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1974/1Newsletter Number Nine / Winter 1974Winter opening / The Museum will be open in the winter on Sundays only. Admission 20p for adults and 10p for children
1974/1SBC Minutes / 5 January 1974Volunteers' Workshop / The General Purposes Committee had already recommended that a workshop for volunteers should be provided.
The siting of such a building was felt to be undesirable from a planning point of view. Mr Champion and Mr Zeuner were asked to report on possible sites at the next meeting. The committee also AGREED to give consideration to the urgent problem of a permanent workshop site.
1974/1Newsletter Number Nine / Winter 1974Increase of Subscriptions / The Friends' Subscriptions have to be increased. The new minimum rates are Adults
1974/1Newsletter Number Nine / Winter 1974Winter Lectures for Friends and Volunteers / Seminars are being organised this winter for Friends and Volunteers
1974/1Newsletter Number Nine / Winter 1974New Members of the Friends' Committee / Peter Minet, Carol Hawkins (later Carol Brinson) and Diana Sharp (later Diana Zeuner) have joined the Committee of the Friends; Carol Hawkins has taken over the task of Secretary from Kate Barson.
1974/1SBC Minutes / 5 January 1974Forge Cottage, Charlwood / The committee would be happy to accept this building on inspection and favourable recommendation from the Chairman, Mr Armstrong, and Mr Champion.
1974/1SBC Minutes / 5 January 1974Selsey Wagon Shed / The committee AGREED to put this building on the list of buildings to be re-erected.
1974/1SBC Minutes / 5 January 1974Siting of future archaeological reconstructions / After much discussion it was RECOMMENDED that all further developments of this kind should take place west of Hangleton.
1974/1SBC Minutes / 5 January 1974Proposal for submitting a comprehensive plan of development of the northern section of the museum site / Mr Armstrong presented his proposal to the committee with the aid of a scale model, together with the views of the sub-committee over the treatment of Lurgashall Mill, and the problems of landscaping the lake. Mr Armstrong's model was based on the recommendation from the sub-committee that the mill should be rebuilt as an overshot mill. The arrangement of the lake, including the extension of the upper pond and the siting of the mill were AGREED, and will form the subject of a planning application to be submitted by the Chairman to the County Council. The question of the siting of the Selsey Wagon Shed and two other buildings was AGREED in principle but planning application was to be deferred on the recommendation of the Chairman. Mr Newell wished to record his opposition to the overshot scheme, maintaining a preference for turning the mill round and converting to a breast fed mill. Some discussion over \\
1974/1Newsletter Number Nine / Winter 1974Paper Collection / Chris Zeuner reports that the Museum has launched a paper collection for recycling as a fund raiser.
1974/1Newsletter Number Nine / Winter 1974Volunteer Stewards / Thanks to volunteer stewards, but more are still needed
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973Obituary / Douglas Robertson-Ritchie died
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973Recruitment of Friends / There are now over 1000 Friends, and next year the Friends will contribute
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973School Parties at the Museum / Some 50,000 children visited the Museum this summer, mostly in school parties. Many children then brought their parents. [there is some talk about the problems involved] Kim Leslie's Teachers' Handbook and the Children's Guide are very helpful. The Museum has an Education Advisory Committee considering what more needs to be done.
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973Lurgashall Mill / The roof, the interior and the machinery of the Lurgashall Mill were rescued. The Peter Minet Trust has offered
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973New Road Access across the Museum Site / There is now a good road across the site to Bayleaf
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973Titchfield Old Market Hall / The Market Hall is nearing completion. Roger Champion has finished the timber and Geoff Kent has nearly finished the brickwork. Reconstruction included the problem that the lower level had been converted into a gaol of two cells. It was decided to restore the hall to its original state.
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973The Hambrook Barn / The small museum in the Hambrook Barn has not yet been opened, but should be offically opened in May.
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973The Director's Visit to Romania / John Lowe visited Romania as guest of the Romanian Government, and gave lectures on the Museum to colleagues in Bucharest and Cluj.
1973/9Newsletter Number Seven / Sep-Dec 1973The 1973 Season / The1973 season broke records with 111,042 visitors. The highest day was August Bank Holiday with 2218 visitors. Special thanks are due to Doug and Mary Bryant and Julia Hett. The Potters' Group are building a new and enlarged pottery in the woods. Despite the success we still need money.
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