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1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Buildings under construction - Titchfield Market Hall / Close examination of the timbers during repair work makes it clear that the original structure was fully gabled and not half-hipped. Other interesting details of the original construction have become apparent. The Committee AGREED that it is desirable to restore the building to its original appearance as far as this can be ascertained, and that the later goal on the ground floor should be left out. There was some debate on the general issue of how to deal with features for which there is inadequate surviving evidence. Attitudes to restoration are constantly changing, but basically there seem to be two possibilities - to create a substitute which is feasible and as similar to the original as present knowledge can suggest; or to include something which is obviously foreign in order to stimulate speculation on the nature of the original. It was felt that the use of modern materials could in some cases give a wrong visual impression or could suggest e \\
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Buildings under consideration - Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / The Council have leased the building to Uckfield Preservation Society in the hope that it will give them the opportunity to raise the funds to preserve it locally. Should this venture fail, the building will be offered to the Museum.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Buildings under consideration - Ball Tree Cottage, Sompting / Survey reveals that this building is not suitable for inclusion in the Museum.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Development Plan conclusions - Little Winkhurst / To the west of Winkhurst, thus preserving the natural association between the three buildings originating at Boughbeech.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Tree screen / Planting is taking place to thicken the screening from the Chichester road.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Buildings under construction - Hambrook Barn / The contractor will start dismantling shortly and the timbers will be stacked near the planned re-erection site. Mr Lowe reported that the Carnegie Trust had not yet indicated whether they would help in financing this project. As the Museum would not have the capital to proceed without their help, nothing definite could be started until their decision is known.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Development Plan conclusions - Chilcomb granary / Could be associated with Pendean, as one of its agricultural buildings.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Development Plan conclusions - Pendean / South of Bayleaf, on the verge of the clearing in the woodland.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Development Plan / As previously agreed, most of the meeting was devoted to compiling a long-term site plan which would enable Executive officers to plan further ahead and to be in a position to foresee future planning requirements when negotiating with the Planning Authority. Mr Warren provided a detailed map of the site showing possible positions for the buildings which are already available and potential sites for future acquisitions. To some extent discussion was hampered by uncertainty about the site of the village group. Application has been made for planning approval for this on Site 1. There was agreement on the siting of buildings which are already in store or which the Museum is likely to acquire in the near future. (See following ten entries in this database). Mr Warren undertook to carry these conclusions on to a plan to be presented to the next meeting of the Committee for final approval. The plan would also give some detail of the tree-planting and site arrangement in the area between the \\
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Hambrook Barn / Mr Armstrong reported that it is necessary for the building to be taken down immediately.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Workshop / Planning permission is being sought to the erection of a workshop to the west of Bayleaf. The sectional building is on site.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Development Plan conclusions - Hambrook Barn / Immediately west of the car-park lavatories; one of the two roundhouses would be a suitable companion in this position.
1972/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1972Development Plan conclusions - Boarhunt cruck cottage / At southwest corner of ultimate site, (i.e. after exchange of lands with West Dean Estate), on edge of woodland. It was stressed that this building must be in a zone representing the chalkland building traditions.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Crawley Barn / To be dismantled about mid-July, possibly by Mr Greiner. During the discussion about future work it was strongly RECOMMENDED that Mr Champion should have an assistant as soon as possible. Priority between the barn and Pendean could not be settled until the Committee knew of Mr Greiner's intentions. Mr Lowe reported that he could probably get a V & A grant on both buildings.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Hambrook Barn / Mr Lowe explained that Carnegie had offered
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Wind Pump / The situation was unchanged but it was AGREED that the pump should be taken and stored when available but siting could not be agreed until more was known about the position of the mill ponds.
1972/5Newsletter Number Four / May-Aug 1972Your Newsletter / We regret that few people offer contributions. Also that we can't supply tea.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Bridge Cottage / Reported that the problem was still unresolved.
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Titchfield Old Market Hall / Mr Armstrong explained that certain interesting features had come to light during the repair of the frame. He also said that Mr Greiner wished to go to rather radical extremes to show the repair work and any suppositions in the reconstruction. The Committee discussed these points at length and finally RECOMMENDED: a) there should be a timber bottom plate raised on three courses of brickwork running round the building except for the central bay; the height of the first storey should be 7' to 7'6" and that the posts should be of wood running down to the bottom plate, the bottom plate joining the posts at the corners; chamfering and mouldings be added to new posts. b) there should be a solid block wood stair anchored down to give maximum rigidity to the building. c) round pegs should be used not standing proud. d) the bricks for the infill be made by the Potters' Group. e) there should be knee braces behind the stairs. AGREED Mr John Warren should instruct Mr Greiner on these po \\
1972/5SBC Minutes / 7 May 1972Kirdford Sheds / AGREED to erect separately with wicket gate in between the two sections.
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