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1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Goodwood / West Dean / Open Air Museum / A Report commissioned by this liaison committee on Recreational Patterns in this area has now been received. It provides interesting information, much of which will be useful in our publisicity management. Anyone wishing to read the report please contact the office.
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Summer Workshop 6 - 31 August 1984 / In August the Museum is organising its first workshop to provide experience and training in the repair of traditional buildings. The workshop will be open to people from the building industry, the associated professions and students. The only qualification for joining is a strong interest in the traditional building crafts and the repair of old buildings. [NB The course was eventually cancelled]
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Toll Gates / Jim Cartmel has completed the manufacture of the toll gates and these will be erected shortly.
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Material for children / The first group of children's Information Sheets, prepared by Elizabeth Newbery and designed by Susan England, will be published in mid-March. Work is also well advanced on a new children's guidebook.
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Junior Friends / Launched on 1 Jan and to date 34 members have enrolled. The first meeting will take place on Sat 24 March 1984.
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Communications / With assistance from the Friends, we have been able to order a radio communication system for the Museum, which will greatly assist the Warden and others in managing the site - especially on very busy days.
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984MSC (Manpower Services Commission) / Youth Force - Danny Whitehead has been moved to another project and Nicky Deakin is now in charge. The priority before April will be to bring the Woodland Trail up to standard for the season.
Adult Force - This team has built at least 10 bays of extra covered space in the railway cutting. Dave Lewis is the temporary supervisor until Martin Benson returns.
1984/2SBC Minutes / 27 February 1984Further discussion on Reigate/Horsham buildings / R Harris, aided by a set of drawings, outlined the Reigate/Horsham Shop building scheme, adapting the proposals made at the last meeting. By moving the Horsham Shop 4'6" away from the Crawley Building a staircase could be fitted with bookstore beneath within this space, providing access to a toilet and kitchen. Public toilets would be built at the rear of the Horsham Shop. Queries included the use of the area below the mezzanine floor. Could this be used for a heating plant? The position of the doors in relation to the stairs in the vicinity of the main public access was queried. This would not be changed unless challenged by the Planners. Mrs Hallam commented that on its original site the Horsham Shop had a 2-bay Tudor extension against the rear elevation. She expressed concern at the impact of the modern toilet outshott. Richard Harris commented that he personally felt that the outshott was formally wrong. Mr McDowall suggested altering the shap \\
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984Library / We have received
1984/2Bulletin / February 1984CIOB Festival of Building, 10, 11 & 12 August 1984 / The building industry is supporting this event extremely well and it now promises to be a very full and interesting exhibition
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984REMINDERS / 3.12.84 - GPC - Goodwood Granary. 10.30
5.12.84 - Sites & Buildings, 10.00
10.12.84 - Council of Management, 10.30
12.12.84 - Stewards Session, 10.30-12.30
20.12.84 - Carols in Bayleaf, 19.00 (7pm)
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Volunteers Buffet / A very successful end of Season party was held at West Dean College, attended by 125 volunteers and staff. General Hawes presented the wine and the Friends also assisted financially.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Building Projects / Tenders for the links between the Horsham Shop, Reigate Town House and Crawley Hall have been received. The decision on which contractors will be undertaking the work will be announced shortly.
Peter McCurdy is well under way with the Horsham Shop frame repair and will be erecting it in early January.
The roof of North Cray Hall House is proceeding. It was decided to use a lime mortar pug to bed the tiles rather than lay them on straw or use moss torching, which were the alternatives considered.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984Friends A.G.M. / This was held on November 10th in Chichester and was well attended. The following were elected as officers for the forthcoming year:
Sir James Waddell - Chairman. Bernard Rush - Treasurer. Carol Hawkins - Secretary.
1984/12Bulletin / December 1984David Biart - Chairman / Our Chairman presented a paper on the Legal Responsibilities of Trustees at an A.I.M. Seminar on November 29th at Ellesmere Port.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Horsham Shop / C Zeuner reported on some design changes to the Horsham Shop proposals as presented in drawing form to the Committee. These included the dropping of the roof line for the adjoining staircase to a lower level. The effect could be seen clearly outside, and it had been agreed that this change had been for the better. Further slight alterations had been made to comply with fire regulations, but in fact these had resulted in less expenditure.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Binderton chapel and Anglo-Saxon house at Cowdrays Down, Basingstoke / F Aldsworth thanked the Museum for the help given in consolidating the brick and flint shell of the Binderton 17thC chapel south of West Dean. He also drew the committee's attention to the archaeological paper on the Anglo-Saxon house at Cowdrays Down, Basingstoke. The archaeological evidence has survived well in the chalk and clay subsoil.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Winkhurst / C Zeuner asked the committee to consider whether the building should be relocated when repaired. He suggested a site to the south of the remaining clump. It was considered it could be moved without completely dismantling the frame. It was decided that Winkhurst should be moved, conditional on funds being available and another exhibit being available to take its place. Richard Harris suggested completely dismantling the framework and re-erecting on its new site. The disadvantage of this suggestion was expense. C Zeuner asked the committee whether the roof should be thatched with long straw or reed. Richard Harris stressed that it was justifiable to thatch in either combed wheat reed or long straw.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Two granaries offered to the Museum / It was reported that the Museum had been offered two small granaries, one of which could be used to service the Mill. They were of a granary type that the Museum does not yet show. One is at Graylingwell, Chichester, which is 10' square on 5 staddles, the other is 14' square on 9 staddles and located at West Ashling. AGREED the building from West Ashling would be accepted as it was in better condition and more accessible.
1984/12SBC Minutes / 5 December 1984Alterations to Bayleaf Complex: screening of lavatories / C Zeuner proposed extending the ditch from Pendean across the front of the lavatories with a gateway or bridge for access. He suggested screening by hedge. This would free the Bayleaf curtilage for a medieval garden. This proposal was accepted. The pipework for the lavatories near Bayleaf were uncovered and it was found that this had not been laid correctly by the contractors ten years or more ago. The levels of the inlets were also incorrect. All the problems incurred over the years have been entirely due to this initial faulty work.
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