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1990/12Bulletin / December 1990DRAMA AT THE MUSEUM! / Next year in August we will be hosting for a trial period, the Penny Royal Theatre. The Penny Royal originally operated from the home of Mr and Mrs John Pollock in Bosham, and enjoyed great success. It has now outgrown its location and will be coming to Singleton to occupy the yard behind Crawley Hall. Not only will the Theatre itself be very welcome, but the extended use of the Museum into Sunday evenings. Further details in due course.
1990/12Bulletin / December 1990WELCOME! / We are very pleased to welcome Geoff King to the staff as Education Officer, jointly with the West Sussex Countryside Studies Trust at Goodwood.

Also, welcome to Pat Melhuish who takes over from me (Clare Nicoll) as Secretary to Chris Zeuner. I hope she is as happy here as I have been for the last ten years, amongst such a marvellous team of kind and friendly people. You just have to remember that if you are prepared to abandon your typewriter to chase some loose sheep, someone is quite likely to give you a hand when your car won't start! I will miss everyone tremendously, and hope that anyone coming in the Castle Howard direction will come and see us.
1990/12Bulletin / December 1990APPLES! / Apple Day - a new event for next September. This will be a special day devoted to identification, information and demonstrations (and anything else you can think of) about APPLES.
1990/12Bulletin / December 1990NEWS FROM THE HAUTE CUISINE DEPARTMENT! / Roger Champion has started putting up the framework of the Sole Street catering building. The hall and service end will be up by Christmas after which Roger will continue with the repair of the crosswing.
1990/12Bulletin / December 1990MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! / The Trustees have agreed to a special fund raising initiative involving the issue of Unsecured Loan Notes. The purpose of this is to alleviate the cost of borrowing. Already a number of Trustees and others associated with the Museum are partaking in the scheme. At the beginning of next year, accompanying the Friends Newsletter full details will be circulated to everyone associated with the Museum.

If you would like advance details please apply to Chris Zeuner or Jimmy Woollings.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/MarchTRUSTEES / It is with regret that we report the retirement from the Trustees of Brigadier Walter Greenway. However, Walter will continue his work with the Friends and as a volunteer at the Museum.

Mr W M Renwick had also retired, following the successful involvement of the NFU with the staging of the Bayleaf Farming Exhibition.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/MarchVOLUNTEERS / This year the volunteers' briefing will be taking the form of a day's training session on March 3rd. It is being held under the guidance of the Insite Trust which assists many other major tourist centres with volunteer training. This is followed by Richard Harris' lectures on Technical and Research Methods Used at the Museum which take place on the 10th. It is hoped that volunteers will find these two opportunities to increase their expertise and knowledge of great benefit.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/MarchSTAFF / We are sad to report that Heather Champion is retiring at the end of February, having been on the staff here since the early days. She first took charge of the development of the Education Service, and later responsibility for the care of the Museum's collections.

Elizabeth Newbery also leaves us in March to concentrate on her freelance work. Elizabeth served both the Museum and the West Sussex Countryside Studies Trust as joint Education Officer.

We will miss them both very much, and wish them well for the future.

John Williams, Assistant Warden, has announced his decision to retire. He has been a warden here for four years.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/March(none) / "Winter Opening" over Christmas was successful, and the Novice Sheepdog Trials held on 31 January were well attended. The Museum was open to visitors for the recent half term week, and this proved well worthwhile.

Plans are going ahead well for the re-erection of the Sole Street building to provide additional covered space for the catering facilities. It is hoped that a planning application will be submitted shortly after a meeting of the Sites & Buildings Committee on March 1st.

The new access track from Court Barn to Gonville Drive is now under construction, and an associated tree planting scheme will commence shortly. A grant towards this has been received from West Sussex County Council.

Paul Russell and John Winterbottom are hard at work on the frame of the Petersfield Drying Shed, and it is hoped to re-erect this over Easter.

Thelma Jack - Bayleaf Interpretor - had an interesting experience recently. "How nice", exclaimed a visitor to Bayleaf, "there are mannequins in here l \\
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/March1990 LECTURES / A leaflet advertising these lectures, which have been sponsored by Miller Hughes Associates, has been circulated to the Friends, and the response has been overwhelming - like they were nearly all sold out within a couple of weeks!

The first lecture on Uppark by David Sekers, was so popular that it was relocated to the College of Technology in Chichester. Richard Harris' lecture on "Technical and Research Methods used at the Museum" is being repeated twice on the same day to accommodate 120 instead of 60, and it is intended that Fred Aldsworth's lecture on "Deserted Medieval Villages in Sussex" will also be relocated.

The lecture on "New England Architecture" by Geoffrey Claridge was much enjoyed. It was interesting to hear his enthusiasm for skyscrapers as well as traditional buildings.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/MarchWALTER'S QUIZ / Yet again this was a great success. Walter's sense of humour tested participants to the limit. A very embarrassed Carol Hawkins won, but was delighted with the prize of a framed print donated by the Artist, Peter Iden.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/March(none) / Following the recent "Hurricane Mk II", damage has been sustained by most of the thatched buildings on site. Several tiled buildings also suffered damage. As fast as repairs are carried out, more storms sweep in causing further damage! Roll on the Spring, or is this going to carry on all year? Our Director has heard from a reliable source that storms will continue until the end of the century.

Neill Wilkins, Alan Waters and Andrew Hodby have recently attended a course on the safe use of chain saws. This is the result of consideration being given to general safety on site, and further aspects of safety will be looked at.
1990/2Bulletin / January/February/MarchTHE LATE MISS J M COOPER / Miss Cooper very generously left
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Chichester Visitors Group / Ricvhard Pailthorpe has been appointed Chairman of the Chichester Visitors Group in succession to the Duke of Richmond
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990A Firm Offer / An advertisement to businesses and professional firms of the Museum facilities.
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Privies / The Worshipful Company of Plumbers will sponsor a photographic display about privies, which will be displayed in the Museum lavatories.
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Visits to European Museums / Chris Zeuner has made several visits to European Open Air Museums in his capacity as President of the European Association of Open Air Museums. At Bokrijk discussions were made about the celebration of Skansen's centenary. He addressed a large audience concerned with the Eco Museum in Alsace. The bi-annual conference of the Association will be held in Czechoslovakia
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Lectures Book Rapidly / The Museum organised a programme of lectures which were oversubscribed. Among other lecturers were David Sekers and Richard Harris. Miller Hughes Associates sponsored a leaflet about the lectures
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990The Downland Shepherd / Richard Pailthorpe is co-editor of Barclay Wills's book "The Downland Shepherd", which includes pictures by Gordon Beningfield
1990/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4 / March 1990Horace Oliver / Horace Oliver or "Shep" as he was known died in Auigust.
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