judges came on a hot day in June, when Jon Roberts was helping with brick making, and Brian Weekes and Ann Pollock were running "Getting to Grips". Singleton School came for a Victorian afternoon with Jean Piggott running a food and cooking session and Valerie Singer taking a Victorian lesson.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Whittaker's Cottages / Whittakers Cottages will be complete this year. Paul Price is photoed sawing an over-hanging peg.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Attracting European funding. / The Museum and its European partners, Thermo Lignum UK, Thermo Lignum Maschinen-Vertribs in Germany and FTD-Entwicklungs und Service in Austria received 20 698 Ecu between them for the environmentlly-friendly technique of eradicating pests from Whittakers Cottages. The Museum is taking part in another European funding under the European Training Foundation's Tempus programme, by offering, in partnership with Chichester Institute for Higher Education, opportunities for 19 students and staff from Cluj Napoca in Romania to study leisure and tourism management.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Buildings alive! / Whittakers Cottages and Lavant will be "wired up" to monitor the effects due to changes in the environment. This is a collaborative project with Bournemouth University. Carnegie UK Trust have contributed
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Milestone year for the Museum as it celebrates 30 years / Chris Zeuner reports that in 1967 Edward James offered to site Roy Armstrong's museum; the bank account opened with
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Diary 1997 / Main events include: Traditional Food Fair, Museums and Adult Learners Week, Heavy Horses, Copper Family, Popeluc, Artisan, Traditional Women's Sports Day, Rare Breeds, Richard III, The Tempest, Out of the Wood Show, Autumn Countryside Celebration.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Virginia Lyon / Tim Heymann writes an obituary of Virginia Lyon
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997A true cottage - Whittakers Cottages, Ashtead / Richard Harris describes the research into materials used in the museum's latest building exhibit. Includes:
- Information about the original site
- Analysis of acres and hectares
- Plan of the cottages - descriptions and drawings
- The construction of the frame and comparison with other museum buildings
- Construction: the species of timber used
- Construction: method and type of timber conversion of posts, plates, mid-rails, studs, rails, braces, joists and weatherboards
- Analysis of the mortar and plaster used
- Analysis of orginal paint
- Interpretative material and furnishings
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Courses and seminars in demand / Courses and seminars include: charcoal burning, working with draught horses, bee keeping (with Heather Champion and Dick Tutton), sketching with (Jan Ruddock), special Sussex Gardens (by Connie Dunn), people in the landscape (led by Richard Hunt, Marjorie Hallam and Peter Brandon), buildings in the landscape (Marjorie Hallam), dawn chorus walks, Bournemouth University postgraduate MSc course in timber building conservation.
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Lady Caine / An obituary of Lady Caine
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Supporting the Weald and Downland Museum / Financial assistance comes from: the Friends of the Museum for many projects; for Court Barn, Joint Industry Board, Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Lead Sheet Association; for education, East Sussex County Council, West Sussex County Council; for Ovingdean Chapel, Ovingdean Hall School, Museum and Galleries Commission, PRISM Fund; for Poplars, South Eastern Museum Services, the Havenhope Trust, Bassil Shippam Trust, Peacock Trust, Three T's Charity, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, Peter Minet Trust, Idlewild Trust, Alan Evans Memorial Trust, Sir Edward Lewis Foundation; for Walderton garden, Enesco European Giftware Groups Ltd. , (Lilliput Lane), National Heritage Arts Sponsorship Scheme; General donations, Whitbread Charitable Trust, McDougall Rose, Aldwick Quilters, Zeneca, Solway Veterinary, Management, Forestry Commission, Oxfordshire County Council, Berkshire Charitable Trust, Tallow Chandlers Benevolent Fund, Worshipful Company of Carpenters; Legacies an \\
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997The Green Wood Trust fosters interest on woodlands / The Green Wood Trust encourages the effective management of woodlands
1997/3Magazine Vol. 8 No. 17 / March 1997Haymaking / A picture of Peter Albon cutting a crop of grass with two horses: Neville and Baron.
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