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1981/3SBC Minutes / 22 March 1981Toll Cottage / The Director sought the approval of the Committee to use the toll gates to be erected as part of the new Toll Cottage exhibit to close both the main site road and the road to the village. Mr Newell said he saw little point in this. The Director explained his wish to be able to separate the main site from the car parks as an aid to visitor management. AGREED to do this, John Warren suggesting that minor changes to the main site road at its junction with the village road would facilitate the new arrangement.
1981/3SBC Minutes / 22 March 1981Purchase of timber / Roger Champion and the Museum Director raised the question of advance purchase of timber. This may have special benefit for building requiring elm which is now scarce. The advice of the members was sought. The Committee thought that if possible advance stocks of timber would be of great benefit. The problem of conversion to useful sizes in advance remained the most difficult to resolve. The Director and Master Craftsman would pursue the matter.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Toll Cottage / The completed Toll Cottage will be open next year
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981PBWE Scheme / Six young people have been working during the spring on a Project Based Work Experience Scheme. They completed the wattle and daub panels of Boarhunt, including the coppicing. One of these, Brian Boseley, will continue at the Museum for six months with special help from the Radcliffe Trust.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Timber Festival Weekend / A timber festival was held in May. Exhibits included wood turning, furniture restoration, cleaving, charcoal burning, carpentry and antique musical instrument restoration. Mr J. Hampshire from Kirdford demonstrated steam sawing. The Edward James Foundation provided a forestry demonstration. The National Motor Museum of Baulieu supplied a 1937 Land Traulier, designed for timber haulage.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Knatts Lane Horse Whim / The Museum rescued a horse whim from Knatts Lane in Knatts Valley, Kent. It had been a listed building but the owner had let it suffer damage. Roger and Heather Champion rescued the remaining timbers over a weekend. They are using the saw-pit from Sheffield Park in their repair work. They took four and a half hours to saw two wall plates 27 feet long.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Opening of Court Barn / Last autumn Lavinia Duchess of Norfolk opened Court Barn and its exhibition, mounted by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers. David Russel was the architect and Roger Champion did the repair work. A Committee with members of the Plumbers Company and Chris Zeuner and Heather Champion will manage the exhibits.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981New Guidebook / A new guidebook is being written by Richard Harris for the 1982 season
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981The Duke of Gloucester Visits the Museum / The Duke of Gloucester opened Boarhunt. He toured the Museum with Geoffrey Godber, Lavinia Duches of Norfolk, Roy Armstrong, Chris Zeuner and Richard Harris The repair work had been carried out by Roger Champion, the wattle and daub by six young people on a Project Based Work Experience Scheme. The roof was thatched by Rod Miller of South Western Thatchers.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Walderton Cottage / Work went on all winter on the Walderton Cottage under a modern structure (to keep out the rain), which was removed in July for the re-erection of the roof. The project is being filmed by BBC Chronicle. John Friar is working on the flint walls, Roger Champion jhas repaired the timbers, Matti Denton bonded the broken paviors. Richard Harris is in charge of project.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Council of Management / Miss Kate Barson resigned from the Council in June. David Biart, Col. William Harrison, Nigel Talbot Ponsonby and Jimmy Woollings joined the Council. Geofffrey Godber, Sir James Waddell and Patrick Tye remain Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer respectively.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Bell Frame from Hampshire / Roger and Heather Champion have dismantled a 16th century bell-frame in Southwick. It is hoped that we will eventually be able to display it to the public.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Exhibitions / The Museum's travelling exhibition has been to many venues, including the shop windows of the Museums Association and the Britannia Building Society in London.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981A Computer joins the Museum Staff / The Museum now has a micro-computer to help with indexing. Richard Harris is developing a programme. The volunteer force led my Marjorie Hallam have been working on cataloguing.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Salvington Mill / The Museum is co-trustee of Salvington Mill, which held its first Open Day. The West Sussex Engineering Company had done the repairs. The crown-tree weighs 2 tons and cost
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Man's Influence on the Landscape - A New Exhibition / A permanent exhibition is being prepared by Ruth Tittensor and designed by Bruce Williams. It will show the development of the landscape and will be housed in Coldwaltham Shed.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981The Museum Rescues a Town House from Surrey / The Museum rescued a 17th century town house from Reigate's High Street, which was redeveloping. Richard Harris uncovered some brightly coloured wall paintings. The Department of Environment helped rescue the paintings. Others involved were Roger and Heather Champion, Alan Waters, six young people on the Project Based Work Experience Scheme and Mick Cunliffe.
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981West Wittering School Dismantled / This summer the Museum dismantled a very small school in West Wittering. The school was originally built by the Oliver Whitby Trust Mr Harris, headmaster of West Wittering School, drew the Museum's attention to this building. Alan Waters, Martin Bossom and Brian Boseley did the work. Fred Aldsworth had surveyed and drawn the building Richard Harris was closely involved and Heather Champion has traced its history
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Enormous Success at Friends' Auction / Nearly
1981/8Members' Magazine No. 16 / 1981Charlton Farm Open Day / In February the Museum held an Open Day at Charlton Farm
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