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1984/5Bulletin / May 1984West Wittering School / Now open to the public. We were pleased that good TV, radio and press publicity was achieved.
1984/5Bulletin / May 1984Visitor numbers at Easter / Year Good Friday Saturday Sunday Monday TOTAL
1984 1,834 1,645 2,174 2,954 8,607 (87% up on 1983)
1983 833 639 1,333 1,779 4,584
1982 2,204 1,701 3,014 4,010 10,929
1981 2,136 1,482 1,722 2,193 7,533
1984/5Bulletin / May 1984Alan Waters / - is undertaking some wattle fencing at the Imperial War Museum as part of the reconstruciton of a Yugoslav partisan hideout. The information for the fencing was taken from contemporary photographs.
1984/5Bulletin / May 1984Demonstrations / The Plumbing Teachers' Association have again organised a series of demonstrations of plumbing skills for the forthcoming season
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Horsham / Reigate / Progress report on fund raising:
John Warren has offered to launch the project in the Horsham area with his Board Room as the venue. This event, to which potential donors will be invited, will take place in July. The Redland Brick Co have offered free materials. Lignacite (Tarmac) have offered materials. Rush & Tomkins, who developed the site in Reigate from which the Reigate building came, have sent a cheque for
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Friends membership drive / This has so far recruited over 120 members. These new members will be extremely welcome and we hope they will find their association with the Museum rewarding and will re-join when the time comes.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Dates / 10 June - Heavy Horse at Singleton
10 June - Junior Friends, 10am
11 June - Council of Management
19 June - General Purposes Cttee
20, 22, 23 June - Medieval Players
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Heavy Horse at Singleton / The Sussex Mutual Building Society will be sponsoring this event and we are grateful for their interest.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984School bookings / Every weekday is full in June, as is the first week of July.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984West Sussex Rural Engineering / Peter Darby and Gus Pollard have completed the gun carriage and this has been delivered to the Mary Rose. The Trust appear to be well pleased with it.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984North Cray hall house / Roger Champion is now repairing the roof of this building. It can be seen partially erected at Charlton barns.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Telephone extensions / These have been installed at the refreshments and stables for emergency use only.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Country Fair / This year was a great success. Over
1984/6Special Edition / June 1984Message from the Chairman to the Friends / Sir James Waddell says that the Friends have accepted responibility for a Development Fund Appeal. Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) is being paid an honorarium and is making a start at tapping new sources. John Warren is encouraging the Horsham District Council to help with the horsham shop. Rush & Tomkins plc have given
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984MSC Library assistants / Interviews will take place shortly. It has been decided to provide a Portacabin behind the library in order to house people working on this scheme. While this is not entirely satisfactory it is the only immediate solution. It will be screened as well as possible.
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Health & Safety / An advisory visit by the Health & Safety Inspector has taken place. On the whole we appear to be showing the necessary common sense about H&S matters. However, the following points are worth making.
1. People using chemicals are not always aware of the hazards involved with particular chemicals. Anyone using chemicals to treat woodworm or dry rot must use suitable gloves and goggles - this is very important. Also, if these chemicals are used indoors, good ventilation is essential.
2. A number of Calor gas cylinders were stored indoors - this must not happen.
3. Lead burning can no longer take place.
4. The sawpits need better protection and a number of extra guards are necessary in the Lurgashall Mill.
We shall also need to revise and renew some of the lifting equipment used in dismantling and re-erecting buildings.
Detailed recommendations will be made on receipt of the formal report from the H&S Executive.
1984/6Special Edition / June 1984New Manpower Services Commission Scheme / A team under the Manpower Services Commission Sceme will be working under Caroline Hallam in the library.
1984/6Special Edition / June 1984Medieval Players Summer Tour / Tickets for Don Pedro Caldron "the Great Theatre of the World" are advertised
1984/6Bulletin / June 1984Congratulations / - to Robert & Jacqueline Demaus on their marriage on 12 May.
1984/6Special Edition / June 1984Council of Management / The following were elected as members of the Council of Management: Peter Careless, who will act as company secretary and Walter Greenway as representative of the Friends. Other Friends at the meeting were Bernard Johnson, Eric Kay and Jack Kessler
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