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1971/9SBC Minutes / 12 September 1971Little Woolborough Barn / Mr Armstrong reported that he had examined this barn and that it was too heavily restored to make it acceptable. He did feel that every effort be made to salvage the tiles, bricks and floor boards. The Committee RECOMMENDED that the Director and Mr Armstrong try to find the necessary resources to save these materials.
1971/9SBC Minutes / 12 September 1971Bignor Stable / Mr Armstrong and Mr Newell reported that this building would provide suitable accommodation for the wheelwright's shop if in re-building it at the museum a centre bay were added to provide additional space to exhibit the wheelwright's equipment. Mr Lowe stressed the importance of having sufficient space for the public to circulate easily. Some members thought it would be against the basic principles of the museum to add an extra bay and that the museum should wait for a more suitable building. In the meantime Mr Lowe agreed to inspect the stable to see if it would be suitable for the museum's shop. Mr Lowe suggested that the Hambrook Barn might be suitable for the wheelwright's shop and it was AGREED to reconsider the whole matter at the next meeting.
1971/9SBC Minutes / 12 September 1971Chilcomb Granary / Mr Armstrong reported that the owner of the Chilcomb Granary was pressing for its removal. Although the frame would need considerable repair it was a type of granary needed by the museum. Committee RECOMMENDED that Mr Armstrong try to acquire the granary but persuade the owner to postpone dismantling until next year if the museum would patch up the roof.
1971/9SBC Minutes / 12 September 1971Siting of the Village Group / NB: a Memorandum was incorporated within the Agenda for this meeting from the Working Party to consider the siting of the Village Group following their two meetings. The Memorandum proposed possible sites: "The Gonville Site" and "The Lake Site". (See hard copy or PDF). The Committee considered the merits and drawbacks of both sites and after lengthy discussion (see hard copy or PDF) RECOMMENDED to the Council of Management that the village group should be erected on the Gonville Site.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Opening Arrangements for 1972 / The Museum will be open from 1100 to 1800 on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 20th May to 1st October.
1972/1SBC Minutes / 16 January 1972Tree screen alongside road / Mr Warrren reported that the County Council were pressing for the thickening of the tree screen on the north boundary of the Museum. Mr Heymann said the men of the Estate may be able to help. The Museum Director will discuss with Mr Heymann what can best be done as a matter of urgency.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972The Progress of Titchfield Market Hall. / The Peter Minet Trust has made it possible for Gunolt Greiner to start on Titchfield Market Hall. The frame should be erected by by the end of April.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Museum Publication for 1972 / The Museum is producing a 1972 guide book, booklets on the blacksmith's forge and the Saxon weaver's hut, a guide to the Nature Trail, a set of 12 slides, 4 colour postcards and cardboard cut-outs of Bayleaf, Toll Cottage and Treadwheel.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Volunteer Work / The Volunteers are making good progress with Hangleton. The potters are making a pottery and a medieval kiln. Volunteers will shortly be starting work on the Kirdford cattle sheds
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972More members of the Friends of the Museum / There are now 820 Friends.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 19721972 Special View for the Friends / There will be no private view for Friends, but there will be a special guided tour for them on 1st October.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Gifts and Grants to the Museum / Thanks to James Longley & Co. Ltd. for gifts of materials and scaffolding. The Carnegie Trust have promised a grant of
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972The Progress of Bayleaf / Roger Champion has made splendid progress with Bayleaf, which is now erected, largely complete inside and waiting for daub.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Attendance at the Museum Last Summer / Attendances figures were: adults 27,863, Students 2,024, Children 13,971.
Total 43,858. Entrance fees will be 20p Adults and 10p Children.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Growth of the Friends / There are now 533 Friends.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Report on the Autumn Opening 1970 / 0n the six weekends when the Museum was open we had 7198 visitors: more on Sundays than Saturdays.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Tree Planting by Mr. Edward James / On 1st April Edward James presented and planted two oak trees near Bayleaf.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Woodland Nature Trail / A woodland Nature trail will be opened this summer. David Streeter has written a booklet
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Volunteer Stewards Needed for Summer Season 1972 / Museum opens 20 May and closes 1 Oct, being open except on Mondays and Fridays. Volunteers needed to act as stewards.
1972/1Newsletter Number Three / Jan-Apr 1972Marriage / Kim Leslie married Jennifer Marchant 1st April 1972
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