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1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Fire Destroys Museum Exhibit / One of the Kirdford Sheds was destroyed in a fire which began as a lark by young visitors.
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Fred and William / Fred, the shire horse lent to us by Whitbread and Company, had to be destroyed owing to old age. His place will be taken by another retired horse, William, owned by Chris and Diana Zeuner. William has a diminuitive companion Champers, who is on loan by Peter Linfield
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Interest Free Loans / It is difficult to last through the winter on the money raised in the summer. Interest free loans of any sum which can be repaid on an agreed date are a way of covering this period. Loans above
1982/3Members' Magazine No. 17 / 1982Norman West / Roy Armstrong writes an obituary of Norman West. Introduced by Kim Leslie he worked as a volunteer in the early days and his wife, Pam West, acted as co-ordinator of the volunteers.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Witley Workshop / The Director reported that it had been dismantled and the brick piers lifted and moved successfully to the Museum site.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Little Winkhurst / Mr Harris reported that he had almost completed his survey of the timbers. It was historically a valuable and interesting building but the timbers were in a bad condition. There had been much weathering of the surfaces and a general deterioration since it was dismantled. He suggested that members should look closely at the timbers. A date to meet was arranged for January 10 at 11.00 at the Singleton Railway station for members who could attend.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982North Cray Hall House / It was reported that work had commenced and that a temporary shelter was being constructed at Charlton. Mr Champion was concerned that the arranged siting of the building would be disadvantageous to its preservation. A large proportion of the side elevation would be subjected to adverse weather conditions if it was not going to be weatherboarded. He suggested turning the building 90 degrees, and resiting it to the West of Titchfield Market Hall. Mr Harris suggested that the building should remain on the arranged site with the exposed elevations weatherboarded. Removable 'winter shutters' could be constructed for the window areas. Resulting from the discussion AGREED not to change the positioning of the building but the weather side would be protected by a weatherproof material and shutters constructed for use in the winter period.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Horsham Shop/Reigate House / A joint report had been compiled by Mr Armstrong, Mrs Hallam and Mr Harris. The main arguments for the shop's reconstruction were: 1) It was historically almost unique with the high hall; 2) Its shop frontage makes it important and rare; 3) It has an asset value to the Museum in that it could be used as it was initially intended. The main arguments against reconstruction were: 1) Evidence was not always sufficient for positive interpretation; 2) There would be much replacement timber. It was suggested that it should immediately abut the Crawley Building and the public be admitted to the ground floor. The two storeys should be available only for library use of study and storage. The Director reported that the funding for the re-erection of this building could be achieved from various sources. It was reported that the Reigate House also requires a building to abut against. It was a 'back' town house of significant importance to the Museum. It would be convenient to associa \\
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Crawley Building / The Director thanked members of the committee for giving their opinions on the suggested alterations to the Crawley Building. It would appear that the committee would prefer to see tile hanging rather than weatherboarding on the western elevation. Mrs Hallam expressed the opinion that natural light was necessary in the photographic store if the computer was to be used there. She proposed the insertion of a window on the ground floor front elevation, but larger than the proposed size put forward on the drawing. A discussion followed as to the size and appearance of the window to be inserted. Finally AGREED it should be the same style as the one immediately above the proposed window with 3 lights. The cill would be at the same level as the existing ground floor mullion windows.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Possible Acquisitions - Pound at Banstead Heath / The Director reported that the small post and rail pound at Banstead Heath was in the path of the M25 extension. Contact had been made with the owners.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Card index system for enquiries / The Director explained the need for compiling a card index system to cope with enquiries being made to the Museum on building problems, techniques and supplies. He would welcome any relevant information the committee could individually give which could be drawn upon at the appropriate time.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Possible Acquisitions - Double Barn / The Director expressed the opinion that this building would be an extremely suitable exhibit for representation of a typical Downland barn at the Museum. Mr Heymann confirmed that the Trustees of West Dean Estate would look favourably on this building being moved to the Museum. He felt that the cattle shed nearest to the road should be taken down in the immediate future as it had already collapsed in one part. The problem of finance was raised and it was suggested that the Edward James Foundation could practically support its dismantling. This would be further discussed between Mr Heymann and the Director. The Committee generally AGREED Double Barn should be moved to the Museum.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Office Accommodation / The decision had been made to extend on a temporary basis the size of the present office. Planning consent had been applied for.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Titchfield Market Hall / The Director reported that the end elevation had been tile hung. There were some finishing details still outstanding.
1982/12SBC Minutes / 8 December 1982Car Parking Temporary Arrangements / The Director reported that the Edward James Foundation had given their consent to grass parking in Greenways. A ditch, bank and screen would not be constructed but would be replaced by a fence and gate. The ETB had verbally agreed to grant aid the access track around the back of the lake which had been estimated at
1982/11Members' Magazine No. 18 / 1982Building repairs / The west elevation of Bayleaf daub is being replaced and some timber being repaired. The elm sole plate of the Littlehampton granary has been consolidated with epoxy resin. The mill wheel shaft needs repair. The West gable of the Titchfield Market Hall was often penetrated by rain, and the gable will be tile hung. Next year Winkhurst will need repair.
1982/11Members' Magazine No. 18 / 1982Museum Open Weekend / July's Open Day was very lively, Demonstrations were made of pit sawing, farriery, wheelwrighting, chaff cutting, carpentry, milling, bread making, charcoal burning and water raising at Catherington Treadwheel. Other demonstrations were of hand milking of cows and goats, pipe making, candle making, basket making, spinning and flint knapping.
1982/11Members' Magazine No. 18 / 1982School Furnishings Donated / A large number of school furnishings have been donated, which will allow us to furnish the west wittering School as it might have been. Heather Champion has also received old biblical pictures, slates and samples of children's handwork.
1982/11Members' Magazine No. 18 / 1982Refreshment Facility / Jan Pack has been running the Museum's refreshment facility successfully throughout the year and has made a financial contribution to the funds.
1982/11Members' Magazine No. 18 / 1982Letter from the Chairman of the Friends Committee / Sir James Waddell's letter reports the success of the Grand Draw, which raised
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