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1986/5Bulletin / May 1986PUBLICITY SHOWS AND CARAVAN VENUES / The caravan was taken to Surrey Young Farmers Open Day at Dorking. This event was extremely well supported and over 10,000 visitors attended, and a great deal of interest was generated in the Museum by our display. During last month the caravan attended the Spring Working Heavy Horse at Alton and the Surrey Show at Guildford.
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986EXHIBITS / Work has started to equip Watersfield Stable to be used as a working stable. Roger Champion has fitted the feeding trough and other equipment and Andrew Hodby has fitted a hand pump outside. Very shortly this will be a welcome new exhibit.
1986/5SBC Minutes / 19 May 1986Review of Master Plan / Chris Zeuner reported that the last revision had taken place in 1978. Since then a number of disconnected suggestions had been put forward. Many related to visitor flow around the site. Other identified areas which required thought were the Office, centralised Interpretive Centre, Library, Shop and Catering. He asked members of the Committee for ideas on these subjects. Mr McDowall asked that members should receive a list of buildings in store, their size and date of acquisition, together with a statement of the office space and catering space required. He asked members to bear in mind the possible re-organised entrance to the Museum with new car parking facilities. He outlined together with Mr Heymann the suggested plan.
1986/5SBC Minutes / 19 May 1986Scadbury Manor Folly / Richard Harris reported with the aid of slides and drawings on this building from near Orpington, Kent. It had surviving timbers of a base cruck Hall. The building was derelict and due to be excavated this summer by the local Archaeological Society. It was conceivable that the local Council might rescue and exhibit the building, but Mr Harris thought it unlikely. He stressed that it was not a complete building and so could not easily be exhibited at the Museum as an interpretive building. Mr Armstrong suggested that as it was only a fragmentary building it could be used at the Museum as a facility. Chris Zeuner supported this suggestion as it could provide an interesting feature to the specialist and at the same time provide a facility. Mr Warren suggested a rebuild such as Crawley, with modern additional ends. He felt that it was an important building which fitted into the Museum's pattern. RECOMMENDED that the building be accepted and dismantled if it was not going to be r \\
1986/5SBC Minutes / 19 May 1986Bayleaf Farmstead / Richard Harris asked for the Committee's opinion on siting the Cowfold Barn on an East/West axis on the South side of Bayleaf. He produced a plan to show the revised position. This would give more area for planting between the Bayleaf Farmstead and the Farming History Exhibition. However, it would require constructing a new car access on the South side. Mr McDowall pointed out that the original North/South erection would provide a certain amount of shelter for Bayleaf. AGREED by the Committee to retain the initial site for the Barn running North/South, but at less of an angle than that shown on the plan. Mr Warren was anxious that no decision should be taken on the Eastern boundary of Bayleaf Garden for the next two or three years. Mr McDowall pointed out that this boundary was wattle so could be moved if required in the future. The Committee RECOMMENDED that planting should commence as shown on the drawing.
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986SPONSORSHIP / A major sponsor has come forward for the Farming Exhibition element of the Bayleaf development. ICI Plant Protection will be contributing
1986/5SBC Minutes / 19 May 1986Farming History Exhibition / Chris Zeuner reported that the NFU had accepted the outline proposals as discussed at the last meeting of the Sites & Buildings Committee. They had suggested that a little more emphasis be given to the area concerned with the problems of farming today. Richard Harris reported that although it was possible to fit the Trumley Building into the allocated site, it would be a tight fit, and he had finally come to the conclusion that it was too large. Another similar building had been examined, Redvins, which was on offer from the Goodwood Estate. This had a timber framed rear wall, a smaller span and single range of the exact length required - 75'. One end of the shed was attached to an earlier barn (not being given to the Museum), and the roof structure had been designed to turn a right angle. These sheds would ideally fit the original proposal, although they were in a worse condition. Chris Zeuner pointed out that there were in this area a number of this type of building out \\
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986CAFE BREAK-IN / During the month the caf
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986JUNIOR FRIENDS APPEAL / The Junior Friends are in need of discarded cookery utensils and garden tools for their meetings. Large saucepans, stewpots, frying pans for use over a camp fire, plus ladles, cutlery, old plates, mugs, and garden forks, spades small hand tools would be very gratefully received.
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986STEWARD - EXTRA HELP NEEDED / We are short of stewards on the following dates, and extra help is required for car parking, ticket office and shop duties. If you can help, names please to Keith Bickmore.

