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1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning:2) Aisled hall at Sole Street, possibly 13thC / Although the Kent Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings indicated that this would be preserved in situ, demolition has started, but the owner has agreed to do nothing further without notifying the Secretary. Although the roof is stripped he has promised to let the Museum have the medieval portion, but measured drawings, labelling and help in supervision of dismantling are essential.
1968/5SBC Membership / Committee members and dates of service / Sites & Buildings Committee: First meeting 12 May 1968; last meeting (assumed) 1 Mar 1990) : Aldsworth, F.Nov81-Mar90; Armstrong, J. R. May68- Mar90; Champion,H.Feb79-May82; Champion, R. Nov69-Mar90; Farmer, Alderman J.A. May68-Aug73; Gravett, K.W.E. May68-Jan73; Gray, P.Mar81-Mar83; Hallam, Mrs M.J. May68-Mar90; Harding, Miss J. Aug68-Jun75; Harris, R.Jan76-Mar90; Hawes, Maj.Gen.L.A. Aug68-Oct82; Heymann, M. Nov69-Mar90; Jefferis, Col. G.M.Nov69-Jun83; Jermy, E. H. May68(only); Leslie, K. Aug68-Jul71; Longley, P. Oct70-Nov73; Lowe, J. Aug68-Oct74; McDowall, R.W. May68-Dec86; Martin, D.May71-Jan73; Mason, J. T. May68-May71; Mercer, E.Sep75-Jul76; Newell, G. Sep71-May86; Oliver,J.May82-Mar90; Pailthorpe, R.Dec89-Mar90; Parkin,J.Aug68-Sep71; Rigold, S.E. May68-May80; Robson,A.Jun79-Feb84; Russell, D. Jun75-Mar90; Sheppard, A.V. Aug68(only);Warren, J. May68- Mar90; West, I.Sep75-Mar90; West, N.L. Aug68-Jan72; Wood, R.H. Aug68-Feb72; Zeuner, C.H.Jan73-Mar90
1968/5SBC minutes / 12 May 1968Pendean / After the Secretary had reported that the county might be prepared to help with the dismantling, AGREED an application should be made for a grant for this purpose, and Mr Warren agreed to make this application.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968West Dean Estate / Farm buildings on the Estate which might be replaced by more modern buildings during the next 2 years - suitable for removal to the Museum?: Home Farm: 2 ranges of implement sheds and a forge; Colworth Farm: large barn with unobstructed interior c50' x 27' dating possibly from late 17thC, implement shed of 4 bays c35' x 16', barn of 6 bays with single aisle, hovel with flint walls and brick quoins; Steeple Ash Farm: double-aisled barn c60' x 40', small weatherboarded loose box; Crows Hill Farm: barn of probably 17thC, granary c16' sq. on 9 staddle stones; Manor Farm: granary and implement shed.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Sole Street / AGREED a reasonable sum be offered for original timber framing and that the Secretary should keep in close touch with Mr Hobbs, the developer, and with the owner of the separately owned solar wing. AGREED it was a sufficiently rare and important building for every effort to be made to secure the frame, however much might need replacement or reconstruction.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Mock Beggar Old Hall, Cranbrook / Doubt expressed whether building as a whole justified reconstruction, but as a store of good timber it would be extremely valuable. Mr Rigold suggested, therefore, that when the Post Office is ready to begin demolition we should ensure careful dismantling and agree, if practicable, for the transport of the timbers direct to West Dean.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Netherhale Farm House / AGREED this is important building and one we should acquire if possible. Mr Rigold said that Corpus Christi College had a good reputation and might be persuaded to increase its offer of
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / Some difference of opinion as to the importance of this "Wealden" house. If it could be proved that it was complete in its present form and therefore represented a rather rare type with a single jetted combined service-solar wing, Mr Rigold considered that it certainly would be worth trying to secure. The frame is fairly complete with well preserved mouldings at both ends of the two bay hall, and an oriel window intact except the upper sill has been raised a few inches, but without mutilation.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Titchfield Market Hall / No decision could be made since the Trustees and the Titchfield Rural District Council had been stimulated to consider its restoration in situ.
1968/5SBC Minutes / 12 May 1968Terwick Mill / Some discussion of the situation at Terwick Mill, and also of North Mill, Midhurst, which is due for demolition. With regard to Terwick, AGREED that the older 17thC mill would be ideal for reconstruction at West Dean should it prove impossible to preserve it as a working mill on its present site. With regard to the North Mill, most of the machinery is too large or too recent to be worth consideration as a whole, but certain portions, according to the report of Mr Gregory, would certainly be worth salvaging as separate museum exhibits.
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Other buildings which might be discussed
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning: 1) Pendean Farm House / Pendean Farm House near Midhurst. Has been given by Messrs Hall & Co to the Museum on condition that it is dismantled and removed before the end of the summer. If the work is placed with a contractor the work is not likely to cost less than
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning:3) Mockbeggar Old Hall, Cranbrook. / This is now a barn, but basically a complete five bay medieval building, with the central tie-beam and braces of the two bay hall well preserved moulded dais intact. Roof entirely rebuilt but in good condition. This would make an excellent exhibition hall, and in itself provide an interesting building illustrating the decline and adaptation of a medieval hall. The cost of dismantling might perhaps be met by the developers (G.P.O.)? Drawings, labelling and supervision would need to be undertaken by colleagues in Kent.
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning: 4) Netherhale Farmhouse, St Nicholas at Wade, Thanet. / This is a large and fine 15thC hall with a somewhat later rebuilt solar crosswing, jetted on two sides.
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning: 5) Bridge Cottage, Uckfield. / A late Wealden type hall with some good features, and although it appears to have lost one, possibly two, bays at the solar end, it might be worth consideration but only if the cost of dismantling would be met by the developers. There are certainly portions which would be worth having, and as replacement timber it would provide valuable material. Whether the building as a whole might be considered for re-erection is more problematical, and if acquired would, I think, need to be stored on the understanding that no guarantee of re-erection could be given. This makes an agreement with the developers perhaps rather problematical - or with any other body who might be prepared to help with the cost of dismantling.
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Decisions now need to be made concerning: 6) Titchfield Old Market Hall. / The Trustees (Earl of Southampton's Estate) wrote early in the year about the possibility of giving this to the Museum, as they could not afford to put it into repair and its location in a cul-de-sac makes restoration for any use in Titchfield difficult. The matter is now being considered by residents in Titchfield, who, since the offer was made, have discovered an interest in the Market Hall. It would, if acquired, make a most suitable centrepiece for any village grouping with its open arcade underneath, and the hall above which could be used for exhibition purposes. Its basic structure is complete, though some of the main arcade posts would need renewal or partial renewal. It would not be a difficult building to dismantle and re-erect, but it is already suffering badly at the hands of hooligans etc. If it could be acquired I think it should have high priority.
1968/5SBC Memorandum for First Meeting / 1 May 1968Principle (sic) concern of Committee /
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968Sole Street / Situation unchanged since last meeting. Tenant has no plans to vacate. We are assured that due notice will be given before any move to demolish. AGREED that a recommendation be made to the Finance & General Purposes Committee to authorise spending up to
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968North Mill, Midhurst / Sold by Cowdray Estate. The stone building itself too large and costly for the Museum to accept, but selected machinery will be available in due course.
1968/8SBC Minutes / 11 August 1968Pendean / West Sussex County Council has granted
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