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1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Busy Special Events Programme Planned for 1991 / Special events in 1991 include: Food Fair; Sussex Guild of Craftsmen's Exhibition; Heavy Horses; Rare Breeds; Natural World Craft Fair; Apple Day; Steam Threshing & Ploughing.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Sole Street Aisled Hall / Work on Sole Street continues. It will form part of the new catering facility, which will open at Easter. It will provide covered space for visitors to sit after collecting their refreshments. A new kitchen is being added to the old wagon shed. The planning was undertaken by Miller Hughes Association. Pictures include Roger Champion, Alf Peacock and Dave Gabbitas at work
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Shoeing Downland Oxen / Bob Powell reports on the shoeing of working oxen. Besides referring to many books he also reports on talks with Frank Dean a farrier at Rodwell,
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991The Founding Years / Kim Leslie has written a booklet on the founding years of the Museum.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Steady Flow of Flour / Neil Wilkins reports that sales of flour, recipe books and Lurgashall cookies have held up well.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Andrew's Magic Litter Machine / Cleaning the Museum is the responsibility of Hazel Bleach and Christine Holden, Andrew Hodby has built a vehicle which looks like an antiquated ice cream seller's machine to carry full litter bags, John Chattaway also harnesses William to his cart for the same job.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991A 3000 Year Old Building Technique; Its Discovery and Conservation. / An article by Archie Walls on a particular type of building found in Arabia, based on horizontal layers plastered over and allowed to dry before lay the next layer. [The article should be read in the original]
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Charcoal Dust - Nothing Wasted / Alan Waters's production of charcoal has increased and we are exploring markets for charcoal smaller than that used for barbecues, It is being used for bluing gun barrels. The horticultural company, J Arthur Bowers, is buying it for mixing in compost, bulb fibre and lining flower bowls.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991The Shop - A Hive of Activity within the Museum / Monica Hannevold describes the history of the shop and its present activity. It started in the Toll House and John Lowe, Doug Bryant, Marjorie Bryant, Daphne Chanmdler, Joan Brooks, Ethel Buvyer and many others all took their turns there. Then it moved to the Littlehampton Granary, and later to its present home in the Lavant House. Keith Bickmore took over its running in 1983, and is now helped by Ann Kirby, Betty Putnam and Monica Hannevold. The shop sells literary and educational material and souvenirs to all comers. Its profits help the finances of the Museum. It also receives comments from visitors about their day at the Museum.
1991/3Magazine Vol. 3 No. 6 / March 1991Museum wins a Gateway Interpret Britain Award / The Museum has won a Gateway Interpret Britain Award for the Bayleaf Project. Sir Wyn Roberts presented Richard Harris with the award at Caerphilly Castle in January. Chris Zeuner and Roger Champion were also there. The Award Scheme, sponsored by Gateway Foodmarkets, is organised by the Society for Interpretation of Britain's Heritage, whose Chairman is David Uzzell. An important feature is the work of Thelma Jack and Peter Burton.
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991FROM THE COLLECTIONS / It is with pleasure that I have welcomed the return of the "Tuesday Gang". With a hard-core of five (George, John, John, Ted and Walter) a start has been made on many tasks mainly with an outdoor emphasis. Braving dust and dirt, Watersfield Stable has been given an "Autumn clean", and our Ransoms cultivator at Gonville stables has started to undergo a face-lift including painting. Further stirling work has also happened at "The Cutting" were several of our larger items have been wood preserved, greased and oiled into a state of care that they have not experienced in years. In spite of these and other tasks, I am still asked "When are we going to see the horse drawn lawn mower?" Rest assured, troops, the day will come!

On the subject of large equipment we have now acquired our own six food Massey Harris binder, courtesy of Mr Robert Crossley of Hambledon. Dating from the 1930s the binder is in quite good condition and is seen as a useful addition to our equipment in relation \\
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991DATES FOR YOUR DIARY / Carols in North Cray 7 pm 19 December 1991
Volunteers' Training Session:
Provision for Disabled Visitors * 2 pm 20 December 1991
Walter's Quiz 2-3.30 pm 29 December 1991
Novice Sheep Dog Trials 11 am 29 December 1991
Volunteers' Training Sessions:
Schools/Edctn Services/Guiding * 2 pm 14 January 1992
New Roles for Volunteers * 6.30 pm 27 January 1992
Volunteer Briefing 9.30 am 28 February 1992
OR \\
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991REQUEST / Mrs Lesley Large would be grateful for any pickle or jam jars with screw lids. She would also welcome Schwarz-type spice jars. If you have any of these, please leave them at the Museum office.
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991FILMING / Various companies have been filming here recently. Look out for the Museum on the television over Christmas.
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991PLOUGHING AND STEAM THRESHING WEEKEND / The weekend in October was a success with more ploughing teams of horses and tractors than ever before. The weather was good over the two days and the event attracted some 3,800 visitors.

Bert Dibben as usual came with his threshing tackle and the process went through very smoothly, aided by a spell of dry weather. An extra amount of long straw was threshed for a special order and in general the quality of the straw was good if a little short.
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991FRIENDS DINNER / The fund raising dinner held at the Coronation Hall, Slindon, on 1 November was a most enjoyable occasion attended by fifty Friends. After dinner Ross Wood (better known to some of us as Rosemary McGregor-Wood, the wife of our Trustee, Neil McGregor-Wood) entertained us by reading some of her poems which were much enjoyed by her audience. She very generously donated the profit of copies of her volume "A Pen Dipped in Some Ink" which were sold. The whole evening made
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991CHARCOAL / The charcoal dust that Alan Waters has accumulated from two years successful burning has been sold to a company on Humberside. This necessitated the filling of a rigid tilt lorry to transport it.
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991FINDON FAIR SHEEP HURDLES / We have purchased the Findon Fair Sheep Hurdles from the Managing Agents, Handleys. The Hurdles were due to be disposed of and it was essential for the future of the Rare Breeds Show to rescue the collection intact, as well as saving a very important part of Sussex's rural history. The WSCC has kindly donated
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991STAFF / We are sorry to report that Neill Wilkins, the Miller, has left the Museum staff but he will still visit us from time to time due to the nature of his work.

Another member of staff whom we shall be sorry to lose at the end of the month is Jonathan Roberts, our Librarian, who has been with us for several years. We wish him well for the future.
1991/12Bulletin / December 1991TIMBER SNIGGING / 11 November - 7 am
I had to wait for Andy (nothing new!) because the plug from the caravan did not reach the horsebox; there was just a short delay before William and I were off to Lewes - unfortunately, we met the rest of the South going to work on the way. There was one stop for milk, bread and Polo's for William.

When we arrived at Ashcombe Farm we were met by Ray Hatley of Esus, who told me I would be staying until Thursday, which was Press Day. (I had thought I would only be there until Wednesday!)

I got William out of his box, cleaned his hooves and gave him a quick groom before going to the woods to begin snigging out the timber. An hour and a half later we had brought down so much wood that Dave (whose job it was to cut it) could not keep up with us, so a second chainsaw was brought in so that they could catch up before the lunch break.

Willy had his feed and water first - a very happy horse! Then I grabbed a quick cuppa and sandwich before getting back to work. We br \\
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