Fri 6/6 (shop & c/park) Mon 9/6 (shop & c/park) Fri 13/6 (shop) Mon 16/6 (shop & c/park) Fri 20/6 (c/park) Mon 23/6 (shop & c/park) Wed 25/6 (shop) Thurs 26/6 (c/park) Sat 28/6 (shop) Sun 29/6 (c/park) Mon 30/6 (T.O, Shop & c/park) Wed 2/7 (shop) Fri 4/7 (Shop & c/park) Sun 6/7 (c/park) Mon 7/7 (Shop & c/park) Fri 18/7 (Shop & c/park) Mon 21/7 (Shop & c/park) Sun 27/7 (T.O, Shop & c/park)
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986DIARY DATES / The Museum Caravan at South of England Show June 5th
Heavy Horses at Singleton June 8th
Trustees of the Museum meeting June 10th 6.00pm
Worshipful Company of Plumbers special day at June 15th
the Museum
Executive Board Meeting June 16th 9.20am
Worshipful Company of Tyler & Bricklayers at June 18th
the Museum
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986EVENTS / "Tools of the Trade". The first gathering of collectors of antiques tools was held at the Museum on May 18th. Richard Pailthorpe assisted by Roger and Heather Champion arranged the event which attracted nearly 2,000 visitors. The Friends produce stall and "Whatsit" Competition raised
1986/5Bulletin / May 1986LITTER / Although the situation regarding litter on the site is generally good, it is essential that as the busy season is now with us, all of us, staff and volunteers should pay particular attention to this, and pick up the sweet papers etc. We are often complimented on the cleanliness of the site and must maintain the high standard.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Heather Champion / Heather has decided to take up a part time post at the Museum as from April 1st. Her duties will include continuing responsibility for the conservation of the collections.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Race Meeting. Goodwood. June 25th / The Goodwood Race Course have given the Museum a race named after the Museum as part of the evening meeting on June 25th. This unusual opportunity for publicity needs our support. Please look out for details in the Newsletter. The event will be a social occasion to which you can bring guests.
Make a note of the date.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Expert tours / During the Summer of a number of 'experts' involved with the Museum will be conducting short tours around the Museum. These are aimed at visitors but others may join in if they wish. Details in Newsletter.

A number of guided walks will be taking place. These take place in he countryside near the Museum. They are available for all to take part in. Details in Newsletter.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Bayleaf Garden / We have at last started work on the garden at Bayleaf. The fences are to be built by Alan Waters and a start on preparing the soil is being made. The foundations for the barn and the removal of stumps will be done during March.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Toll Cottage / The inner room of the Toll Cottage will be furnished in time for the main season. It will include two Manikins and will serve to increase visitors' appreciation of this exhibit. Fred Whitbread has been assisting in the preparations by volunteering to paint the room. The design of the exhibit has been undertaken by Margaret Williams Ball of Wolfsbane.

A manikin will also be used as part of an improved Carpenter's Shop exhibition.
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Building Work / During the winter Roger Champion has undertaken the main part of the repair work that was needed on Winkhurst. The Building has been lifted a few feet and the stone work will be laid by Bookers in the spring. At the same time they will roof the building with the exception of part of the South side which will remain untiled until the new section has been added. Details of the changes to Winkhurst and the reasons behind them will be in the Spring Newsletter.

Roger is now working on the repair of the barn from Cowfold. This Barn will be erected as part of the Bayleaf complex.
It is expected that it will be rebuilt during August.

The frame of the house from Reigate will be re-erected in the week commencing April 13th.

Neil Wilkins has been engaged in daubing the Horsham shop during the winter months. He has been assisted by Gary Browning and Albert Peacock. The job should be completed by the end of March.

The winter 'Tuesday gang' - (Volunteers) have been hard at work dismantl \\
1987/2Bulletin / February 1987Assistant Warden John Williams / We are pleased to welcome a new member of staff this season, John Williams, who will be taking on the duties of assistant warden. We hope that he enjoys working as part of the team. He will be introduced to all as time goes on. Please assist him in his duties in any way you can.
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