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2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Field sports exhibition for game larder. / Alan Woods is getting the game larder ready for bringing it to the Museum, where it will be an important addition to the rural life themes.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Countryside skills courses expand / Diana Rowsell describes the countryside skill courses: pole lathes by Chris Smith, hurdle making by Bob Holman, dowsing by David Russell,
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Learn traditional painting techniques with the Hunings. / Wilm and Joy Huning are running a course on painting using traditional materials and methods.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Hot Stuff!! / The Fire Event on 26th March will include: a charcoal burn; lime burning; fire-fighting by John and Rowena McDermott; displays of the Uppark fire; fireplaces from the Brooking collection; a whistling kettle competition.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Friends' news / Friends day trips include: Hampstead; Chartwell; Curtis Museum & Allen Gallery, Gilbert White's House and the Oates Museum; Hampton Court Palace; Neptune House Bosham (Robin and Patricia Borwick)
Maurice Pollock will stand down from being treasurer. Replacement needed
In 1999 the Friends contributed just over
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Project Sponsors / Sponors for Gridshell are: Fergus Anstruther Memorial Fund, Carpenters Company Charitable Trust, John Coates Charitable Trust, John Ellerman Foundation, Alan Evans Memorial Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust, Friends of the Museum, J Paul Getty Jr Trust, Havenhope Trust, Headley Trust, Idlewild Trust, Ernest Keinwort Charitable Trust, Sir Edward Lewis Foundation, Minet Legacy, Peter Minet Trust, Lavinia Norfolk's Family Trust, Peacock Trust, PF Charitable Trust, Roy Armstrong Memorial Fund, Rufford Foundation, Basil Shippam Trust (incorporating the Alsford Charitable Trust), South Eastern Museum Service, Symons Trust, Three T's Trust, UK Waste Management Ltd. , Wates Foundation, Wolfson Foundation, plus personal donations. Project Personnel: Architects, Edward Cullinan Architects; Engineers, Buro Happold; Quantity Surveyors and Project Managerment, Alex Sayer Ltd. ; Carpentry including the Gridshell Green Oak Carpentry Company.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Supporters / Major donations include: Fergus Anstruther Memorial Trust, Roy Armstrong Memorial Fund, Carpenters Company Cahritable Trust, Chichester District Council, Tallow Chandlers Benevolent Fund, Clarendon Trust, John Coates Charitable Trust, Ernest Cook Trust, the Curry Fund, John Ellerman Foundation, Alan Evans Memorial Trust, Friends of the Museum, J Paul Getty Trust, Estate of Rose H Harris, Havenhope Trust, Headley Trust, Heritage Lottery Fund, Idlewild Trust, Inverforth Charitable Trust, Jackson-Stops and Staff (Southern) Ltd. , Ernest Kleinworh Charitable Trust, Kleinwort Benson Investment Management Ltd. , Sir Edward Lewis Foundation, Peter Minet Trust, Estate of Mrs W Minet, Mitford Foulerton Trust, Lavinia Norfolk's Family Charitable Trust, Peacock Trust, P. F. Charitable Trust, Pilgrim Trust, Radcliffe Trust, Bassil Shippam Trust (incorporating the Alsford Charitable Trust), South Eastern Museums Service, Symons Trust, Estate of Lady Noreen Stratton, Three T's Trust, Estate of Miss M. L. U \\
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Weald & Downland and Amberley Museums forge alliance for the future. / Trustees of the Weald & Downland and Amberley Museums have forged an alliance to strengthen and position both for a secure future, after hearing Robert Taylor, Chris Zeuner and Elaine Sansom.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Junior Friends 2000 / Advertisement for the Junior Friends
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Museums are much more than history! / The Museum hosts some 30,000 school children a year. Subjects include: Traditional Sussex Songs, with Gail Duff and Bing Lyle; Tudor dance workshop, with Chris and Janet Thorn; Early music performances; Drama workshop; Literacy pack on Bayleaf by Jon Roberts and Pat Goodwin; New Partnership pupil enrichment course with the Mary Rose Trust.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Martin Caroe, Bernard Rush and Bob Clover / Short obituaries of Martin Caroe, Bernard Rush and Bob Clover
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Children's Summer Holiday Courses / Describes 5 courses desigjned for 8-11 year olds.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Grist to Lurgashall watermill / John Herniman writes an article on the Lurgashall mill, which was working until 1935. The mill was reconstructed at its Museum's site by John Friar and Geoff Kent. Robert Demaus was the Museum's first miller. Keith Bickmore looks after the business aspects and Nick Conway the maintenance. He continues with an account of its working and the flour produced. Pictures include Robert Demaus, Peter Stock, Beryl Bickmore, Heather and Peter Vincent.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Forming the Gridshell. / Steve Johnson describes the ground-breaking process which will give the Museum a spectacular and innovative Building Conservation Centre.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Peter Brears returns to divulge more about medieval cooking and eating. / Peter Brears will visit the Museum in August and September to demonstrate medieval cooking and eating
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Experience the rewards of working with heavy horses. / The Museum offers a full annual programme of experience days on working with heavy horses: teaching everything from basic stable care and harness fitting to ploughing skills.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000A Millennium of Herbs / Bob Holman and Tina Stapley have created a series of five day schools tracing herbs over the last 1000 years.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Third MSc course nears completion / The third cohort of students will complete their last taught unit, under the leadership of Richard Harris.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000A very special place
How you can help the Museum / 6 suggestions to help the Museum: Visit it and buy its products; become a volunteer; join the Friends; legacy; hire Crawley Hall; support a fundraising scheme. Contacts: Christine Standing, Diana Rowsell, Bob Easson, Jean Piggott, Lisa Neville, Chris Zeuner. Visit our website.
2000/4Magazine / Spring 2000Events Diary 2000 / The main events include: the Fire Event; Museum and Galleries month; Heavy Horses; the Copper Family; Rare Breeds; Romeo and Juliet; Children's Activity; The Emperor's New Clothes; Autumn Countryside Celebration.
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