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1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Future Developments for 1973/1974 / During the last two months Roger Champion has been finishing off Bayleaf and Hambrook. Then he will improve the storage in the cutting. , Then he will finish the erection of Titchfield Market Hall. Then he will begin work on Pendean. The V & A has promised a grant of
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973The Hambrook Barn / The Carnegie United Kingdom Trust have given
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Treasurer to the Friends / Mr Hill has taken the the Friends' accounts from Kim Leslie and Julia Hett.
Kim Leslie will continue as Treasurer of the Open Air Museum.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973The Goodwood Granary / The Goodwood Estate have given the Museum a granary, which will be brought to the Museum on a low loader under the direction of Chris Zeuner. It will be used as the Office. It will cost
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Can you help us - Needs of the Museum / Special needs are: old carpets or rugs for the granary or the office; high stools for the shop; plumber services; strong boxes for our craft tools; steel scaffold tube; hardcore and topsoil; a second hand cement mixer. Contact Julia Hett.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973New members of the Friends / There are 930 Friends. More wanted.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Special Seminar / Details of the seminars for Friends. Afternoon "The Development of the Museum" 1400 to 1730 on 28th April 1973. Weekend Course "Open Air Museum in Europe" 1800 8th June to 1700 10th June.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Barn belonging to Viscount Falmouth / To avoid making any statement which might influence the Ministry enquiry concerning this 'listed' building, the owner should be informed that the barn cannot be considered for acquisition by the museum until the result of the enquiry is known. Col. Jefferis proposed that in every case of buildings which are subject to Ministry enquiry, the Museum should, as a matter of policy, refuse to express an opinion until the Minister's decision is known. AGREED.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Construction of models by Mr Champion / AGREED the most useful exhibit for the immediate future would be a model of a simple and typical roof structure illustrating the function of members and terminology.
1973/1SBC Minutes / 28 January 1973Mr Zeuner / Election of Mr Zeuner to this Committee was proposed by Mr Armstrong and unanimously AGREED.
1973/1Newsletter Number Five / Jan-Apr 1973Dear Member / We had just on 80,000 visitors last year. One Sunday in October there were 2,300 visitors. In term time we had 35,000 schoolchildren. Doug Bryant took up the job of Warden; Miss Julia Hett frequently ran the museum. An appeal for volunteer stewards.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Lurgashall Mill / Mr Armstrong started by saying that he would recommend a sickle shaped lake, but that whichever solution was decided on, it was in the end a matter of cost. The Chairman suggested that this committee should decide the matters of principle involved in this project first, leaving the details till later. Mr Newell suggested that we must decide how to place the mill first. It could be set on any shaped lake, which could even be altered at a later date. He went on to say that we could turn the mill round, if we do not do this we could not rebuild it as an overshot mill. If we do this it could be rebuilt as a pitch-back or breast shot mill. Mr Chairman intervened to say that he wished us to take the problem in two parts: 1) the problems of landscaping 2) the principle involved in the treatment of the mill. Mr Champion asked that this committee decided the principle, and it should not be left to the proposed sub-committee. He also expressed the view that the mill should be re-erected as it w \\
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Museum Events thourgh the Year / Chris Zeuner reports that Peter Parish has nearly completed the first Kirdford shed.
Ken Ayling, Ron Wakeling & Tim Jenkins are erecting second Kirdford shed.
Road across site complete, but please keep cars off site.
Anthony Simmons has nearly completed Goodwood Granary. The office, previously in John Lowe's house, has been installed within the Museum. Julie Hett's move to Singleton is welcomed.
Ivor Gardner has been working in the forge nearly every Sunday.
The machinery and floors have been removed from Lurgashall mill. Re-erection will be delayed for some time. Peter Minet trust has offered
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Tree Felling / Mr Heymann explained the situation with regard to the felling of trees on the museum site, and the adjoining lands. It was explained that the trees were nearing the end of their lives, and also that many of them were diseased. If action is not taken now, many will fall of their own accord, and it would only be a postponement of the problem.
Mr Heymann also explained the plans for the replanting of the hillside, and expressed the hope that the reasons, and the action being taken, should be explained in the new Museum Guide. AGREED.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Volunteers' Association / Chris Zeuner reports that an association will be set up for the volunteers.
All vounteers can join for annual subscription of 15p.
One AGM.
Members get free entry and can bring 1 guest to Museum
Each member will receive 3 Newsletters a year
Members will have access to courses.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Triumphant Summer Season for the Museum / John Lowe reports that 1973 was a record year with 111,042 visitors: 62,000 adults & 49,042 children. Majority of children in school parties.
Major attraction was craft demonstration.
7 to 10 volunteers were available on every open day.
Next year open from Good Friday, 12th April to end of September except on Mondays.
1973/11Volunteers' News No. 3 / Winter 1973Appointment of New Director / Christopher Zeuner, who was Keeper of the Museum, is appointed Director from 1 April 1974, replacing John Lowe who was Director from April 1969. John Lowe remains as Consultant.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Watersfield stable / Suggestion that it might make a suitable building for the wheelwrights shop. Concern was expressed about the reasons for its demolition. The Chairman explained the situation to the satisfaction of the committee. It was decided that it should be accepted but that no decision be made as to its siting or its use at this stage.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973Trouts Farm / The advanced state of decay of this building was reported on, and the suggestion that only some specific timbers be collected for the Museum collection was AGREED.
1973/11SBC Minutes / 4 November 1973New shed for potters / Mr Armstrong reported. A shed known as Hookswood has been dismantled, and the site has been levelled. Work was now in progress. Mr Zeuner asked the committee to consider the treatment proposed for this building. He expressed concern as to the changes intended. After some discussion AGREED: 1) the ends should be left closed 2) the hips should be replaced 3) the end now a lock-up, should be replaced in a position convenient to the potters.
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