Monographs, offprints and references

You can search the Museum's library catalogue here (as at 1 March 2022).

The database contains 24,069 records of monographs, offprints, and references to articles in books and periodicals.
It does not include serials. To search serials, use the second database (below).

If an Accession Number (Accn_Num) is shown, the record is a monograph or offprint.
If no Accession Number is shown, or the number is preceded by "Ref", the record is a reference. The number following "Ref" is the accession number of the "parent" volume which contains the article or chapter shown in the reference.
The source of offprints and references is shown following a / at the end of the title.
Truncated titles end with \\.

The databases cover both the Loan and Reference Libraries. Each physical copy of a book has its own record, so some titles are duplicated.

Shelf: Shelving is in three broad subjects: B = Buildings ; E = Environment (eg local and social history, agriculture, crafts, arts, biographies) ; M = Museums & Heritage Sites (eg guide books, management, Weald & Downland Museum publications). Sub-divisions of the three broad subjects are given by a numerical code. A full list of the codes is available on request from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We also hold the library of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, the contents of which are identified by "WCP" as their Shelf Subject and a special collection of blacksmithing-related books, identified by "ABC". These books are kept in the Gridshell Artefacts Store, not the main library, but they are accessible on request.

Monographs, offprints & references
(24069 Records)

 Accn_Num   Statement of Responsibility   Title   Year   Shelf 
T WalterEarly Bath : the decline of the Georgian terrace / Period Home, 7 N1 p131986B/22
W H GodfreySussex church plans (St Giles Shermansbury) / Sussex Notes and Queries, 13 N3 p621950B/26
Ancient ironworks at Ninfield / Sussex County Magazine, 10 N7 p5161936E/33.0
L RichmondImporting old standards / SPAB News, 10 N1 p161989B/10.7
I C HannahA fifteenth century house at Tarring / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 74 p2091933B/22
J BrownPuttenham Priory / Surrey - The County Magazine, 9 N4 p1001978B/22
King Charles Cottage, Southwick Green / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N5 p3281938B/22
G HothersallThe Glibert Poor Law Union. Sutton, West Sussex / West Sussex History, 29 p311984E/66.0
A D StoyelResearches & discoveries in Kent : Record & Little Record, Shoreham / Archaeologia Cantiana, 102 p2651985B/22
W BudgenSussex Turnpike Trusts / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N5 p1531927E/35.1
M BlatchSurrey Churches- Saxon to Georgian / Surrey History, 2 N1 p41978/9B/26
And the truth shall make you? / The Ark, 13 N7 p2311986E/17.36
W A S RobertsonChurches in Romney Marsh / Archaeologia Cantiana, 13 p4081880B/26
Coombes and its church / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N12 p5521950B/26
S PearceWas Uckfield a market town? / Sussex History, N30 p111990E/15
A ClarkDeserted but not forgotten / English Heritage Mag., N11 p141990E/61.0
Low-side windows in Mid-Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N5 p2131956B/26
edited by B GreysmithRenovation case history No.47 : back from the brick / Traditional Homes, Aug p241988B/10.0
E PritchardRichard Cobden at home / West Sussex History, 17 p71980E/66.0
Belted oxen / Sussex County Magazine, 27 N12 p6071953E/17.38
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Use this database to search for serials. It contains 7,919 records.


 Accn_Num   TITLE   Year   VOL   NUM 
2696AEOAM Tagungsbericht19748
23986AEOAM Tagungsbericht201125
23987AEOAM Tagungsbericht200723
23988AEOAM Tagungsbericht200522
23989AEOAM Tagungsbericht200321
24000AEOAM Tagungsbericht1991
23999AEOAM Tagungsbericht1990
8176AEOAM Tagungsbericht1988
23998AEOAM Tagungsbericht1986
5196AEOAM Tagungsbericht1984
3417AEOAM Tagungsbericht19769
9459Agricultural History Review19531
9460Agricultural History Review19542
9461Agricultural History Review19553Part I
9462Agricultural History Review19553Part II
9463Agricultural History Review19564Part I
9464Agricultural History Review19564Part II
9465Agricultural History Review1957VPart I
9466Agricultural History Review1957VPart II
9467Agricultural History Review1958VIPart I
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