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1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Building Progress
Windlesham Carpenter's Shop, Shepherd,s Hut / Work on the Windlesham Carpenter's shop was undertaken by amateurs, Walter Greenway, John Watt, Ken Ayling, his family and others under Philip Burchett. It will be erected in the Spring. The Museum has the entire collection of tools.
Volunteer John Powick is progressing well with his restoration of a shepherd's hut, which is being financed by the Society of Sussex Downsmen, who have contributed
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Diary of Events / Courses on English Building Traditions by Richard Harris on 6 Thursdays
Friends' AGM
Carol Service on 20th December
Museum open on Sundays, Boxing Day and 30th December, 1st January.
Main season starts March 30th.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Filming / The BBC used the Museum to make a programme for their Schools Service. The Central Junior School from Chichester took part. Heather Champion was involved. The programme was televised in October.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979New members of Staff / Richard (Dick) Pailthorpe has joined the staff as "Senior Assistant", Mrs Jan Pack is Office Secretary, Anthony Burch is Assistant Carpenter, Alan Waters has rejoined the staff to co-ordinate the volunteer workers and Les Whitecall will work part time on site maintenance.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Redford Roundhouse / Two of the walls of the Redford Roundhouse were underpinned in conrete with lifting points. John Friar led the staff in this work. The engineers were R. J. James & Partners and Mr. D. Wilkinson. Then they were lifted onto low loaders provided by C. W. Burch & Sons of Walberton, and slowly driven to the site, where they were placed on their foundation using a 36 ton crane sponsored by Marsh Plant. Richard Harris supplied a drawing in tne Members' Magazine No. 13
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Petersfield Drying Shed / A drying shed and stable which formed part of the Causeway Brick & Tiles Works South of Petersfield was dismantled under the supervision of Chris Zeuner and Alan Waters by volunteers from the Birdham & West Wittering Youth Club. It will form part of the brick-making exhibit. Richard Harris has traced records back to the 1840s.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Charlton Workshop / The first phase of the conversion of the Charlton workshop is nearly complete the new company to run it is called "Singleton Museum Services Limited". The first tenants of the part to be let are "The West Sussex Rural Engineering Company", recently formed to undertake restoration work ranging from waggons to windmills.
The Chichester District helped with a gift of
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Centre Field
Fruit Trees / Next year M. Heymann and J. Mills of West Dean have agreed to plough the field next to the site and sow wheat straw for thatching. South Western Thatchers will harvest the straw by use of a binder.
Thanks to the Principal of West Sussex Ciollege of Agriculture a number of early varieties of fruit trees will be prepared for planting.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Trees / The compartment of trees above Pendean will be clear felled by the West Dean Estate. Because the mature beech is diseased the trees above Winkhurst are likely to be clear felled, with a number of spreading trees left soon. Tree planting on the site will continue. We have agreed with the Edward James Foundation that these trees can only be felled with the Museum's consent.
A number of hedges will be planted.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Building Programme / Boarhunt will be completed by next season and the public will able to see the thatching. Then work will concentrate on North Cray, which will take at least nine months. Work will continue on Redford Roundhouse and Windlesham Carpenter's Shop. Also the staff may be employed in dismantling a 17th century building in the Chichester area, (details to be published later). The charcoal site will be repaired and the hut re-built and the Hambrook Barn exhibition will be improved.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Hatch!
Visitor Statistics to 1st Oct 1979
Carol Service
Barn Dance
Barn Dance / Diana Zeuner gave birth to a daughter, Francesca, on 12th August 1979.
Visitor numbers (143 392) were slightly down on 1978 (148 305)'
The carol service will be held on 20. 12. 79 in Bayleaf.
The Barn Dance held in Court Barn in September raised
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Wood Day / A special demonstration day was organised to show ways of converting timber, including pit sawing in the new saw pit. The Lilliwhite brothers from Charlton demonstrated felling with with a felling axe and crosscut saw. An attempt to persuade a horse to pull the trees to the saw pit was frustrated by the horse. Rod Miller demonstrated spar making; Paul Clear demonstrated hurdle making; Roger Champion demonstrated the use of side axe and adze.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Vice Chairman retires / Major General Hawes, our vice-chairman retired this year. He is replaced by Sir James Waddell. Kim Leslie, our Treasurer, also retired and is raplaced by Mr P. Tye. New members of the Council are Mrs Jean Illius, Mr David Biart and Mr Eric King.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Museum Hostel / The Museum Hostel is now completed, financed by grants from the Queen's Silver Jubilee Fund and Olbys of Bognor Regis
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Carol Service / . The Carol Service will be held in Bayleaf on 20th December
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Book Review / Both Roy and Lyn Armstrong have written books; Lyn's "Woodcutters and Charcoal Burners" is reviewed by Bernard Johnson. Roy's "Traditional Buildings - Accessible to the Public" will be published this autumn,
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979The Museum Shop / Geoffrey Godber describes the history of the Shop, which was intended to provide visitors with something to remind them of their visit and to help the funds. It now makes over
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Miss Selby / Miss Selby, who had long been associated with the Museum, died in a nursing home near Findon. In her last years she donated over
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Spring Excursion 1980
Visit to Ulster Folk Museum / The spring excursion in 1980 will be to the Avoncroft Open Air Museum; it will be organised by Bernard Johnson Those interested in an excursion to the Ulster Folk Museum and the Ulster-American Folk Park should contact Chris Zeuner.
1979/10Members' Magazine No. 14 / Autumn 1979Friends' Subscription Rates. / The minimum subscription rates will be increased to
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