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1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Master Plan for the Museum Site / There was general agreement that a master plan for the whole site, prepared for the use of this Committee and subject to revision as necessary, would be helpful, but that such a plan should not be presented to the Planning authority. There was general discussion on drawings and suggestions previously circulated by Mr Warren.
An immediate problem was a site for Hambrook Barn. Mr Rigold felt its design made it unsuitable to be associated with Bayleaf. Mr Champion proposed that, if it was to be used as a workshop, it should be sited in the craft area. A working party was formed to consider the details.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Siting of the Village Group (and the function of the "Buildings and Site Planning Committee" as it was then known) / The Chairman (Mr Warren) reported on the Council of Management's decision (here summarised, see hard copy or PDF for full details):
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Policy concerning Buildings / The Chairman reported that certain members of the Committee had suggested that the Committee should express its policy concerning the acceptance and re-erection of buildings. This was briefly discussed and the following principles were accepted for further consideration: (a) Museum accepts only those buildings which are doomed on their original sites; (b) buildings accepted must be worthy of exhibition in their own right; (c) in reconstructing buildings at the Museum, the repair work and the use of new materials shall not be disguised; (d) that a system of grading buildings would be an aid in clarifying the Committee's conclusions concerning the degree of responsibility inherent in preserving the original character of a building, and that for buildings in the highest categories any adaptation of structure is in principle undesirable.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Buildings for Consideration: Little Woolborough Barn / Was constructed mainly of re-used timbers. Some of the materials have been salvaged and are stored on the Museum site.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Buildings for Consideration: Chilcomb Granary / The tiles have been taken down and the roof covered with felt. The structure may be dismantled and transported during April '72. Suitable for re-erection in association with Pendean.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Buildings for Consideration: Bignor Stable / Messrs Lowe and Champion have inspected this and consider it of poor quality. Some stone, Tudor bricks and certain timber braces may be worth salvaging; this will be decided and arranged by Messrs Armstrong and Champion.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Buildings for Consideration: Hambrook Barn / Constitutes a suitable building to provide a Museum workshop, at least for the near future. Available for removal now and a quotation has been obtained for its dismantling by contractor.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Lurgashall Mill / A change of attitude may lead to the preservation in situ of Terwick Mill; this would enhance, from the Museum's point of view, the attraction of securing Lurgashall Mill and its machinery.
1971/10SBC Minutes / 24 October 1971Buildings for Consideration: 'The Tree', Crawley / Confirmed that, if preservation in situ is not possible, the Museum is anxious to accept this building, which would be appropriate to the village complex.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Bayleaf / The Agenda listed details already considered by the Sub-Committee. These were approved. Mr Champion reported that the straw torching has been carried out and is quite successful. AGREED that the round hearth of Sussex marble obtained from a building at Streatham should be used - with a suitable note as to its origin. Infilling: Mr Champion recommended that if daub was to be used, the infilling should be of wattle. AGREED that any sample panels to be left exposed should be of cleft oak; for the remainder hazel wattle would be acceptable. Curtilage: Mr Newell reported on plans of Littlehampton and Bosham Horticultural Society to create a garden and orchard. Society to be thanked and asked to furnish a plan when their research is complete. Water-drainage: AGREED that gutters would not be appropriate, but that the problem could be solved by laying agricultural drain-pipes, butt-jointed, in a trench around the plinth, with shingle over the top.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Village group site / Mr Warren stated that, as a result of his discussion with the County Planning Officer, it was arranged that officers of the authority would peg out a site which would be considered acceptable. (Site E).
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Operation of the Committee / Mr Warren had submitted a motion to members in a letter dated 8th Dec. 1971, proposing a statement of functions and procedures to be adopted. AGREED that "more precise terms of reference are desirable and will be discussed after there has been an opportunity for more thought and for reference to the Museum Director" (who was absent from the meeting).
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Workshop / More detailed study of the plan to use Hambrook Barn for a workshop has revealed misgivings about it size and the difficulty of siting it inoffensively in the Craft area. (There follows in the minutes the general need for workshop space, including the possibility of a temporary, portable structure, ending with): the Committee is aware of the difficult conditions under which Mr Champion is working and will attempt to obtain firm details in time for decision by the next meeting.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Bridge Cottage, Uckfield / Mr Rigold reported that further survey had taken place and had confirmed that the building is incomplete in that the original 'high' bay is missing. However, the alterations themselves are of considerable interest, the main substance is in good condition, and the detail is of a higher quality than normal. A building of this quality with its simple alterations would fit in very suitable into a village group. Mr Armstrong said that East Sussex County Council had confirmed that there was no prospect of the re-alignment of the present road to permit preservation in situ. AGREED that the Museum would be glad to accept the building, together with all possible assistance towards costs.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Recommendations from the Archaeological Sub-Committee / From the Agenda for the meeting : sites should be reserved for: Saxon Hall to be associated with the Weaving Hut; Longhouse in the vicinity of the Hangleton cottage; suitable areas for exhibits relating to glass working and iron working; an area west of the lake for a pottery, tile, brick-making exhibits. The Committee AGREED in principle and would consider them in detail when appropriate. The surplus part of Kirdford shed might be suitable for the potter's shed. Mr Armstrong agreed to report on this possibility.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Master-plan / Discussion deferred to a future meeting.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Buildings in Store / The Committee noted the reported deterioration over the last few years of timbers in store and accepted recommendations of Messrs Rentokil for re-stacking and treating them. Vertical stacking will be organised and the possibility of using the railway tunnel for storage will be re-examined.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Ruth Cottage / Has been acquired by the County Council. Mr Champion drew attention to the poor condition of the structure.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Tyndall's Cottage, Bure Valley / Mr Martin reported on this small labourer's cottage of about 1600, and it was decided that the Museum would be glad to accept it. Mr Lowe will be asked to approach the Medway River Authority.
1971/12SBC Minutes / 12 December 1971Site for Village Group / The Committee was pleased to know of the Council of Management's wish to have their advice on the site considered at the Council's meeting on 20th Oct (Site D) . But this now needed to be viewed in the light of the new site pegged out by the Council Planning Officer (Site E). Members discussed again the relative merits of a location near Gonville Cottage and one in the vicinity of the Toll Cottage. AGREED that a detailed feasibility study for Sites D and E be prepared for the next meeting and that no approach would be made to the County Council before that meeting.
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