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1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993John Herniman takes to the hills. / John Herniman raised
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Museum Director in Russia / Chris Zeuner has visited Russia and Romania this year as President of the EAOAM
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Sleeves up! / A short article on the Tuesday gang with a picture of Brian Dell, Reg Knight, John Herniman and Nick Hutton.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Visit to Normandy / Marjorie Hallam and Kay Coutin led a visit to Normandy: Honfleur, Courcy, Crevecoeur, Querville, de Champ Versant and de Canapville.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Winter Talks / Winter talks will be made by Peter Brandon, Peter Reynolds, Chris Zeuner, Kim Leslie, Olivia Mills, Richard Harris.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Events Diary / Main events will be: ESUS Woodland Management Course, Steam Threshing etc, Phoebe Somers's book launch, Christopher Fry at Slindon, Virginia Lyon's photos etc, Christmas Shopping, Carols, Gary Couper leading a walk over the Trundle,
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Reigate Chimney completed / The chimney of Reigate has been completed: the lower two thirds in stone dressed and built by Mick Betsworth and the rest in brick by Mick and Ron Betsworth.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Christmas shopping weekend / Keith Bickmore is stocking the shop with suitable Christmas presents
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Advertising Opportunities / Tthe Museum is inviting advertisements for the March issue. Contact Richard Pailthorpe,
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993County Council Events / The Museum hosted two West Sussex County Council Events; the launch of its Rural Strategy and its Environment Week.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Plumbing and Masonry Exhibition moves forward. / Bob Powell and Richard Harris have been responsible for the text and design of the new exhibition on stone masonry and plumbing in Court Barn. Richard Murdoch has helped.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Livestock Developments / The Sussex cow produced a calf, and Rosie produced a filly. A Tamworth boar is visiting our sows. The Southdown ram has been replaced by another.
1993/10Magazine Vol. 3 No. 11 / October 1993Friends future social events. / Virginia Lyon is organising on 3 days in the winter a display of her own material based on the Museum. It is hoped to arrange trips to Chatham Historic Dockyard, Ightham Mote, and Luton Museum & Hat Factory
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992BUILDING CONSERVATION EXHBITION / A high standard of presentation and interest was displayed by all exhibitors, covering very many aspects of building conservation. The event will be repeated again in 1994.
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992LYNN SHAW / Lynn has been away for several weeks and is greatly missed by staff in the Museum Office. We wish her a speedy recovery after her spell in hospital, and hope she is not finding her convalescence too boring Lynn will be returning soon on a part time basis and we hope we have not made too much of a mess for her to clear up.

Our thanks go to Catherine Melhuish for all her help over the past few weeks in the Office while Lynn has been away. We hope you enjoy your well-eared visit to Canada, Catherine!
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992TIM BOWLEY / The evening picnic for the Friends was a success with Tim creating a magical atmosphere for those who came to hear him. His storytelling to the school children over the following 3 days was also very well received.
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992HORSES / Singleton Primrose, Rosie's foal, has been exchanged for Radford Gim, a 6 year old colt. Gim will be assisting William in his work around the Museum.
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE / The final accounts for 1991 have now been audited and are available in the Office for any staff and volunteers who would like to see them.
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992CHAIRMAN AND TRUSTEES / Mr Nigel Stephens has retired as Chairman of our Executive Board. We send him our thanks for the great deal of time and effort he has put into keeping the Board in order over the last 5 years. Mr Stephens is succeeded by Dr Alan Hayes who has recently retired from ICI at Fernhurst, and we hope he enjoys his time as Chairman.

Mr Jim Oliver has found it necessary to stand down from the Executive Board but he will remain a valued Trustee of the Museum. Thanks go to Mr Oliver for his contributions.

Col Harrison has retired as a Trustee of the Museum. He has devoted an enormous amount of his time to the Museum for which we thank him.
1992/7Bulletin / July 1992VISITOR NUMBERS / As at the end of July we were 5,700 visitors behind, or approximately 5% down, on last year's running attendance. The major fall can be attributed to fewer school children due to a shorter summer term. The other major difference has been lower attendances at the Sheep Dog Trials and Heavy Horses. Despite the downward trend this year we are, in comparison with many other museums and similar attractions, performing very creditably in this current difficult economic climate.
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