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1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Siting of Excavated Structures / The spur of higher ground within the western edge in Zone D (see plan with hard copy of these minutes) would resemble the natural setting of the Saxon Weaver's hut and would be fitting to the general plan of the Museum. AGREED that these visually small-scale and experimental constructions would not be appropriate to the wider landscape near the entrance. A clearing in the woodland to the north of the charcoal burning area would provide a suitable location for the proposed gruben-haus.
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Areas to be opened to the public in 1970 / Committee welcomed the suggestions of Mr Hyman (sic) and Mr Mills of West Dean Estate concerning the stockproof fencing of the grazing area, and the safeguarding of the newly planted trees. AGREED dogs should not be admitted this year. Location of car parks and picnic areas AGREED.
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Siting and size of the lake / Variety of opinion. AGREED that size of the lake should not be so great to prevent the siting of buildings in this northern angle of the museum. On the other hand, it was appreciated that for technical reasons as well as for visual effect the area of water could not be reduced beyond a certain limit.
1970/2SBC Minutes / 8 February 1970Tread Wheel, Catherington / Has been given to the museum. Wheel being repaired and timbers of the wheelhouse stored at the re-erection site. Letter of thanks will be sent to the Prescott family.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Netherhale / Mr Lowe and Mr Rigold reported on the meeting held by Corpus Christi College at Netherhale in April. Seemed clear that there was very little chance of Netherhale remaining in situ. Mr Rigold pointed out that the hall was very large with the front missing. Meeting AGREED it might not be possible to re-erect the hall. AGREED we should ask Corpus for the whole building, they to pay for dismantling and transport, with no strings attached to the gift. We should aim to re-erect the solar wing and to display other parts of the building, using timbers from the hall for repairs.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Horam Wagon Shed / Still on offer to the museum but no immediate action needed.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Boarhunt Cruck Cottage / Cottage was partially dismantled. Only expense involved was Mr Champion's labour. The meeting AGREED this was a very rare type of building and every effort should be made to re-erect it at West Dean, even if a very large percentage of the timbers had to be replaced.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Green Man Cottages, Guildford / This building dates from about 1600 and is in very good condition. No hope of preserving it in situ. Strongly recommended for the museum by Mr Eric Mercer of the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments. Committee AGREED we should try to acquire the building but that every effort be made to persuade the owners, Courages Brewery, to pay for the cost of dismantling and re-erection. Considered very doubtful if the museum could find any money to save the building at this time.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Yapton Granary / Siting to be considered later.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Sole Street / Situation remains unchanged. Meeting reaffirmed importance of saving this rare building.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Mockbeggars / Should be included in the Bayleaf complex and be sited on a north-south axis abutting the west end of the wagon shed. Dismantling due to start shortly. Hoped that Young Adventurers can borrow a low loader free of charge and can transport Mockbeggars to West Dean. If they fail to do this, transport probably cost about
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Saxon Hut / Site has now been cleared.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Bersted Round House / Should be included in the Bayleaf complex but its siting should be decided later; it would almost certainly be erected against one of the barns.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Granary, Old Hall Farm, Outwood Common / The farmer owning this granary says he may have a purchaser for it. Meeting decided it should only be considered if offered as a gift.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Little Pilfolds, Horsham / This small 16thC cottage is on a site being developed by Wimpey who are prepared to give the building to the museum. Mr Warren thought there was some chance that Wimpey might make a contribution to dismantling and re-erection. The cottage may not have to be removed for two years. Meeting decided museum should try to acquire the cottage if this could be done at little cost.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Bornes (sic - ? Bournes), Horsham / Mr Warren thought there was small hope of this building remaining in situ. Meeting considered that parts should be saved for the museum. Mr Warren thought the situation might become urgent by the end of the summer and that rescue of the building might cost several hundred pounds. It was suggested that money might be raised by a local appeal with possibly a contribution from the local authority.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Bayleaf Complex / Mr Warren said there was now a possibility that the builders, Longleys, might undertake the erection of Bayleaf making some contribution to the cost. The museum would let a contract to Longleys for the main work with a separate sub contract for the repair and erection of the frame to be supervised by Mr Champion. Longleys are now preparing an estimate which would be the basis of further discussion. Meeting then discussed the layout of the Bayleaf complex. AGREED that Wealden farms followed no fixed pattern. Mr Rigold urged that a distinction be made between the N.E. and S.W. Weald and the meeting AGREED that Bayleaf should be the centre of a N.E. group and Pendean the centre of a S.W. group. The meeting then discussed the actual siting of Bayleaf and AGREED on a south-east orientation
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Threshing Machine / Reported that this might be delivered this summer. AGREED to store it near Bayleaf complex. If difficult, Mr Heymann said he might find storage space at Chilgrove.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Littlehampton Granary / Thatcher is still waiting for supply of Devon straw and until he has this he cannot complete his estimate. AGREED the inside of the granary should be limewashed.
1970/5SBC Minutes / 3 May 1970Catherington Wheel / Mr Champion reported: he had repaired the wheel and would be ready to erect the frame in about two months. Meeting confirmed approval of the site and Mr Warren said he was obtaining concrete rings to line the wall.
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